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    Daily Dare: 2 Minutes Archers, with EC
    arms of steel: Day 11
    90 Days of Action: Day 11
    back & core: Day 11
    total abs: Day 11
    Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 11

    Not 30 minutes after I posted yesterday symptoms hit. I took ibuprofen after my shot (20-30 minutes) and that probably did help a lot. I just forgot to take more... So, chills (my fingers, toes, ears, and nose felt like ice), pain in every single joint, and a tension that still has my shoulders and neck tight.

    Most of that passed quickly, though! I had maybe 2 hours of it and then really only my shoulders hurt. I do feel more run down today, but it's not too bad

    All of that means exercising today was s l o w. Those archers? There was no force behind them. Arms of Steel? My form was not pretty! 90 DoA? Started with half-jacks and progressed to half-step jacks by the end. back & core and total abs weren't actually all that bad, but boy were my breaks long! Let's not get into the lunges, okay? I don't know if they should be called that with what I did...

    But I exercised! Now if you will excuse me, I'm curling up with a cup of tea, a good book, and not* falling asleep!

    *No promises. πŸ˜‰


      I'm a little late... Belated Congrats on all your recent Badges and Challenge completions!

      I'm glad your post-vaccine symptoms are clearing up fast... enjoy your tea and book (or your nap!)



        Daily Dare: 40 Plank to Knee Elbows, with EC
        arms of steel: Day 12
        90 Days of Action: Day 12
        back & core: Day 12
        total abs: Day 12
        Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 12

        Well that nap happened yesterday! I felt better after it, though, so that's good! I woke this morning feeling only my sinuses, so vaccine symptoms have passed. I'm most surprised about the injection pain; that had all but disappeared by mid-day yesterday. I'm not complaining, though!

        Liam was just spectacular yesterday, sleeping and acting calmly the entire day. Today he was more active, but only when I was playing with him. His tail was wagging so much! It really makes me feel loved.


          Daily Dare: 80 March Hooks, with EC
          arms of steel: Day 13
          90 Days of Action: Day 13
          back & core: Day 13
          total abs: Day 13
          Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 13

          Those March Hooks were fun! I really got into a rhythm with them. Of course, I was so gung ho about exercising that I forgot to take medice before starting. So two programs in I was breathing very hard. But I pushed through!

          Liam was very naughty earlier. We got him some new treats and I forgot to put the bag away. So when I left the room, he grabbed the bag. And then started growling when we tried to get it away. Nothing quite like being snarled at by Liam! And then! He had needed to go to the bathroom but I didn't let him outside because of the treats. So he started peeing inside.

          We finally let him out, I'd only so I could clean up, and then Mom pulled her dumbest act in recent memory (she agrees with this statement, this is not me ragging on my mother!): she distracts Liam with a treat and reaches for the bag with her bare hand.

          Needless to say, she has several bandaids on her arm where Liam drew blood. Once Dad stepped outside, he was able to grab hold of Liam so I could get the bag away from him. But that was an adventure we really didn't need!

          Not ten minutes later, I go, "Liam, it's Momma!" in that high-toned voice he just jumps at, and he immediately runs to Mom and starts giving her kisses. So all's forgiven.

          In other news: if my sinuses could stop producing mucus, I would be very pleased.


            Thank you so much for the video !! JCU I've seen it just now I love it !!

            I think you could check his weight at the vet clinic, when you go next time.
            Do you think he will be ever bigger then now? Soon he'll have a first birthday....πŸ€—

            Sending hugs to both of you!! πŸ™†β€β™€οΈπŸ™†β€β™€οΈπŸ’œπŸ€πŸΎπŸ’«


              So glad you liked it, Miss_Dada! Unfortunately, Liam's next appointment isn't for a while. But! Businesses are loosening Covid restrictions, so I should be able to take him to one of the many offices nearby soon!

              πŸ€—πŸ€— Hugs from the both of us! (Don't mind the fur now in your mouth, he's still shedding a little bit...) πŸ€—πŸ€—


                Daily Dare: 40 Balance Side Lunges, with EC
                arms of steel: Day 14
                90 Days of Action: Day 14
                back & core: Day 14
                total abs: Day 14
                Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 14

                Slow going again, and my thighs aren't happy with me, but I managed to do all 80 burpees today! Bernice and Dr. Tyler tomorrow! I cannot wait. Here's hoping I graduate to 4 weeks between chiropractor visits!


                  80 burpees are still a lot of burpees! You're doing great! (: I hope you recover well.



                    Daily Dare: 40 Side Plank Knee to Elbows, with EC
                    ​arms of steel: Day 15
                    ​90 Days of Action: Day 15
                    ​back & core: Day 15
                    ​total abs: Day 15
                    ​Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 15

                    I fairly ran through today's routine! I took as few breaks as possible and am very thankful everything was so easy. The Daily Dare is infinitely easier with sneakers, by the way! I kept shifting this time around, trying to keep my balance.

                    I have taken no medicine today! I'm a bit stuffed, especially behind my ears, and I've needed to blow my nose and clear my throat a few times, but otherwise I'm feeling much better!

                    Bernice had a good bit of work in my shoulders today, needing to use cups and a heating pad. There was enough that Dr. Tyler worked those muscles when he saw me 15 minutes later! No picture right now; no one was available to take it. There are some good marks, though! And she was able to finally release a knot in my calf that has been alluding me for the past two weeks. And Dad brought Liam by! I was so happy! Dr. Tyler was too; he came outside to pet him and say hi.

                    Great news! I'm seeing Dr. Tyler in 3 weeks (!) and I'll sync the schedule again 3 weeks after that. So that's 6 weeks for Bernice!



                        I'm glad you are over the 2nd vaccine and I think Liam is trying to give you a better, more challenging workout experience


                          Glad you’re feeling better!


                            Gandhalfit and LizardFriend95

                            Daily Dare: 10 Pike Push-Ups, with EC
                            arms of steel: Day 16
                            90 Days of Action: Day 16
                            back & core: Day 16
                            total abs: Day 16
                            Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 16

                            Well, it's been a day! Mom decided she wanted her Mother's Day present from Dad to be a night out. They had dinner and are now staying in a hotel room for the night. Great! Liam's never had to deal with Mom and Dad being gone all night before. Earlier was lethargy, then hectic energy, and now instead of going to sleep, he's jumping at every noise and barking. Incessantly. Joy. He did eat dinner, though! I was worried, when he constantly sniffed it and walked away, but he finished it!

                            I'm hoping for an early night (my brother has off and is here, and as he works nights he'll be up in case of anything, but Liam sleeps directly under me and if he barks, I'll wake up. So.) and earlier morning, to take care of the routine Dad normally does with Liam. Fingers crossed!


                              Daily Dare: 40 Leg Raises, with EC
                              arms of steel: Day 17
                              90 Days of Action: Day 17
                              back & core: Day 17
                              total abs: Day 17
                              Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 17

                              I had so much more motivation today than I've had in a while! My sinus infection finally seems to be passing!

                              There were a lot of repetitive exercises in the programs that definitely had me feeling them by the end. Felt good, though!

                              @Miss_Dada, I'm hoping to get a video of Liam and Dad's best friend for this week's offering, but he's not going to be here for a while yet and it'll probably be easier to get it tomorrow. Either with him or not, the video will definitely go up tomorrow!


                                Daily Dare: 30 Deadlifts and Twists, with EC
                                arms of steel: Day 18
                                90 Days of Action: Day 18
                                back & core: Day 18
                                total abs: Day 18
                                Stamina Upgrade Challenge: Day 18

                                Mom stated that it's a good thing we don't have a dog house yet, because Dad would be sleeping in it tonight otherwise. He and his best friend (DBB for the rest of this post) usually drink the night he stays over. They more than drank last night. Liam ended up walking up at 1:30 and was awake until 3:30. I had to come downstairs at 2:30 because DBB and my brother were chatting in the basement after Dad went to sleep, and Liam was whining. I sent both of them texts and still had to go down. When he was finally calmer, I was able to go back upstairs, but Liam still wasn't best pleased and I ended up shouting at him to go to sleep.

                                Then enters Mom. My brother came up and gave Liam attention. At 3:30. In the morning. When he went back to the basement, Liam started whining again. Mom had been dozing since Dad went to bed at 2 and started snoring, so she went down to calm Liam. She thought she had him asleep, only for him to start up again. So she turned her alarm off upstairs, set her phone, and barely dozed until it went off.

                                I was awake from 7 am to 3:30 am. My mother has been awake since 3:30 am. A dog house is the least of what Dad needs to worry about. DBB left earlier and for the first time in a while, I was very glad to see him go.

                                Needless to say, I got through my exercises today, but with much less enthusiasm than yesterday.

                                New video of Liam! We had some fun in the backyard. He's now trying to chew anything and everything. Tired puppy is tired...