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    Awwww glad Liam is doing well! I love dogs with kids


      Daily Dare: 10 Burpees, with EC
      [combat] HIIT: Day 20
      Fighter's Codex: Day 20
      back & arms Challenge: Day 20
      Push-Up Master Challenge: Day 20
      Splits Exercises

      Today was a lazy day. I did pretty much nothing and it was quite lovely. I really didn't want to walk, so I played with Liam in the backyard. It's upsetting that I didn't have my phone with me because when I was moving the mower into the garage? His reaction was priceless. I'll try to get it on film if I can in the future.

      I didn't mow the back lawn today and won't be for several days to come. It's going to snow tonight! At least 3 inches! In April! Amusingly, Liam isn't loving this weather either, since he's dropped most of his winter coat. So we're all eagerly waiting for the warmer weather! (I say eagerly; I would love it to stay in the single digits, but even I will admit to it being easier to walk Liam (and play with him) when I don't have to layer up.)

      I didn't do the full cold water at the end of my shower today. I just didn't feel up to it. Instead, I did cooler (much cooler) water and just did the full cold for my hair.

      Click image for larger version

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      Just 'cause he's beautiful!​​​​​


        Daily Dare: 30 Torso Twists, with EC
        [combat] HIIT: Day 21
        Fighter's Codex: Day 21
        back & arms Challenge: Day 21
        Push-Up Master Challenge: Day 21
        Splits Exercises

        No walk because snow. It's only wet on the sidewalks and streets, but it's also cold and I don't want to walk. Liam woke me an hour before my alarm and I'm feeling that today.

        Click image for larger version

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        At least the snow's pretty.


          Daily Dare: 20 Single Leg Deadlifts, with EC
          [combat] HIIT: Day 22
          Fighter's Codex: Day 22
          back & arms Challenge: Day 22
          Push-Up Master Challenge: Day 22
          Splits Exercises

          I've been tired because of my hormone cycle, which would have been great to remember! It's one of those things that, even when you're keeping track, just slip to the back of your mind. So it's a sugar month, to keep my energy up.

          Liam loves when my sister visits, so when she came in, his response was hysterical! I thought my mom came in with her, by the voice I heard, but it wasn't! And Liam didn't know that either! So my sister says, "Oh, boy. Are all those mine?" The first sentence had Liam and my heads tilting; the second had Liam's head jerking around and his body quickly following!

          His response to people he loves is just perfect.

          Oh, Liam? He is going through a phase in his growth that is confusing him, my poor angel. It's not so much arousal, as his body is just reacting to scents (I'm still trying to clarify which scents to remove them) and his penis is emerging. So he stands there, looking sad and confused, and turning to me for help. I don't know how to help! If I ignore him, he turns away and it seems calming down returns everything to normal. But in the meantime? Oh, poor baby.

          So, thankfully, Liam doesn't want to walk any more than I do right now. We're playing catch and keep away in the house, instead. So that's fun!


            What a great thread. Thanks for the pictures.


              Daily Dare: 20 Full Bridges, with EC
              [combat] HIIT: Day 23
              Fighter's Codex: Day 23
              back & arms Challenge: Day 23
              Push-Up Master Challenge: Day 23
              Splits Exercises

              Thank you, Gandhalfit! I'm glad you like the pictures!

              I'm going to be very glad when this month ends. I highly doubt I'll ever do two programs with such similar focus again.

              No walk again today because I have a meeting I need to walk to tomorrow and the first day after a break is always the easiest; if I was out today, tomorrow would take at least half again as long.

              It turns out you would need approximately 1100 yards of yarn to make a sweater (10% excess). 1 ounce of dog fur can make 70 yards of yarn. So 16 ounces of dog fur. I haven't had a chance to weigh the fur we're taking off Liam, but I don't see it taking too long to get to 16. And there are companies that will make the fur into yarn for you! So... I could have a sweater made out of Liam's fur. If I learned to knit...

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              Because the 'gram is for Liam but Casper is just too precious, too! And kooky. Cats...


                That is a ghosty looking cat. So awesome 👻😻


                  Daily Dare: 20 Full Bridges, with EC
                  [combat] HIIT: Day 23
                  Fighter's Codex: Day 23
                  back & arms Challenge: Day 23
                  Push-Up Master Challenge: Day 23
                  Splits Exercises
                  Walk: 2.22 miles, 3.6mph, 36m28s

                  Though I feel great now, I have a hunch I'll be feeling that walk tomorrow. But! I managed to pace myself! The first 3/4 of a mile dragged a bit, but once I left the areas I'd walked before, it went by so fast!

                  The ads that promise free items (just pay shipping!) are at least clear in their intentions. My meeting today was a consultation for a six week program at a kick boxing establishment. Free! With price of membership, of course. Membership is $144 a month, 3 month initial payment. And the six week challenges are $499 dollars. But! Challenges are free to members! So you're saving money!

                  Except: I won't benefit from a challenge. 25 pounds or 6% body fat? Anorexic thin. (Let's not get into bmi and body fat calculators, okay? Muscles don't apply to the basic calculations. I am not overweight or obese.)

                  I got a great walk out of it, though! And the yeast I need to make new croissants!

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                  New recipe! Finally! Spiced Medallion Cakelets. Is the new mold not just perfect?! I'm figuring out how to change the recipe to lemon for a perfect spring treat!


                    Those cakelets look delicious.


                      Honestly, basecamp, the more I think about the speech I was given, the more it sounds like a sales pitch. Maybe to someone who doesn't know Darebee it would be impressive? The certainty that no one would be able to take the routine they do in the studio and successfully mimic it at home? The "nutritionists" (who aren't actually trained, but still given that title in all literature?) will go over what healthy portions are and give lists of good and bad food? The private groups for challengers to talk to each other and get support and advice? The only thing membership offers that I can't get here is admittance to in-person classes. That isn't worth $144 a month.

                      The cakelets are super yummy! Moist and flavorful, I'm a convert to oil cakes and eager to start experimenting!

                      Daily Dare: 50 Side Kicks, with EC
                      [combat] HIIT: Day 25
                      Fighter's Codex: Day 25
                      back & arms Challenge: Day 25
                      Push-Up Master Challenge: Day 25
                      Splits Exercises

                      It appears I miscounted again yesterday. I need to stop doing that...

                      My legs are feeling the walk, but in a mostly good way. The spot in my thigh is strange, and whatever the tendons/ligaments attaching the lower leg to the ankle are don't like me. But I see Bernice tomorrow! So I'm not worried!

                      Bánh Mì nachos: Fried wontons topped with Vietnamese pulled pork, pickled carrots & red peppers, green onions, candied jalapenos, and cilantro, drizzled with roasted sesame-sriracha aioli (Griffon Gastropub)

                      Holy yum! Sweet, spicy, salty, umami! SO good! Did I make that my lunch and eat all of it myself? Yes, yes I did. Do I regret it? Only slightly! The only thing better than the food (and Griffon does everything well) is getting to support a local business. I would have been very upset if they had been unable to weather Covid.


                        Daily Dare: 50 Jumping Jacks, with EC
                        [combat] HIIT: Day 26
                        Fighter's Codex: Day 26
                        back & arms Challenge: Day 26
                        Push-Up Master Challenge: Day 26
                        Splits Exercises

                        Guess who forgot to post today?

                        I saw Bernice earlier! She likens repeated visits to wiping the slate clean and having much less to work on later. We've definitely been seeing that! I'm seeing her in 3 weeks, as usual, to sync the visits to Dr. Tyler, but then we're moving to 4 weeks! I'm hoping to move it to every 2 months, but that will take some time.

                        Liam apparently likes grapes. I now know this. The (not so) little grape thief.

                        There was a dog, the breed I've since forgotten, visiting the center today. She was very curious about Liam's scent on my pants. Her nose came to my knee. I came home. Liam was very happy to see me. His nose comes to my hip.

                        No cupping picture! She needed to use the cups, but moved them around, instead of keeping them stationary. So I have red rash-y looking skin, not circular marks.


                          Pretty cakes!

                          Also, as a heads up, grapes and raisins can have some toxicity for dogs. One of my dogs also loved them and got very sick. (And then he got better.)


                            Thank you very much for the head's up, sunpetal! I had forgotten about the toxicity. Thankfully, it takes a lot to get Liam sick (I may have panicked at a small bit of chocolate and been greatly relieved when finished with the math!) and he only got one small grape.

                            Cake! It's great that they taste as good as they look!


                              Daily Dare: 40 Single Leg Bridges, with EC
                              [combat] HIIT: Day 27
                              Fighter's Codex: Day 27
                              back & arms Challenge: Day 27
                              Push-Up Master Challenge: Day 27
                              Splits Exercises

                              This listlessness had better be part of my hormone cycle. I really don't need a depression rut right now. Still, if I can acknowledge it as depression, I can push myself through it. It's when I don't realize what my problems are that I'm at the true bottom.

                              Here's hoping!

                              I'm also planning on getting back to walking, with it without Liam, plus a foam roller. Dr. Tyler didn't find anything wrong with my achilles a week ago and Bernice worked only my calves. The only thing different between my visits was the lack of walks. Since I do want to continue with them, and push into running, a roller seems the best middle ground.

                              There were a lot of punches today.


                                Daily Dare: 40 Plank Leg Raises, with EC
                                [combat] HIIT: Day 28
                                Fighter's Codex: Day 28
                                back & arms Challenge: Day 28
                                Push-Up Master Challenge: Day 28
                                Splits Exercises

                                Plans are so much easier to follow when the weather is cooperative. It's rained on and off this morning and early afternoon and will thunderstorm for a few hours soon. So walking is feasible, but not a pleasant option. Even Liam is spending most of his time inside!

                                Mom just bought an air fryer and is having far too much fun with it. She changed the menu specifically to have fries so she can try it out. I'd be upset (my menus keep me focused and remind me to eat), but it's really tons of fun. A new toy! The very best thing about it is that it really isn't overly loud (comparable to the microwave) and doesn't bother Liam in the slightest.

                                Though I'm not planning on joining the kickboxing gym, they offer a free class that I'm going to take, just to see what and how they do it. So that's something to look forward to tomorrow!

                                More focus today! Also, a cup of caffeinated tea with breakfast. Correlation? Maybe...