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    Daily Dare: 30 Clamshells, with EC
    Military Fit: Day 13
    Easy Abs Challenge: Day 13
    Iron Will Challenge: Day 13
    Action Hero Challenge: Day 13
    back & shoulders Challenge: Day 13
    Splits Exercises

    Well this is late! The day definitely got away from me. No walk; I have to remember to wear sneakers for high knees. The carpet had more padding than my yoga mat and my knees are letting me know that.

    Liam. Poor baby Liam is growing up. Puberty is starting and hitting him hard. He's just so confused on what his body is doing! The look on his face when his hips start humping air is sad. And mildly hilarious? My poor, poor baby.

    If all goes well, I'll have a new recipe up in a few days! It involves frying, which I'm never a fan of, but I really want to try it. So we'll see how it goes!


      Daily Dare: 80 Knee-Ins to Leg Extensions, with EC
      Military Fit: Day 14
      Easy Abs Challenge: Day 14
      Iron Will Challenge: Day 14
      Action Hero Challenge: Day 14
      back & shoulders Challenge: Day 14
      Splits Exercises
      Walk: .5 miles, 10m32s, 2.8mph

      The walk wasn't today. We crossed the street, passed the church, and Liam stopped. We came home and he ran around the front yard. I got to practice "off" with him, though! So that's something...

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      Can you see where I had to drag him in? That little mound made things difficult. He finally stood up when we hit the pathway. He didn't slide anywhere near as easily on that.

      Puppy was too tired to walk today, methinks. And another sign of puberty: marking! If I thought his sniffing every patch of urine was bad before, it has nothing on now. The untold joys of puppy hood.


        Aww, poor Liam, so many hormones!


          Daily Dare: 2 Minutes O-Pose Hold, with EC
          Military Fit: Day 15
          Easy Abs Challenge: Day 15
          Iron Will Challenge: Day 15
          Action Hero Challenge: Day 15
          back & shoulders Challenge: Day 15
          Splits Exercises

          Liam is so upset today. I do feel pretty terrible about it. My sister came to visit before supper but we went to the mall to break in her new boots and check out the Lego Store. Mom came home from work and he was pouting and very sad. Then I had to take a shower and we're now out to eat. Poor, sad puppy. I'll make it up to him tomorrow. Maybe we'll go to the pet store!

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          LOOK! Isn't it perfect?! My sister saw it and immediately thought of me! It's so soft! So sweet! The perfect valentine!

          She's the best.

          Taste Comparison: Regular vs Gluten Free Oreos

          Regular have a stronger chocolate flavor; gluten free have the lightest bit more delicate texture, but otherwise are identical in crunch; the gluten free have a bit more vanilla flavor, mostly from the lighter chocolate cookie.

          Final thought: unless you're an oreo aficionado, you're not likely to tell the difference if you're not told. Great result!


            Daily Dare: 30 Seconds Calf Raises, with EC
            Military Fit: Day 16
            Easy Abs Challenge: Day 16
            Iron Will Challenge: Day 16
            Action Hero Challenge: Day 16
            back & shoulders Challenge: Day 16
            Splits Exercises

            🌸🌺 Happy Valentine's Day! 🌺🌸

            We've not celebrated today as a romantic day since my brother was born 25 years ago. Since I know Valentine's as a day of familial love, I spread that love to all of you as well! I hope you're having/have had a great day, however you've spent it!

            Liam steals my seat when I'm not giving him the attention he desires. I'd be more upset if he wasn't so cute. He put his forehead to mine and it was lovely. I didn't even mind having to sit on the floor!

            It's turning into a Bob Ross party. My brother's awesome.


              ❀️❀️❀️ spread the love!


                Daily Dare: 40 Knee to Elbows, with EC
                Military Fit: Day 17
                Easy Abs Challenge: Day 17
                Iron Will Challenge: Day 17
                Action Hero Challenge: Day 17
                back & shoulders Challenge: Day 17
                Splits Exercises
                Play Time: ~23m

                My dislike from taking Liam on a walk is having to bundle up for it: leggings, jeans, shirt, sweater, jacket, ear warmers, gloves, boots, mask. It's a bit much. And all that for the 40 minute meander that is so. very. slow? Definite dislike.

                Tossing on a jacket, ear warmers, gloves, and boots to romp around in the backyard, however? That's a breeze! So no walk, and my watch missed the first 5 minutes, but we played outside for a while and had a blast! It's something I've had to start doing around 7:30 at night so Liam'll go to and stay asleep. He wanted to play earlier, though, after we got back from lunch, so out we went!

                Liam's really good at keep away. Still needs work on tug.

                New video up! Orientation and audio aren't great (Mom filmed it for me), but it's not terrible. Silly puppy is silly!


                  Walk: .6 miles, 13m50s, 2.6mph

                  Liam gave me the best puppy eyes after 7:30 and I just couldn't ignore him. I had to put on my layers, and he decided the walk wasn't going to go where I wanted, but it was a great decision! Now he'll fall asleep around 8:30!

                  It is 24F/-4C, feels like 13F/-10C, starting the 12 inches of snow we're expecting, and my layers don't let me move my legs are much as I like. I am both chilled (ears, nose, thighs) and too warm (chest, back, feet), and my hair is damp. The things we do for love.


                    Daily Dare: 30 Seconds Star Plank Hold, with EC
                    Military Fit: Day 18
                    Easy Abs Challenge: Day 18
                    Iron Will Challenge: Day 18
                    Action Hero Challenge: Day 18
                    back & shoulders Challenge: Day 18
                    Daily Hug Challenge: Day 2
                    Splits Exercises

                    There is at least a foot and a half of snow, it's snowing lightly as I write this, and it is cold. There are 3 dogs talking to Liam. It's more than ever before. One if them has a very yappy bark, which tells me it's small. In this weather?! Dogs...

                    No walk from me, I have mild sciatic pain from everything yesterday. It's also keeping me from baking, which is vexing. Tomorrow, hopefully!

                    I started the daily hug challenge yesterday, but forgot to add it to my list! It would have actually been pretty difficult if I didn't have Liam. I hug him regularly, nearly daily, which has been more hugs than I had given or received in a decade before him. I still don't want to hug people, but it's nice to give myself one. It'll be interesting to see how it goes!


                      Daily Dare: 40 Climber Taps, with EC
                      Military Fit: Day 19
                      Easy Abs Challenge: Day 19
                      Iron Will Challenge: Day 19
                      Action Hero Challenge: Day 19
                      back & shoulders Challenge: Day 19
                      Daily Hug Challenge: Day 3
                      Splits Exercises

                      No walk again, but there may be play in the yard later. I fell asleep yesterday afternoon and Liam took it as nap time too? It did mean he didn't need play time outside and I very much appreciated that!

                      Liam loves towels. He uses them for tug. My mom just came down after her shower with her hair up. Liam jumped up, grabbed the end, and pulled it down. That was not a towel to play with! I had to pry his teeth open and hold him back so Mom could pull the towel away. That's definitely a first!

                      He's pouting on the couch right now.

                      Click image for larger version

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                      I plan on baking something later, but I don't know quite what yet. Maybe dessert for my parents? It's the anniversary of their first date, which they've faithfully celebrated instead of Valentine's Day since by brother was born. (An aside: every graduation has been their wedding anniversary. They were very glad when my sister was finished!)


                        Daily Dare: 50 Seal Jacks, with EC
                        Military Fit: Day 20
                        Easy Abs Challenge: Day 20
                        Iron Will Challenge: Day 20
                        Action Hero Challenge: Day 20
                        back & shoulders Challenge: Day 20
                        Daily Hug Challenge: Day 4
                        Splits Exercises

                        It's snowing again. Liam is loving it, but it's cold and wet and difficult to see through and I don't want to be out in it. Playing later is probable, though. So that's fun.

                        Military Fit wasn't fun today.

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                        Cookies! They almost didn't happen because we had next to no chocolate chips, but I made it work! I made a mistake with the baking soda (added it with the butter) because I was chatting, but it all worked out! Which is a little weird actually. Everything I know about baking soda says that they shouldn't have been okay. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ




                            Yummy! πŸ˜‹


                              please get the cookie a bit nearer to the screen, thanks.


                                Daily Dare: 40 Squat Hops, with EC
                                Military Fit: Day 21
                                Easy Abs Challenge: Day 21
                                Iron Will Challenge: Day 21
                                Action Hero Challenge: Day 21
                                back & shoulders Challenge: Day 21
                                Daily Hug Challenge: Day 5
                                Splits Exercises

                                Does anyone else reach much farther with the daily hug challenge? My hands cup my shoulder blades! It feels so weird to just hold onto my upper arms.

                                We went for a walk yesterday night! Liam was his usual self, sniffing every corner and marking more (that increases with every walk; how much urine does his bladder hold?!), and randomly stopping to sit down. Well, I got frustrated with the sitting and decided to pull. He fought me, I pulled harder, he laid down, I dragged him along for a few yards, he stood up and the rest of the walk was a breeze! If anything, he walked almost too fast! I'm only okay doing it because I know it doesn't hurt him, otherwise Liam would still decide our walks fully.

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                                Better, TheLibrarian?
                                I found an old course book last night and now I have too many recipes to try. It is a conundrum! First thing first: baklava and angel food cake. Thank goodness I'm seeing Bernice on Monday and Dr. Tyler on Tuesday! The practice can absorb some of my goodies!