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    Happy New Year


      Happy New Year!


        Happy New Year.


          Happy new year


            Day 356

            ​​​ day 11 Fighters' Codex
            ​​​ day 6 Ironborn I still don't have any really heavy weights and felt it was a bit of a cheat doing the farmer's walk with what I had but having nothing better I decided to walk up and down the stairs carrying the weights.
            ​ day 1 30 days of Yoga Well, that was something different. I wasn't sure if my hand was supposed to be touching the floor in the 8th position but I did anyway - stopped me falling over!

            day 1 Easy Cardio Not on my list but I had decided to do the monthly challenge unless it was something I really disliked or was already pretty well covering.
            day 1 Negative Pullup only day 1 but this is definitely a challenge!
            day 1 Office-Friendly Posture
            day 1 Flexibility
            day 1 De-stress

            There's a wee bit more to come but my training room is currently full of Christmas decorations (started taking down the tree today - it's not looking at all well!) and the crates they belong in, so there's not a lot of room to do stuff yet. Another couple of days should see things right.

            Oops, nearly forgot. Last year, on 7 February, I started with World Walking, a virtual walking site. I like that I get a total number of steps, forever increasing, which is much easier to see than to work it out from the Fitbit data. Anyway, as the year has started, I thought I'd just log how many steps I have walked since late February last year - give or take because who wears these things ALL the time?! So, fanfare and drumm roll please... the total is:
            3,136,539 steps taken in (much of) 2020.
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              Congrats on lots of steps


                Thanks, CaptainCanuck I worked it out to be a shade over 10,000 steps each day. Not too shabby.

                Day 357

                ​​​ day 12 Fighters' Codex
                ​​​ day 7 Ironborn
                ​ day 2 30 days of Yoga

                day 2 Easy Cardio
                day 2 Negative Pullup
                day 2 Office-Friendly Posture
                day 2 Flexibility
                day 2 De-stress


                  Day 358

                  ​​​ day 1 Fighters' Codex
                  ​​​ day 8 Ironborn Good thing I'm strangely fond of planks!
                  ​ day 3 30 days of Yoga

                  day 3 Easy Cardio
                  day 3 Negative Pullup
                  day 3 Office-Friendly Posture
                  day 3 Flexibility
                  day 3 De-stress


                    Originally posted by TopNotch View Post
                    I wasn't sure if my hand was supposed to be touching the floor in the 8th position but I did anyway - stopped me falling over!
                    Half moon (position #6) is traditionally taught with the fingertips touching the floor for a balance assist. If one's fingertips do not reach the floor, it is recommended to use a yoga block.

                    I like to practice the position with my hand off the floor for the added balance challenge. In BodyFlow (Les Mills class I used to teach) we call this version "floating half moon".


                      Congrats on all those steps!


                        Rainbow Dragon I think I had my hand flat on the floor. Needed that balance assist!! Next time I'll aim for fingertips only. I don't think I'm up to "floating half moon" but perhaps I'll give it a go. Got nothing to lose.

                        Day 359

                        ​​​ day 14 Fighters' Codex
                        ​​​ day 9 Ironborn
                        ​ day 4 30 days of Yoga

                        day 4 Easy Cardio
                        day 4 Negative Pullup
                        day 4 Office-Friendly Posture
                        day 4 Flexibility
                        day 4 De-stress


                          Days like this are why I try not to be too rigid and prescriptive in my plans. Life stepped in again and so I didn't get much of the below done. There's always tomorrow.

                          Day 360

                          ​​​ day 14 Fighters' Codex
                          ​​​ day 10 Ironborn
                          ​ day 5 30 days of Yoga

                          day 5 Easy Cardio
                          day 5 Negative Pullup
                          day 5 Office-Friendly Posture
                          day 5 Flexibility
                          day 5 De-stress


                            It's still stuff done!


                              Day 361

                              ​​​ day 14 Fighters' Codex
                              ​​​ day 10 Ironborn
                              ​ day 5 30 days of Yoga

                              day 6 Easy Cardio
                              day 6 Negative Pullup
                              day 6 Office-Friendly Posture
                              day 6 Flexibility
                              day 6 De-stress Done on the heavy bag and was it satisfying! The stand moved WAY too much though - I'll have to anchor it with something heavier. I'm sure there were some bags of cement that had gone off in the garage...


                                Day 362

                                ​​​ day 15 Fighters' Codex
                                ​​​ day 11 Ironborn
                                ​ day 6 30 days of Yoga

                                day 7 Easy Cardio
                                day 7 Negative Pullup
                                day 7 Office-Friendly Posture
                                day 7 Flexibility
                                day 7 De-stress

                                E came over for tea this morning. She had given me a lovely teapot as a thank you for my work with her last year so the least I could do was invite her over for a cuppa. We had a delightful brew - black tea with raisins, apple, orange peel, currants, and cinnamon. Like a Christmas mince pie in a cup! Yum!! She made me promise we'd catch up again soon - I think she likes my tea!