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    Runner 5 crochet-style is super! You got good crochet skills!


      My goodness!! You are very talented!!


        Your Runner 5 is awesome, really. Very well crafted! I love the details of the backpack and the axe, of course.


          Looks great, good job!


            Gosh, thanks Montserrat Whirly Anek PetiteSheWolf (I'd never have got onto ZR if you hadn't mentioned it a couple of years ago!) Zenchan (I think it is important to exercise as many parts of ourselves as we can) Lady Celerity mavie Aku-chan

            Day 861

            ​​​​​​​​ Better Arms Day 26
            ​​​​​​​ Splits app. Day 26 Intermediate.

            Taekwondo training.Running to warm up, some relays, a couple of laps of lunges, then that 30-on-30-off thing with pre-squats, switches, "spider-pigs", flutter kicks, and push-ups. Stretching against the wall. The GM complimented me on my side stretch. It baffles me how I can be almost 180° when against the wall, but I'm nowhere near that on the floor! More partner drillwork. I generally partner with a woman who is about half-a-head shorter than I am. I have long legs and kick high. We were doing alternate leg turning kick to paddles, and first a trainee coach came over and showed her how to hold the paddles for me, then the GM came over, told her that I was a good kicker but she was a bad holder (good-naturedly, let me add!) and he held for me. And I did some good kicks to the paddle. He was pleased that I wasn't "too poomsae" with my kicks. In poomsae, you see, things are way more exact. In sparring, there is no focus on complete foot rotation (it slows things down), and the kick has to go all the way through, whereas in poomsae, you have to have that rotation, and the kick stops. The GM told me to think of them as two separate martial arts! The way my brain works, I have to see things and consider and work them through, so when I'm watching a demonstration of a kick, I'm focussed on the footwork above all else (or should that be below!), and I notice that the sparrers never do a complete rotation, and I've seen how it speeds things up, which you'd need when sparring. A poomsae person can beat a sparrer hollow when it comes to performing a pattern or demonstrating a perfect kick, but a sparrer will beat a poomsae person all hollow when it comes to speed and power. Indeed - two separate martial arts! After the turning kicks, we did cut kick then back leg turning kick, and my partner and I was absolutely hopeless when it came to working out where we were supposed to be moving the paddles to! Bit of hilarity there. We did better on the next drill, which was back side kick. We both have really improved on these. One of the coaches observed that when my left foot is the turning foot, I spin neatly on it, but when it's my right foot, I step out and that's a bit ugly and I'm less balanced. That's my bad/weak/wobbly ankle, and I didn't realise I did that. I see the podiatrist again tomorrow; see what he says.

            Today should have been a running day but I had to go out so didn't have a chance. Perhaps this is when I stop with the ZR5k training, and on Saturday start instead with some interval training.


              Day 862

              ​​​​​​​​ Better Arms Day 27
              ​​​​​​​ Splits app. Day 27 Intermediate.

              Poomsae training. Tonight we focussed on Keumgang. It's not the most exciting pattern, probably the only one that doesn't have any kicks in it. Actually, it's a really very boring pattern! It does, however, require a great deal of balance, as there are bent-leg one-legged stances that have to be maintained for 8-count, while slowly moving arms and head. Losing balance and putting a foot down is a .3 deduction, and you may as well keep your foot down until the next move. A wobble is a .1 deduction. Each wobble! Unless you wobble constantly, whereupon that's only one .1 deduction but it won't do your presentation score any good. Ah! A challenge for my wonky ankle! The coach had said that he couldn't be there for the whole time and he'd just start us off, but when he finished what he wanted to get through, it was nearly time to leave anyway, so I got out only about five minutes earlier than usual.

              Saw the podiatrist today. Said that I hadn't seen much improvement with the exercises he gave me and he said he hadn't expected me to, given that they were foundational and I already had an excellent foundation because of what I do. He gave me more exercises, in a couple of cases I could skip a couple of levels and go straight to the harder ones because I found the others too easy, which is good. Given the issues I have to deal with, it will be a long road to getting strength and stability back into this ankle, but I have high hopes - and as I only have to grade on Keumgang at the end of next year, I've got a while to perfect that one-legged stance without wobble!


                TopNotch I just started following your check-in thread - I know exactly where you are in Australia as I had the pleasure of visiting once and did that hike (with the steps) with my godsister who worked there are the time A lovely place! And I had forgotten about the scribbly gums but now remember! Australia just smells so good with the eucalyptus and other trees. It's hard to describe. Beautiful pictures



                  Day 863

                  ​​​​​​​​ Better Arms Day 28
                  ​​​​​​​ Splits app. Day 28 Intermediate.

                  There are about 50 reserves and such in the urban area that I can visit, so I'm trying to do so. Crossed another one off the list today. It was nice enough - great views, but it was relatively dull. There was not a lot of vegetation except in a few places, and I'm not that fond of asphalt paths. I could see myself doing it again if I lived nearby because it was great exercise. There were some parts that were really quite steep, and other parts, not quite so steep but with steps. We had a fair dump of rain last night, so some parts of the path were quite wet:
                  Click image for larger version

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                  The view wasn't bad. More rain is forecast so the clouds hung low over the ranges to the south, hiding the tops of most, but the sun peeped out occasionally, sending patches of brightness through the dull:
                  Click image for larger version

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                  Overall, I was out there for about an hour, and covered a shade over 4k. I had to do another hill climb because it's nearly the end of the month and I've not quite reached the top of Mt Kosciuszko - Today's climb should put me nearly there, and a bit more tomorrow should see me on the peak! I haven't found a challenge for June yet, except for the push-up challenge, but I've done that one previously...

                  Later, when I was back home, I remembered that I had been supposed to do an interval training run, but I'd sat down and relaxed by then, and we all know what happens when you do that! So instead I started on the little Runner 5 for my mum.
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                    Day 864

                    ​​​​​​​​ Better Arms Day 29
                    ​​​​​​​ Splits app. Day 29 Intermediate.
                    Playdate with Marcy. 3 x 10 leg extensions; 2 x 5 chest press. I must be getting stronger because I managed 5 each set at this weight, although the last one only just counted. Been a while. I've missed Marcy and it was nice to play again. The weather is becoming colder (between 9° and 12° with rain for this coming week) so I imagine there might be fewer external forays and more at-home playdates.

                    First round of the new exercises from the podiatrist. Big focus on balancing well on a single foot (primarily, of course, the right, but I do the exercises on both because what's the point of not?). I feel good about these. Just the right amount of challenge and a couple even make my toes ache. There's the thing - when I told the podiatrist that an exercise made my toes ache, he said that I had to strengthen my toes. When you choose your exercises and make sure you're working the upper-body and the lower-body and the abs and whatever, do you even think about ensuring you've seen to developing your toe strength?! But strong toes -> strong feet -> strong ankles -> strong calves and continue on up. So many things to think about...


                      Day 865

                      ​​​​​​​​ Better Arms Day 30
                      ​​​​​​​ Splits app. Day 30 Intermediate.
                      Exercise bike. Had been contemplating an interval run today but it was suddenly cold (only crept up to 8° today and it was grey and raining) and I felt unmotivated. I did, however, heave my lazy bum onto the bike and did a 22-minute ride which warmed me up for a bit until the sweat got cold!

                      Thinking of hacking off my Viking locks for a different look...




                          Congratulations on Better Arms!

                          And... can you do splits now?


                            Congrats on the challenge!


                              Congrats on Better Arms!


                                Congrats on better arms!