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    Miss_Dada It was worth it simply for the way it really strengthened my hip flexors. I would have prefer a more interesting way to do so, but... I'm not sure that I've got closer to my splits but I know that I can hold out my leg in an extended side or turning kick for longer than before, and possibly also hold it higher because I always tried to raise my leg as high as possible through all those reps. Can I kick faster? I really donn't know because I've mostly given up sparring now to focus on form. All in all, though the programme was difficult and dull, I don't feel that I have wasted my time.


      Day 63

      Abs of Steel (day 14)
      First Thing Water (day 6) It's getting cooler. Confess I'd rather have a nice first thing! Instead it has to be second.
      Core Control (day 1) Decided not to wait until April - maybe I'm already missing side leg raises!!
      1 Minute Cardio (day 2) One minute of butt kicks. Haha, recently for the DD we had to do 2 minutes. Heck, how did I manage that?! I found it easier not to do them on the spot but to run around the room, kicking butt.
      Ninja (day 24) Today I was powerful.
      Daily Gratitude (day 13)

      day 21 Baseline Sometimes Life just gets in the way. I wanted to get two days done again but ran out of time. Could just squeeze in this one day.
      day Express Tone That Life thing stopped me getting to this one today. No matter. Day 2 will be waiting for me tomorrow.

      DD with EC (#62). Total DD = 63.


        Autumn is upon us, with cooler mornings and nights and lovely sunny days.
        This afternoon, as the builders weren't here, the chickens got to scratch around the yard. I couldn't get a good picture of my sook chook, Rosemary, because every time I stopped and knelt down, she was right on me! She's got a crush! So all I got were close-ups. Perhaps she's like a Hollywood starlet - "All right, Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."
        Click image for larger version

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        While I was wandering around, hunting down an absconding chook, I came across some mushrooms. Now, I'm no wildcrafter and have no idea what sort these are, so I don't touch them. Neither do the chooks. So either they know something I don't (which, considering they are chickens, I doubt), or they just don't like mushrooms!
        Click image for larger version

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          Nice chook! Those look like Horse mushrooms which are edible but I'm not going out on a limb for any field mushroom for photo ID. All too similar to Deathcaps. We stick to distinctive mushies for collecting.


            Day 64

            Abs of Steel (day 15)
            First Thing Water (day 7)
            Core Control (day 2) Ooohh, side leg raises!
            1 Minute Cardio (day 3)
            Ninja (day 25) Today I was resilient.
            Daily Gratitude (day 14)

            day 22 Baseline
            day 2 Express Tone I could so relate to Amirsh 's comment about the knees. I did hold back a little with the first few sets, simply because I knew there were 5 to do, and I have dodgy knees and the Osteo is still working on the hips. The last couple of sets were definitely to failure, rather than fatigue (!), but I wanted to be consistent with my reps. Almost made it.
            Lunges: 30 - 30 - 30 - 30 - 28
            Squats: 30 - 30 - 30 - 30 - 30
            After today's lunges and squats and the DD, I don't think my quads are going to be very happy with me tomorrow!

            DD with EC (#63). Total DD = 64.


              Rosemary is a beauty! I can see why she is always ready for her close-up!


                Day 65

                Abs of Steel (day 16)
                First Thing Water (day 8)
                Core Control (day 3)
                1 Minute Cardio (day 4)
                Ninja (day 26) Today I was... er, plastic...
                Daily Gratitude (day 15)

                day 23 Baseline So, no side leg raises in Core Control today, so I had them in this programme instead. Good thing I am such a wizard at these now!!
                day Express Tone Continuing with the installation of an IKEA kitchen is taking up my time. Tomorrow...

                DD with EC (#64). Total DD = 65.

                Training tonight saw me add 75 push-ups to this week's total. Going well. Perhaps I might throw in some handle ones as well - just for a change.

                Stay safe out there, Bees.

                P.S. I thought of you, Io6 when I saw this! Cha Cha Slide, seeing how much you love planks...


                  That is ~2:30 of a challenge I like the look of. It being plank all over the place month and all.


                    I thought they send someone when it's a whole kitchen?
                    Anyway, that's a good reason not to go back to routine for a bit. I imagine it takes a lot of time.


                      Amirsh I have builders in, doing an extension and installing the cuboard carcasses in the kitchen, but I'm building the carcasses and the drawers and hanging the doors, etc...


                        Oh. Well it is IKEA after all.


                          Day 66

                          Abs of Steel (day 17)
                          First Thing Water (day 9)
                          Core Control (day 4)
                          1 Minute Cardio (day 5)
                          Ninja (day 27) Today I was spirited!
                          Daily Gratitude (day 16)

                          day 24 Baseline
                          day 3 Express Tone
                          Upright rows: 26 - 30 - 30 - 30 - 25
                          Bicep curls: 30 - 26 - 25 - 26 - 22

                          DD with EC (#65). Total DD = 66.

                          Grading is going to be next week, instead of in three weeks' time, just in case we get shut down. And this time, we're not all coming together, but the three centres are going to stay in their own places and grade there. I am the only person in my centre who's grading on this pattern, so that means I could very well have to do it in front of everyone all on my tod!


                            I probably missed something. Grading?


                              Sorry, Amirsh Probably a bit vague. Taekwondo belt grading. We do quarterly gradings in which we normally (though not this time) do HEAPS of fitness stuff (lots of running, push-ups, the like), the general kicks and punches to make sure we know how to do them and can do them at a level that is appropriate for our belt level, and finally we do the patterns. To advance to the next level (either a new belt or just a tip) we have to do a pattern, a performance (almost a dance, I love them! Beautiful to watch!!) that shows you can do moves appropriate for the belt or tip you're grading to.


                                You will make a great impression