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    Thanks, Mamatigerj Julian4077 Mianevem
    Thanks, sunpetal
    CaptainCanuck Only got "Conqueror - get three crowns in every skill in a course" to go. I wonder if it goes up to five crowns...?

    Day 410

    day 8 30 Days of Change I'm having difficulty getting the time to do this well before evening training. But I had a chat with myself, and I think I've come up with something. We'll see.
    day 2 Back and Core Bet this one hasn't come as a surprise!

    day 24 Counting Victories
    day 23 Easy Abs
    day 16 Flex Hang
    day 8 Hug

    Taekwondo training. Felt a little tired tonight but pulled through. Started off running easy laps - 1, then 2, then 10. A lap each of forward and reverse lunges. Push-ups by call - I think there were 20. One of the coaches commended mine - he'd seen me at the beginning when one push-up was my limit! On to kicking - instep, turning, cut, and hook. Then partner drills. I partnered one of our new white belts, and we did outer and inner crescent kicks over partner's hands, followed by up kick to pad and back side kick to pad. I showed her how to "open the gate" because although I'm rubbish at it, I know how it's supposed to be done! Legs are feeling a mite sore tonight.


      I think that it goes to five.


        Day 411

        day 8 30 Days of Change Just when I thought I'd be able to do this one today, my legs were so sore from yesterday. Probably not just the number but also the speed of the kicks. Oh, my quads!
        day 3 Back and Core

        day 25 Counting Victories
        day 24 Easy Abs
        day 16 Flex Hang
        day 9 Hug

        Poomsae training. Hard to warm up when the legs were still sore, but once they got going, they were okay. Technical training day, so after a couple each of patterns 4-7, and one of 8 and Koryo, on to drills. Blocking drills - lower, upper, inner, outer - some in long stance, others in L-stance. Partner PNF stretching against the wall.


          Congratulations on completing Fighter's Codex and on your Duo Diamond dominion!


            Ta muchly, Rainbow Dragon

            Day 412

            day 8 30 Days of Change
            day 4 Back and Core These are so very similar to the ones that my chiropractor told me to do so I just combine the two lots. Figure it can't hurt!

            day 26 Counting Victories
            day 25 Easy Abs
            day 17 Flex Hang
            day 10 Hug

            Taekwondo training. We got to hit each other with pool noodles today! Such fun!! It was supposed to be an exercise in blocking and reaction and anticipation, but I think it got to be a little bit of just people whacking each other with pool noodles. A fun and different way of warming up. I actually counted the push-ups today. It's just "up - down" and that's what we are to say but I decided to try counting. I got to 24, though I could have miscounted and it was really 25 (which makes a little more sense) but either way, I was pleased with myself because I did them all. I wonder if it would have made any difference if we had not just finished running and I was therefore a little breathless...? All the kicks again because that's this term's focus, and I was also pleased with my back side kick. I'm usually pretty rubbish at them, but today I felt confident about them and I think I didn't do them too badly. So it was a Good Day.


              Congrats on 24 (or 25) push-ups!


                Yay for good days!


                  Thanks again, Rainbow Dragon
                  Anek We all need them, hey? And sometimes they come along way too seldom.

                  Day 413

                  day 8 30 Days of Change
                  day 5 Back and Core

                  day 27 Counting Victories
                  day 26 Easy Abs
                  day 18 Flex Hang
                  day 11 Hug

                  Poomsae training. Warm-ups. Then there was kicking to the paddles, but not only was there an uneven number of us (which makes partnering difficult), but I was the only one there over about 25. My dodgy ankle was a bit sore after all the kicking we have been doing to pads the last couple of weeks, so (and also to make things easier), I decided just to sit this one out. Well, not sit exactly - I worked on my bug-bear, pattern 8. I think I got a few things sorted. Then stretching against the wall - front and side. Then, up the line - side kick prep, side kick extension, partner-hold side kick extension. Finally, broke into groups of three to pick a pattern with side kicks. Two do it while third watches and comments, then rotate so everyone gets a turn to watch. Did Koryo - absolutely no memory. Tonight was one of those times when I feel that I'm complete rubbish at everything, that there is not one single thing I do well. Pretty much everything I did tonight sucked.


                    Originally posted by TopNotch View Post
                    Tonight was one of those times when I feel that I'm complete rubbish at everything, that there is not one single thing I do well. Pretty much everything I did tonight sucked.
                    Well, so next time you can only do better


                      Hang in there, one day's losses can be another day's victories.


                        Day 414

                        day 6 Back and Core

                        day 28 Counting Victories
                        day 27 Easy Abs
                        day 18 Flex Hang
                        day 12 Hug

                        Finally accepted that 30DoC is not working for me at this time. My head is not in a good place right now (figuratively speaking, of course), and, though I enjoyed what I did of it, I have to let 30DoC go for a while. Some day I'll give it another go. Today I noticed the new HIIT programme...

                        Trying to find some peace this evening, I stood outside (mozzies buzzing all around!) and watched my black hens for a bit. The other girls had already gone to bed but the Australorps were still mooching around outside. As I stood watching, one of them went right up close to the 1.8m fence and flew right up, vertical lifting like a Harrier jet!, and clung to the top wire. I was surprised! She just rose straight up! Anyway, now that I am sure how they get out of the run (and in again), tonight is the last night they'll spend on my washing line. Tomorrow, I reposition the netting over the top of this part of the run! And, apart from the mozzies, I did find a measure of peace.


                          Day 415

                          day 7 Back and Core

                          day 29 Counting Victories
                          days 28, 29 and 30 Easy Abs Had to finish this one today so I can decide whether or not to do March's challenge tomorrow! Ooh, I wonder what it'll be... I just hope it won't involve burpees! And yet, that masochistic part of me...
                          day 18 Flex Hang
                          day 13 Hug Oh no! I'm running out of hugs!!

                          Climbing out of the Pit -

                          Fairly productive day today. Also moved the netting to stretch across the top of the run. One of those "why didn't I think of doing that earlier?" sort of things. That did it! Much amusement (on my part) and satisfaction as I watched a chicken do her vertical lift thing and bump into the netting! Eventually, I guess, they just gave up and I found the two of them in a nesting box in the hen house with the other girls - where they ought to be at night.


                            Congrats on Easy Abs


                              Congrats on the Easy Abs challenge! I’m always tapping my toe waiting for the next month’s challenge to appear. Sometimes it shows up on the front page of the Challenges tab a day or two before the 1st

                              Yep! I just looked and it’s there!!!