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    Epic work on flex week

    Click image for larger version

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      Been forgetting to write... AGAIN. Anyway started Random Workouts again, not that they are random. I got my first favourite. Maze was definitely a HIIT with me!
      Will be restarting Dead Hang, as the bar is currently inaccessible, and has been for a few weeks.
      Finished 1 minute Plank today, will be starting 1 minute Cardio tomorrow. Today's TKD session was... *cover your eyes* burpees. 1 minute burpees, rest, repeat twice more. I got 15 each time, really getting slower towards the end.

      About a week ago got a pushup PB of 20 with no breaks. Phew!

      Also started First thing water, I keep a cup on my bedside table with a lid on so it doesn't get dusty.
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        Originally posted by AgilePhoenix View Post
        Finished 1 minute Plank today
        About a week ago got a pushup PB of 20 with no breaks. Phew!


          Started Xpress tone a few days ago, I never thought I would hate bicep curls! On another subject (kind of) grading will be held next week, in case we have to stop classes for a while.


            Finished Ninja a couple of days ago. Will be starting Flex Challenge in its place, but I'm taking a break for now...

            TKD is canceled, but at least I have plenty of Darebee

            I will try to remember to write.


              Congrats on Ninja Challenge


                Day 72

                A.M. Workout

                Abs of steel day 23
                1min Cardio day 11
                Core Control day 10
                First Thing Water day 15

                Baseline day 29
                Xpress Tone day 7

                Xpress tone was 3kg for hammer curls and shoulder presses, and 2kg for lateral raises. 5 x 40 hammer curls and 2 x 20, 1 x 23,
                1 x 25, 1 x 24 for lateral raises.

                Until next time...


                  Day 73

                  A.M. Workout

                  Abs of steel day 24
                  1min Cardio day 12
                  Core Control day 11
                  First Thing Water day 16

                  Baseline day 30
                  Xpress Tone day 8

                  Baseline Completed. Woohoo! I will not be starting another program just yet, as Xpress tone takes quite a while.

                  Thinking once again about Zombie week, but I have now extended it to a fortnight

                  Taekwondo has been cancelled 😿



                    Congrats on Baseline!

                    Sorry your Taekwondo was cancel, 'sign o' the times' I suppose. It will be back


                      Congrats on Baseline




                          Epic work on baseline!

                          Click image for larger version

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                            WSMC27 Fremen Io6 BlackButler Thanks​​​​​​​


                              Day 74

                              A.M. Workout

                              Abs of steel day 25
                              1min Cardio day 13
                              Core Control day 12
                              First Thing Water day 17
                              Xpress Tone day 9

                              Xpress Tone, using 3kg - Bicep curls 5x80 Shoulder presses 3x50 2x54

                              Zombie week is now three weeks. It'll end up being a month soon.


                                Whoops! Got a bit to catch up on...
                                Day 80

                                A.M workout
                                Coffe Break That was fun! Spilled a bit...
                                1min Cardio day 19
                                Core Control day 17
                                First Thing Water day 23
                                Xpress Tone day 14

                                I've upped the weight for Xpress Tone, I am now using 4kg. Today it was horrible! I do not like lunges. Anyway... lunges was 5 x 50 and squats was 2 x 40, 1 x 36, 1 x 32, and 1 x 30. Decreased quite rapidly with those!

                                Yesterday finished Abs of Steel, there should be 31 day challenges!

                                I have also been choosing the next challenges for me to do, I think I have enough now, especially if I do the April challenge. That depends on what it is. If it has burpees, I'm out!