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    Thanks Rainbow Dragon and @Fremen

    Gonna use this as an opportunity to try and get running regularly again...maybe even loose a couple of kgs since I'm wandering out of my weight class
    Went for a 20min run and it worked out ok. Might work it to a Run 20x3 format.

    Will probably doing ball games again CaptainCanuck !


      Nice, no more running envy


        Ha! I'm more envious of where you run than the activity itself CaptainCanuck !


          Today's abs workout was Good morning abs...because it had no arms! Inflammation is settling but the way forward is still opaque (grumble, grumble).

          Played boxing footwork games with the kids.


            All the best for a speedy recovery Io6 and I feel your frustrations.


              Thanks Julian4077 !

              Felt like making myself popular so dragged the kids through *their* boxing drills included extra skipping. My daughter's feedback: at least that didn't take an hour!!

              It was hot as, but since I was already kitted out I went for the 20min run as soon as the kids stuff was done. I think I got a bit baked in the sun! But for the win, the weird guy with the poorly trained staffy boxer x was out and I managed to avoid them both twice. If you can't control your dog, don't walk it off lead- not hard.


                Yeah that off-lead stuff is bad if dog isn’t well trained. And sometimes even if it IS!


                  The good thing about focussing on Poomse rather than Sparring is that Poomsae has no weight class!


                    Did V-cut for abs yesterday, time was short and wanted bang for my buck

                    Weight class gives me a good line in the sand to eat more plants and grainy things when I start to drift TopNotch, also weight is something I can work on now when I pretty much drifting with everything else!
                    "No exercises that involve pushing, pulling or rotation through the area."
                    Every day is leg day.


                      20min run yesterday, not so hot which was good.

                      Started training again, using the 'tie your arm to your body so you don't use it' approach. I can report that I can't maintain mount with one arm tied ...cue anti-inflammatories.


                        Epic abs, this one gets intense when you keep your core engaged!

                        20min run, left quite late so was in the dark and getting rained a head wind.

                        Hot Foot

                        Training again tomorrow. Strained finger joints have joined the shoulder as things I'll be protecting...wanders off to inventory strapping tape. Should just buy in bulk


                          You know you're a bit klutzy when you wander into the pharmacy and start wondering which brace you should get - just in case! Or is that just me...


                            Ha! I'm not that clumsy. I just have hobbies that keep me a little bit damaged all the time.
                            I do enjoy doing a bit of speculative shopping in the first aid aisles TopNotch , money is never wasted there!


                              6 pack

                              20min run

                              Got confused over my days and did Hot foot instead of abs.

                              Back to "no training". This is looking like a long road but I've lost 3kgs since the start of the month, so that's a win


                                Hark! Was that the sound of me falling off the Darebee recording wagon again?

                                The problem when too many days pass is that I don't write it down anywhere else either!

                                Since we corresponded last I've continued working a 3.5 session program (was previously only writing about 1 because recording is an 'area for improvement').

                                The 0.5 is where I drag the kids through their drills.

                                Session 1: Drills that don't use my shoulder or a Darebee abs workout (no arms)
                                Session 2: Cardio (a run or Darebee, Hot Foot was today)
                                Session 3: Shoulder rehab, lots of stretching and yoga. I have graduated to doing downward dog and threading the needle...looking forward to collecting more weight bearing activities.

                                Today in torturing my children, we were working on skipping and joy filled the land