Fall seven times, stand eight.

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    10th January

    The region can take a little weight but definitely not classifying it as load bearing!


    Footwork, all about the feet and spongy knees.


    Jits hip escape and guard passing drills

    My form is better with some of these drills since I need to keep everything from the heel and really work through the hip to the chest, pretend I don't have arms. This is awesome. I'm going to use 'pretend you don't have arms' as a variation into the future.


      Works caning me but I'm working out, just off the recording train again!

      Did Rainbow Dragon 's birthday prezzie:
      50 butt ups
      50s bridge hold (full hold not glute bridge)
      50 shoulder rolls (these ones)

      Happy birthday!!​​​​​​​


        Thank you!

        Those rolls look like fun! I will have to do a bit of work to make a large enough space to do them in, but I will give them a go!


          They don't need much room Rainbow Dragon since, with the first variation, you go from seated then across your shoulders to seated again. So 3 people sitting together with their legs out kinda space. A standard yoga mat is plenty to track your shoulders along and land your bum.


            My feet would end up kicking things. (I run into problems just with my yoga practice anytime a post requires me to move some part of my body off my mat.) It's not an insurmountable problem. Just one that requires a bit of planning and preparation.


              I agree, those look like fun! I’m gonna try them!


                Those look nice indeed!


                  I managed to clear enough space to get my shoulder rolls done! I think my dogs were a bit concerned. (They watched from the safety of my bed.) But I had fun!


                    They are a handy roll Rainbow Dragon , I use it for my 'get out of bed' roll, even if the rest of your body doesn't want to get up. Once your legs are out, you're out ...also handy for jits but rolling is a great way to get around.


                      16th January

                      Footwork, footwork and more footwork. I think I'm going to be spending the rest of my adult life getting my footwork up to scratch. Still my reaction timer is getting a good workout too.

                      Rolling combo drills, a bit of fun after all the bouncing around
                      Then jits games with the kids.

                      Had to explain to a friend that the jits belt progression doesn't work like some other martial arts. No regular gradings, you could be a white belt for 3, 4, 5 years with consistent improvement. I think he only wanted to play if he could be guaranteed colour in a year


                        17th January

                        All jits today. Played with different roll combos, hip bumps, bit of ape hop then jits related yoga. Opening the hips and sit outs.

                        Finished with some jits games with the kids.


                          I started messing around with that shoulder roll that was on the video you posted. So fun!


                            Yep DorothyMH ! I'm honestly surprised that advertising for jits doesn't focus on the fact that so much of it is just fun.

                            18th January

                            Footwork drills

                            Broken rolls drill (holding the roll at different points to get really familiar with all the balance points)

                            Hip switches

                            Split lunges

                            I'm also counting piggybacking my daughter up a big arse hill because she got a splinter in her foot. I've got to get stronger if I'm going to keep doing that, she not small any more


                              19th January

                              Big stretch session and a bit of yoga. Hanging with my friend the plow.

                              Twisting around like a dying fish while keeping my hips off the floor. This was also a test of my shoulder, which held up well!

                              Balancing on my shoulders

                              Cross legged squats

                              Went to a National park and did 8km circuit.


                                Cross legged squats?!🧐