Fall seven times, stand eight.

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    17th March

    Today's DD, EC just monkeying around.

    P_Core Strength_17, just gonna pretend I'm asleep.

    C_Negative Pullup_17

    Ball games: guard passing...the ball. Making small repetitive movement, moving feet from one side to the other of the ball then adding a lunge.

    Sun salutation with crow instead of handstand

    Training has been cancelled for the next 3 weeks so far. Proud of them for making the call but going to miss it.



      The kids and I did 1 set of Primer.

      We played passing guard (I remain reigning champion ).

      Then we did TopNotch 's plank cha cha challenge
      My son and I were successful but my daughter wobbled her wrist.


        Originally posted by Io6 View Post
        See?! I knew it was your thang!


          18th March

          Today's DD, EC we seem to have a theme...must have known there was minimal planking today.

          P_Core Strength_18 legs up, legs back.

          C_Negative Pullup_18, 2x 30s

          Needed a bit of centering today so we went with some Qigong.


            19th March

            Today's DD, EC and now stay there...

            P_Core Strength_19 plank dancing again

            C_Negative Pullup_19

            Walking the ball- balancing on top of the ball on my hands and knee then carefully using a crawling motion to move the ball without falling off.



              20th March

              Today's DD, EC round and round

              P_Core Strength_20 Look mum! I'm planking with one leg!

              C_Negative Pullup_20 done as 2x 30s

              Today we are opening our hips with Patrick

              Then trashed the calm by playing passing guard with my son.
              On his request we did 2 chin-ups followed by me passing his guard then swap: and repeat (about 5 rounds).
              He wanted to know why I kept leveraging him onto his side when I passed to side control. So I demonstrated one of my favourite arm bars from that position...very slowly and gently!


                21st March

                Today's DD, EC

                P_Core Strength_21

                C_Negative Pullup_21

                Had trouble finding medications I need to stay out of hospital. Finally got a bit this morning...it's been confronting to say the least.

                Cossak, a bit like dancing. Added some pull ups between sets.

                Made up some yoga.


                  22nd March

                  Today's DD, EC top up planking is clearly for the best.

                  P_Core Strength_22

                  C_Negative Pullup_22, 2 sets of 30sec.

                  Bridges and roll drills weighted with sandbag (20kg).

                  Made up yoga flow


                    You can call it free style yoga flowIt’s yours and it’s great!!


                      I have two exercise playlists DorothyMH, a high intensity one for working hard and/or high heart rate and a low one.
                      For yoga/stretch time I put on the latter and move through the muscles I have been working then once I'm done I just have fun with the movements until the end of the next song! Leaves me in a good headspace for the day.


                        23rd March

                        Today's DD, EC there is a season, turn, turn, turn...

                        P_Core Strength_23

                        C_Negative Pullup_23

                        I have a heap of drills coming my way while trainging is closed. Started running through one of the new ball drills. Then did some swing drills with sandbag (15kg)

                        Freestyle Qigong


                          24th March

                          Today's DD, EC nice way to start the day

                          P_Core Strength_24

                          C_Negative Pullup_24

                          Ball games: passing guard and leg switch drills followed by some combos. Lost the ball a few time because...children. So add libed a few times.

                          Work on extending my crow and then some plow work.



                            25th March

                            Today's DD, EC funky chicken right here.

                            P_Core Strength_25

                            C_Negative Pullup_25. I really enjoy this challenge. Drawing out how long I can spend lowering is really satisfying.

                            Ball games: Bridge the ball. Leg/s on the ball...now bridge. Serious case of jelly legs.


                            Freestyle yoga.

                            Now off to another calming day of working from home with my kids


                              26th March

                              Today's DD, EC

                              P_Core Strength_26, swimming plank!

                              C_Negative Pullup_26, 2 set of 40s

                              Virtual training...the wonders of the internet! The sweat isn't virtual

                              Freestyle yoga


                                ...The sweat isn't virtual