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    Day 18

    Zero Hero day 18 - level 1


      Day 19

      Zero Hero day 19 - level 1


        Day 20

        Zero Hero day 20 - level 1


          Day 21

          Zero Hero day 21 - level 3

          I became a little bored. Looking forward to finishing the program and starting something new.


            Day 22

            Zero Hero day 22 - level 1


              Day 23

              Zero Hero day 23 - level 3

              I started loosing my weight since 20 April. I was 102 kg in the beginning. And so far I lost 10.8 kg, so I am 91.2. So this is the result for almost 3 months. I think it's a bit slow, but at the same time I can eat everything, absolutely everything. The main point is to be within your limit of calories, which is 1800 for me. I have to loose more 10 kg, maybe a little more.


                That’s great progress!


                  Day 24

                  Zero Hero day 24 - level 1


                    Day 25

                    Zero Hero day 25 - level 1


                      Day 26

                      Zero Hero day 26 - level 1

                      The end of the program is coming, and I have to choose the next program. Any recommendations?
                      I am thinking about Cardio Go or 60 Days of Cardio to burn fat faster. Which is better now?


                        They are both level 2 programs, but, I liked 60DoC better, as the variety of exercises was better, imo. And it specifies levels within it, so you don’t feel like “you must do” 7 sets every day. Of course you never actually have to do that, anyway, but...Also, it is not timer-based like the Cardio GO is. Just my 2 cents... Are you up to adding a strength challenge in there, yet, also? Or does that feel like too much?


                          Day 27

                          Zero Hero day 27 - level 3

                          DorothyMH Then I think I will take 60 Days of Cardio. About adding a strength challenge, probably yes, I can try. What would you recommend? I don't have any equipment.


                            The nice thing about Darebee is you don’t need any equipment for Bodyweight strength training Look in the menu tab for Challenges and use the filter there to look at what is available in Level 1 or 2 and when you narrow it down to two or three options, I can make a suggestion


                              Day 28

                              Zero Hero day 28 - level 1

                              DorothyMH It's really difficult to choose. I would like to grow strength for all parts of my body, so I am choosing Full Body selector. What do you think it's better to pick here - ? I want to do more push-ups, squats, and exercises for abs. Thanks for help.


                                I guess I would go for the Punches & Squats this time. They are also sort of cardio, but less so than the others you’ve got there, except for the wall sit hold and tricep dip hold. That would be good also If you want more options, either narrow to upper or lower body, or go up to level 3 and plan to modify sets or forms to your ability.