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    June Challenge - 12/30
    Foundation Light - 8/30

    Get Strong! Week 8 Day 7

    Intermittent Fasting: NA
    Days of consecutive exercise (15m+): 12
    Daily Dares: 23
    Daily Dares +EC: 12
    Daily Meditation: 13

    I kneaded a a lot of bread today and boy is that an arm workout if you aren't used to it!
    Slept well but still tired. Hope that nonsense ends soon.

    I got strong. Time to become a Spartan!


      Congrats on Getting Strong!

      And good luck for the trials...


        Congrats on Get Strong! ๐Ÿ‹๏ธโ€โ™€๏ธ


          You got strong!! Good job for finishing it!!๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿฅณ
          Now, which program was that and where is it from? Itโ€™s not the Kavadlo one that another Bee is doing, is it?๐Ÿ˜ณ


            No, it isn't! So much the other Bee knows....


              June Challenge - 13/30
              Foundation Light - 9/30


              Spartan L2

              Intermittent Fasting: NA
              Days of consecutive exercise (15m+): 13
              Daily Dares: 24
              Daily Dares +EC: 12
              Daily Meditation: 14

              Spartan is a tough workout! I chose this today because it's a Level 3 workout, as is the Spartan Trials program, but I'm a little worried that it's too high level for me. I could only do full pushups for the first round, while the rest were a mix of knee pushups as well, with the last round being all knees. Not sure if that means a level 3 program is going to be too much for me or not. The workout felt good overall, definitely challenging.
              Now I'm ravenously hungry!

              Still feeling a sleepy fog over me. New normal I guess.

              DorothyMH It's a Bodweight program from Nia Shanks of Lift Like a Girl that I bought years ago but never did commit to. Better late than never!


                Oh, I see!
                Why donโ€™t you try Spartan Trials at level 1 and see if that would be more doable....?


                  I actually very much wanted to stop at L1 but the Spartan Trials description says workouts need to be at least 35 minutes, so I kept going. To be fair, after reviewing the program again, most days don't look as intense, so should be fine. I'm wary of doing too much but I do still think I can do it. We shall see!


                    Congrats on Get Strong!

                    I am currently doing Spartan Trials at Level I, and I am doing incline push-ups instead of floor push-ups. I am finding that the days do vary in intensity. The days that are similar to the Spartan workout you posted above are definitely the higher-intensity days. So I would say go for it at Level I, and if you are feeling up to it on a particular day, you can always go up a level or two. I am really enjoying the program so far! Out of curiosity, where are you seeing the 35 minute requirement?


                      Originally posted by Sasstronaut View Post
                      DorothyMH It's a Bodweight program from Nia Shanks of Lift Like a Girl that I bought years ago but never did commit to. Better late than never!
                      So, they seem to have more in common than just name...
                      I never did really commit to the KAVADLO Get Strong, either.
                      Great, you could stick to it, this time.


                        Congratulations on getting strong! Good luck with Spartan Trials! You can do it


                          Whirly Indeed, I got it jumbled. It's not in Spartan Trials, but in Power Fast meal plan that accompanies it.

                          Any training session has to be 35+ minutes minimum. On cardio or high intensity training days a small dessert is allowed with the A+B+C meal.
                          However, I do intend to do the Walking to Running program concurrently, so perhaps I can ignore the 35+ rule as I will be doing a lot of work overall. I suppose I will just push myself as much as is reasonable.
                          Thank you for the clarification about the program! Makes me feel more confident in being able to do it.

                          Thanks NancyTree! I'm feeling pretty good this morning so I do think I should at least give it a try.


                            June Challenge - 14/30
                            Foundation Light - 10/30

                            Fitness Test

                            Intermittent Fasting: NA
                            Days of consecutive exercise (15m+): 14
                            Daily Dares: 25
                            Daily Dares +EC: 13
                            Daily Meditation: 15

                            Fitness test was a little strange... said I am Level 1 but that's definitely not enough of a workout for me. Didn't do much else today except rest. Tomorrow is when the real fun begins.


                              The fitness test is not everything, and that's what is written on that page too:

                              If you can do certain routines on a higher level than you scored here you should do them on a higher level. You benefit the most from a workout that pushes you out of your comfort zone.
                              So follow your own judgement


                                Foundation Light - 11/30 Level 3
                                Spartan Trials (with 4lb body armor) - 1/30 Level 2

                                June Challenge - 15/30
                                Walking to Running - 1/30: (4m walk + 1m run) x3
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_4556.jpg
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ID:	703311
                                The run went much better than I thought! I felt faster than I anticipated.

                                Power Fast Meal Plan
                                Lunch: Chicken, zucchini, corn
                                Tea Time: Pu'Erh tea, apricot, and a cookie.
                                Dinner: Garbage Soup (squash, beets, carrots, zucchini, radishes) with chickpeas.
                                This was difficult. I was supposed to have 2 cups from each list, but I couldn't finish my lunch. 2 cups of protein, but could only eat 1 cup each of veggies and carbs. Dinner was 1 cup each of the soup (veggies) and chickpeas (protein).

                                Intermittent Fasting: 16:08
                                Days of consecutive exercise (15m+): 15
                                Daily Dares: 26
                                Daily Dares +EC: 14
                                Daily Meditation: 16

                                Spartan Trials was super hard! I'm using 4 weights - 1lb on each ankle and wrist - and needed to do 5 rounds to make it 35m as per Power Fast. This felt great but also exhausting. Definitely can't do this everyday, so I'm glad there's some variability. I considered this a very difficult workout, so I allowed myself the "Small Dessert" of a cookie with tea.
                                Interestingly, the first half with the squats, jump squats, and front kicks were pretty easy for me. I love a good jump squat.

                                All in all, a good day. Looking forward to sleeping well tonight.