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    Assassin Training: W2D2 Rest/Casual
    5k Week 2 Training 1
    3.13km 33:21 - 10:39m/km
    Didnt feel as good today but it got done. Was hoping to read some but I am exhausted tonight.
    90 Days of Action Day 9 Circuit Level 1
    30 Days of Fitness: 9/30
    Get to Bed on Time: 1/30
    my cat came home! So happy.


      Originally posted by Sasstronaut View Post
      my cat came home! So happy.
      Well, I'm really happy


        Assassin Training: W2D3 Combat
        The Rez Level I. I loved this one! I am, however, not that good at it. I have terrible balance and the side kicks were particularly difficult. Will keep doing this one until I can manage it better.

        90 Days of Action Day 10 Coordination Level I
        Same as above. I suck at balance. Was a nice stretching type feeling though.

        30 Days of Fitness: 10/30
        Get to Bed on Time: 2/30

        Did not workout yesterday, aside from the indoor painting I did for the entire day. Took longer than anticipated due to some interruptions and bc I didn’t workout in the AM and wasn’t finished until 2200, I just didn’t get them in that day. Made up for it today with more painting and workouts so I’m properly exhausted now. Feels good.

        Fremen it’s great to have her home! Since her return from the little outdoors escapade, she hasn’t wanted to leave my side. I can’t say that I mind.
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          I did workout yesterday, just collapsed before making my post.

          Assassin Training: W2D4 High Burn/HIIT
          Aurora Level III w EC I like to do the dailies if they match up with whatever training I have to do that day. This one was really easy but it was killer on the abs.

          90 Day of Action Day 11 Cardio Level III
          Felt good today. Went pretty hard bc I finally had the energy again.

          30 Days of Fitness: 11/30
          Get to Bed on Time: 0/30
          played spooky videogames until late.


            Assassin Training: W2D5 Rest/Casual Training
            5k Week 2 Training 2 - 3.28km in 30:22. 09:16m/km
            Not my very best time or distance but I hit a great milestone today - jogged for 5m straight! That's the most I've done since starting up again. (2m jog, 3m walk, 5 min jog). It felt really good to be able to do that, even if I wasn't very fast today.

            90 Day of Action Day 12 Abs Level I
            Oh man after the abs yesterday, level 1 was the most I could do today. Feeling that burn.

            30 Days of Fitness: 12/30
            Get to Bed on Time: ?/30
            Not sure. Gonna play some more spooky games! But I will be waking up early tomorrow to do a workout in the AM. Will update.


              Good job on the milestone!! Or *minute* stone...😤😜


                Assassin Training: W2D6 High Burn/HIIT
                Adrenaline Rush Level III
                I love Burpees! I suck at pushups though so this was quite difficult for me. Felt good though.

                90 Day of Action Day 13 Circuit Level I
                After so many pushups earlier in the day, this was tough to get through. I took it slow though and destroyed the squats. Thunder thighs for the win!

                30 Days of Fitness: 13/30
                Get to Bed on Time: 0/30
                It is 2230 now and I didn't go to bed until around midnight last night... really not confident in my ability to complete this one. Maybe sleeping midnight-0700 is enough for me? My body seems to be okay with it. And anyway, spooky games!


                  Assassin Training: W2D7 Rest/Casual
                  5k Week 2 Training 3 - 3.57km in 32:29. 9:05m/km
                  Hey now, that's my best time! I also ran for 6 straight minutes, which is also a personal best.

                  90 Day of Action Day 14 Challenge - 80 Basic Burpees throughout the day.
                  A little sore after yesterday, but still felt good.

                  30 Days of Fitness: 14/30
                  Get to Bed on Time: 1/30
                  No spoopy games tonight. Didn't sleep well last night, so early bed it is.

                  I'm pretty pre-disappointed with what my measure-in will be for Nov. I feel like my weight loss as at the least completely stalled and I may have even gotten bigger. Siiigh. Our kitchen has been mostly unusable for nearly 2 months now and we've been eating terribly this past month since I can't cook now and we can't eat out healthy all the time. So I'm not looking forward to it. Trying to remember that my fitness journey is a marathon and not a sprint, but it's hard not to be frustrated with things you can't much control.
                  Good day overall.


                    Hell yeah, hit those personal bests!!!! You're doing well, keep it up hell yeah!!!


                      Assassin Training: W3D1 HIIT/High Burn - Slayer Level III
                      I enjoyed this one a lot! Done with EC since I could.

                      90 Day of Action Day 15 Tendon Strength
                      This one was actually hard. Guess my tendons are super weak.

                      30 Days of Fitness: 15/30
                      Get to Bed on Time: 3/30
                      Just finished passing out candy for the first time ever. I really enjoyed seeing all the costumes tonight. My favorite might be a little girl Miles (Mila?) Morales from Spiderverse. Also so the littlest, cutest Captain America.

                      Keen eyes may have noticed I skipped a workout day; I felt pretty crap yesterday, like I was coming down with something. I took it easy and even napped, which I never do, and I felt back to 100% today. Thank goodness for good immune systems!


                        Assassin Training: W3D2 Rest/Casual Training
                        5k Week 3 Training 1 - 4.6km in 42:58. 9:20m/km
                        Okay! This felt like shit! It really did. BUT! I felt better towards the latter half of the workout. My brain was trying really hard to get me to quit but I got through it. I mean, that dumbass thought sitting on the couch eating leftover halloween candy was a good idea, so what does she know? Plus, I hit another personal best! 8 minutes jogging! This was definitely jogging. Wasn't super fast, but it wasn't bad. I was really more focused on endurance than going faster. And since this is the most distance run so far, guess it's 2 personal bests today.

                        90 Day of Action Day 16 Cardio HIIT Level I
                        This was super tough today. I was hoping to at least hit level 3 but I could feel my stomach complaining about the bad food today so I didn't wanna push it.

                        30 Days of Fitness: 16/30
                        Get to Bed on Time: 4/30
                        Oh hell yes. I'm crazy tired. That run took it out of me.


                          Congrats on the running milestones! That is awesome progress.


                            oneironaut thank you! It does feel good.

                            ​​​​​​​Assassin Training: W3D3 Combat - Battle Angel Level IIIw EC
                            Man, I love the combat workouts. I chose this one in hopes of working out my upper body a bit more, which worked. Shoulders have been sore since I did it.

                            90 Day of Action Day 17 Abs Level III
                            Ohh the ab-quaking death. Gonna be sore tomorrow. But I’m able to do all the abs work with less back support. That’s an improvement I haven’t seen in a long time.

                            30 Days of Fitness: 17/30
                            Get to Bed on Time: 0/30
                            Hubs and I stayed up late watching a show. Oh well, it’s been a good day.


                              Assassin Training: W3D4 High Burn/HIIT - Cardio Queen Level III

                              90 Day of Action Day 18 Circuit Level I
                              30 Days of Fitness: 18/30
                              Get to Bed on Time: 1/30

                              I did my 90 DOA first today and I immediately realized how I screwed up yesterday. I was so sore from going hard on yesterday's upper body/abs Battle Angel worhout that I didn't have much to put into this one, hence Level I. Additionally, I couldn't really tell if today's Circuit counted as a High Burn, so on the safe side I just chose Cardio Queen because it was very easy for me and my body needed it. On the plus side, this means I can go pretty hard on tomorrow's run.
                              Feeling beat today. Super tired. Baby slept early, and so do I.


                                Assassin Training: W3D5 Rest/Casual
                                5k Week 3 Training 2
                                5.45km 44:28 - 8:09m/km
                                I felt pretty bad the whole run, except toward the end where I had my TWO 8m jogs with a 2m break in between. I’ve finally moved 5km in one session.
                                90 Days of Action Day 19 Endurance Level I
                                30 Days of Fitness: 19/30
                                Get to Bed on Time: 2/30
                                Did my run early this morning and did non-stop housework today. I’m going to bed right after this.