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    Pledge to Support Darebee with me Please


    As a tiny token of my gratitude I pledge to donate $10 monthly from my next pay day forward for as long as I only can afford it and as long as I use the website.

    Thank you Darebee Team you are fantastic. I'm not sure if you can imagine how much of a positive impact you can have on a person's life. I wish I could thank all of you individually for you ideas, articles and workouts of course.

    I'm 38 now and although I attempted exercise (only) few times before, I never knew much about it. So I didn't know where to start and I always lasted for only few weeks exercising every other day or so.
    I often work long hours (overtime) and I cannot really afford gym membership and yet I am now in the best shape of my life 100 days in and with not a single day without exercising. I'm truly enjoying Programs, Challenges and Daily Dares here. I'm motivated to continue but I am also learning how to push myself further.

    I'd ask anyone that Darebee helped to support this free website, it's incredible creators and it's amazing community!

    Please pledge below in a comment section. Thank you.

    Hi there!

    I just pledged myself for a monthly subscription.

    Why? Because Darebee has given me the tools to save my own life.

    I come from a place where I have always felt trapped in my own body. From birth, I was born with lungs that were so genetically messed up that the doctors told me I would be wheelchair-bound my entire life. I spent the first 5 years of my life basically living in a hospital, receiving treatments, surgeries, and getting sick over and over. In that time, when I was around 3, someone stole my childhood from me. And from there, it really began. It was cemented from that moment that my body was not my own. It wasn't my own through 15 years of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of a parent, of further sexual abuse as a preteen, from romantic partners who were all kinds of abusive in my early 20's, to a brutal sexual assault at 22. I have never owned this body. I have only existed in it and been imprisoned by it.

    For the first time in my life, I feel like I have all of the control. It has given me hope, healing, and mental stability that everyone who knows me notices long before they notice the 50 pounds I've lost. I am a different person, and I am reborn thanks to this wonderful community of people. I will never be able to thank anyone at Darebee enough, whether it's the devs or just the people who cheer us on in our check-in threads.

    Me, a woman who was told as a little girl would never be able to walk because her lungs wouldn't handle the strain, is going to be hiking a mountain before her 28th birthday (In April).

    Thank you for what you do.

    Love always ...


      I actually signed up for a monthly pledge a few days after the hack happened, but I'll post here anyway. It's not much, but the funny thing about waiting tables to pay the bills is how intimately aware that even a $2 tip can matter when you're in a pinch and just need to keep the lights on or food in the fridge or make sure the dog gets his medicine. I'd like to give more and one day I will.

      I initially signed up with the idea of maybe losing some weight. While I wasn't necessarily obese in the traditional sense, I was still at my highest and certainly enough to tip the BMI scale which isn't reliable, but still made me panic internally when I realized exactly how young diabetes can develop in some family members of mine... and exactly how close I was to that age now.

      And I'm not at my goal weight, if I'm being honest - and I likely won't be until the end of December or perhaps this January... but I have to say that that isn't really what makes Darebee important or different. Weight loss itself is just a math calculation for many people when they're heavier than they need to be - eat a little less, burn a little more. That doesn't account for the community and the positive sense of support that comes with it. A lot of other online spaces with these kinds of resources that also provide an active, diverse, and encouraging atmosphere aren't also understanding of the kind of people that need to better their health and their lives. That goal isn't and shouldn't be limited to someone that can throw hundreds of dollars at a gym or a personal trainer or a nutritionist or some workout documents. It's this self-awareness coupled with the encouraging, if laid back, attitude that really makes me think that this nebulous space apart from the rest.

      So if I were to vote with my money, I will vote again and again for Darebee, the team, and the Hive itself. You deserve it.


        Alleyana Thank you for sharing your story. How wonderful you have worked hard to regain your body and your power in such dreadful circumstances. Such a shame you had to go through all this but how amazing you have lifted yourself above it all. It must have been extremely challenging to do so. How great for you though to do it all by and out of yourself. Beauty and change always come from within first. Hope you are surrounded by people who appreciate you now. hugs

        ArtBoyo I bet we are all setting and re-setting out goals. We all strive to improve ourselves in here so it does not matter as much what others think but what you think. Try to appreciate every little victory whether it is eating healthier than in previous days or that you are motivated to exercise everyday without a break regardless of what exercises you are doing. Try to compare yourself to yourself from before and no-one else. At the end of the day we are all supporting each other in here but it is up to you how much you are willing to give. And the more you give the more you get. Be strong within yourself, keep motivated and don't give up.