Scorpion King: Nightmare on Elm Street

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    Scorpion King: Nightmare on Elm Street

    You're damn right I used the title of Krueger's for my October's log in thread! This month I'm trying a new routine called Warrior Mode, let's see if this works.

    -Barbell Bench Press (3 x 8-10, 4-6, 12-15)
    -Weighted Dips (3 x 6-8)
    -One Arm Incline Dumbbell Press (2 x 5 per side)
    -SUPER SET Hand Release Push-ups + Bosu Push-ups (2 x 10)
    -Svend Press CLUSTER
    -Cable Crossovers AMRAP

    -Front Squat (3 x 8-10, 4-6, 12-15)
    -Romanian Deadlift (3 x 6-8)
    -3-D Lunges (2 x 5 per side)
    -SUPER SET Step Ups + Adductor Squats (2 x 10)
    -Leg Press CLUSTER
    -Standing Leg Curl AMRAP
    -Standing Calf Raises (1 x failure with body weight)

    -Weighted Pull-ups (3 x 8-10, 4-6, 12-15)
    -Seated Cable Row (3 x 6-8)
    -Kneeling One Arm Pull-down (2 x 5 per side)
    -SUPER SET Straight Arm Pull-down + Renegade Rows (2 x 10)
    -Zeus Rows CLUSTER
    -Hyper Extensions AMRAP

    -Military Press (3 x 8-10, 4-6, 12-15)
    -Dumbbell High Pull (3 x 6-8)
    -Cable Lateral Raises (2 x 5 per side)
    -SUPER SET Dumbbell Push Press + Cable W Raises (2 x 10)
    -Lateral Raises CLUSTER
    -Face-pull AMRAP

    -Close Grip Dumbbell Press (2 x 6)
    -Dumbbell Curl (2 x 6)
    -Reverse Grip Push-down (2 x 15)
    -Reverse Curl (2 x 15)
    -Skull Crusher CLUSTER
    -Hammer Curl CLUSTER
    -SUPER SET Dumbbell Kickbacks + Dumbbell Spider Curl (2 x 10)

    -Landmine 180 (3 x 8-10, 4-6, 12-15)
    -Dragon Flag (3 x 6-8)
    -Get-up Thrusts (2 x 5 per side)
    -SUPER SET Cable Wood Chops + Windshield Wipers (2 x 10)
    -Pikes CLUSTER
    -Banded Punches AMRAP

    DAY ONE 10/7: CHEST

    Warrior mode has begun and the chest day was pretty solid. My chest looks so solid it would make Hannibal Lecter blink for once. Legs tomorrow.

    BARBELL BENCH PRESS: 3 sets 8-10 at 170 lbs, 4-6 at 180 lbs, 12-15 at 145 lbs; watch form and up the second set
    WEIGHT DIPS: 3 sets of 6-8 at 25 lbs; WATCH FORM
    ONE ARM DUMBBELL INCLINE PRESS: 2 sets of 5 per side at 55 lbs; may up this


    SVEND PRESS: Cluster set at 20 lbs
    CABLE CROSSOVERS: 60 seconds AMRAP at 15 lbs


      DAY TWO 10/8: LEGS

      Leg day happened. Tried out some new exercises along with a few old favorites and hopefully this routine will show some good results. Front squat needs some work but I haven't done that since like June so I can't be shocked. 3-D lunges and the super set were particularly interesting, a lot more athletic than what I usually do but I can't complain about them. And the last three exercises burnt me out. I feel as burnt as Freddy Krueger....yes I plan on making Halloween puns all month long. Back tomorrow!

      FRONT SQUAT: 3 sets of 8-10 at 205 lbs, 4-6 at 225 lbs, 12-15 at 155 lbs; watch form
      ROMANIAN DEADLIFT: 3 sets of 6-8 at 155 lbs; may up this
      3-D LUNGES: 2 sets of 5 per side at 30 lbs; may up this

      DUMBBELL STEP-UPS + ADDUCTOR SQUATS: 2 sets of 10 at 50 lbs, body weight for adductor squats; watch form before adding weight

      LEG PRESS: Cluster set at 750 lbs
      STANDING LEG CURL: 60 seconds AMRAP at 50 lbs; OUCH
      STANDING CALF RAISES: 1 set to failure at 205 lbs


        DAY THREE 10/9: BACK

        Ooh back day was pretty solid. I think this day was more successful than leg day or chest day in that I've done these exercises before whereas the other two days had a good number of new stuff. This'll be a fun month I can tell, as fun as every single horror monster crossover and THERE ARE A LOT! Shoulders tomorrow!

        WEIGHTED PULL-UPS: 3 sets of 8-10 at 35 lbs, 4-6 at 45 lbs, 12-15 at 10 lbs; may up the first two sets
        SEATED CABLE ROW: 3 sets of 6-8 at 225 lbs
        KNEELING ONE ARM PULL-DOWN: 2 sets of 5 per side at 90 lbs

        SUPER SET
        STRAIGHT ARM PULL-DOWN + RENEGADE ROWS: 2 sets of 10 at 55 lbs and 25 lbs each

        ZEUS ROWS: Cluster set at 55 lbs; up this
        HYPER EXTENSIONS: 60 seconds AMRAP


          DAY FOUR 10/10: SHOULDERS

          I'm starting to really like this routine. My shoulders right now could probably make even Michael Myers think twice. Arms and Fencing tomorrow!

          MILITARY PRESS: 3 sets of 8-10 at 130 lbs, 4-6 at 145 lbs, 12-15 at 115 lbs; up the first set
          DUMBBELL HIGH PULL: 3 sets of 6-8 at 40 lbs
          CABLE LATERAL RAISES: 2 sets of 5 per side at 20 lbs

          SUPER SET
          DUMBBELL PUSH PRESS + CABLE W RAISES: 2 sets of 10 at 30 lbs and 25 lbs respectively

          DUMBBELL LATERAL RAISES: Cluster set at 25 lbs
          FACE-PULL: 60 second AMRAP at 30 lbs


            DAY FIVE 10/11: ARMS

            Arms day has been conquered, I got some guns now! Or as Ash Williams calls them: boomsticks!!

            CLOSE GRIP DUMBBELL PRESS: 2 sets of 6 at 75 lbs
            DUMBBELL CURL: 2 sets of 6 at 35 lbs
            REVERSE PUSH-DOWN: 2 sets of 15 at 50 lbs
            REVERSE CURL: 2 sets of 15 at 40 lbs
            SKULL CRUSHER: Cluster set at 30 lbs
            HAMMER CURL: Cluster set at 40 lbs

            SUPER SET
            DUMBBELL KICKBACKS + DUMBBELL SPIDER CURL: 2 sets of 10 at 20 lbs