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    D19 15-June-2020:

    D15 of Punches & Squats Challenge
    D01 of Power Up
    D02 of Power Up
    D18 of IronBorn

    I think all the planks in the core strength are putting too much effort on my shoulder.. Even though I love to do planks, I have dropped Core Strength for now..
    Will do that at a latter time when I have strengthened my shoulder and arms a bit more..
    In that direction I have started power-up to first strengthen the tendons..


      16-June-2020: Rest




          D16 of Punches & Squats Challenge
          Rest (more of an inertia of rest from yesterday...)


            D#01 22-June-2020:

            D17&18 of Punches & Squats Challenge
            D21 of IronBorn

            It really is very hard to come back after a break.. the first 2 days there was no other options..
            but after that I had to read 2 small books on motivation and procrastination to again get back to workout.. but the rest was thoroughly enjoyed..
            Anyways its good to be back.. and I hope I don't get too sore tomorrow..
            I think, I am not yet at a level where I can log the continuous days badge..


              D19&20 of Punches & Squats Challenge
              D20 of IronBorn
              D23 of IronBorn

              A lot of motivation today from this discussion.. Hence ended up doing D20 & D23 of IB..
              While doing the V-ups in D20 of IB (the reason I postponed it so long), I realized how ever many times I do it I am not getting better at the form.. the same is with my sit-ups..
              so I posted on helpdesk and got some very great answers from Fremen & Andi64 (this is for my future ref..)

              Today's realization: "Nothing will be complete unless we move, take action and complete the activity in hand.."


                Nice going on Ironborn and June challenge. Keep it up


                  Thank you Amirsh.. I am really happy for coming this far and also for Iron Born being the first DareBee program that I shall be completing (hopefully.. )

                  D21&22 of Punches & Squats Challenge
                  D22 of IronBorn
                  D24 of IronBorn
                  This way of combining the shoulder/legs and chest/back/abs is the idea of Mianevem.. I thank her for that..

                  Come this saturday (27-June), the "100 days of running (HDOR)" program will be starting.. this is the 6th edition and I am doing it 3rd time.. last year I even completed the 100 days continuously..
                  The rules are very simple.. Run/walk daily for minimum 2kms and log it in the HDOR app.. (if run is being tracked using strava.. the HDOR app is automatically updated from strava..)
                  The idea is to give runners a chance to keep them motivated and prepare for the coming marathon season..
                  This generally starts at end of april and ends at end of july... All the major marathons starts somewhere during august..

                  My plan is to add 90 Days of Action to the running event and add Express Tone as an addon..

                  With Express Tone what I want to do is:
                  There are total 5 sets of to failure exercises each day..
                  Perform 1,2,3 sets with lighter Dumbbells, say 5 kg (currently doing IB with 6kg dumbbells)
                  Perform 4,5 sets with heavier Dumbbells, say 10 kg.. This way I will be training both for muscle growth and strength..

                  Either way running and 90DoA will be the main activities which I intend to do 100% the rest is for science and satisfaction..


                    I was confused for a sec here, then I remembered that's indeed how I finished Ironborn to avoid having to carry my dumbbells.

                    That HDOR program is a great idea!


                      Originally posted by Mianevem View Post
                      I was confused for a sec here, then I remembered that's indeed how I finished Ironborn to avoid having to carry my dumbbells.
                      That's how one inspire others here at Darebee.. we are so into our own journey we forget many a times how & where we started.. these logs sure does take us back...
                      I felt reliving my college days reading through your log.. it was good and you have come a long way..
                      That HDOR program is a great idea!
                      Yes.. Yes it is.. The first time I participated was like a couch to 5k for me..

                      D23&24 of Punches & Squats Challenge
                      D25 of IronBorn
                      It being shoulder day.. I didn't want to go ahead of my self at this stage..


                        Thank you for taking the time to read through my log. I'm glad you got some nostalgic feelings out of it.

                        I was thinking about joining that program solely to explain to others why I walk so much. No one bats an eye if I go out for a run, of course, but when I tell people I'd rather walk than take the tram if the destination is only 3 km away, many look at me as if I was an alien. But then I decided this might not be the best reason to join and I should just stop caring about others' opinion on this topic... Maybe next year, if I lose my motivation to run/walk by then.


                          If you want to do the Express Tone program, keep in mind that it is challenging if you really do it to fatigue, if you want to use different weights you should first use the heavier ones and then the lighter ones, if you did the opposite you would arrive unloaded at the most demanding part, is only one My opinion


                            hmm... I am planning to do this just before going to sleep.. which would be 60-90 minutes post dinner..
                            The running and 90 DoA, I would be doing in the morning.. (now way I will be able to do those in the evening with the temperatures here.. its 45-34 C next week..)

                            Yes.. I will keep your suggestion in mind.. if I am not able to do more than 1 rep at the end (being too optimistic here..) I will switch to do it the way you mentioned..
                            My thinking behind the order was, By repeating the exercises at lower load my body will be tired and then one last push with a much heavier load.. to check how the body would respond..
                            Will I be able to develop stronger and defined muscle at the end.. you know the combination of both power and endurance..

                            Anyway, I have already twice went my way and ended up following your suggestion in the end.. I am sure you'll be right this time too..


                              On further thought... This is going to be long..

                              My intention is to reduce weight.. I have to reduce by atleast 10Kg to get into the healthy BMI range.. for 163 cms & currently at 80kg.. I used to vary between 65-70 until 3-4 years back.. when stress and life kicked and weight increased to 90kg.. from there thanks to HDOR I came down to 80 kg.. considering that..
                              I am fine and comfortable currently for day to day life activities, but it's not enough going forward...
                              During the last few months I worked out with dumbbells steadily increasing weight and for the first time in my life felt muscles on me..
                              For the last one month doing IronBorn, I can now actually see definition of muscles..

                              With this, as I am going to start running for (HDOR), I also want to keep the muscle that formed..

                              My idea is to do the workouts in this order..

                              AM: Before Breakfast.. I won't be able to do 90 DoA after running.. (lets just say I won't do it. without going into reasons/excuses..)
                              1. 90 DoA
                              2. Running

                              PM: before bed after dinner.. Until the end of summer.. after that I can may be do these before dinner..
                              3. Express Tone
                              4. Back & Core

                              Now considering a decent amount of cardio is being taken care of in the morning.. Is it okay to even do the weight variation with Xpress tone.. should I go directly with say 8Kg (Progression from 6kg) and take it slow and steady..

                              Or just concentrate on Running, 90 DoA and do something to keep/improve the muscle (this is where Express Tone came in..)
                              I am tagging Redline Andi64 Elektra HellYeah Fremen.. no offense on those who are not tagged.. Any and all suggestions are welcome and much appreciated.. Thanks for your time..
                              And a cake for the effort..


                                First, I haven't done 90DoA and not finished ExTo, so I am more or less guessing what I would do...

                                Second, I am not you and not aware of your capabilities... so in the end you have to decide for yourself...

                                Here are my thoughts....

                                ... I would change ExTo and B&C, cause you might end up having problems with holding the postures of B&C, when your arms or legs are done from ExTo...

                                ... running the morning after weighted leg exercises, would not be possible for me...

                                ... ExTo can be done on very different levels of volume and intensy, maybe you play around with the numbers and see what fits...