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    Happy badge day!


      Thank you DorothyMH , mavie , Fremen , TopNotch , Chaotic , , and Anek . All I can say is thank goodness I'm done with squats for now. It had been tempting to throw it in a number of times but towards the end I just got my butt kicked and so got on with the job. Thank you (you know who you are). The additional motivation and drive I have to train now is fantastic. I feel renewed and constantly wanting to do something. Yesterday was my second worst day for the month with only 19004 steps for the day with me currently averaging over 25000. I just need to be careful I do take on too much again. Or go too hard which is something I do all to regularly. Like yesterday. I am going to take it easy for a week on leg related activities due to a suspected torn calf muscle but it is still game on for upper body. Still chasing beast mode!

      12/10/2021 (Day 207)
      Pulled Pork Day, Face Your Fears Day, Ada Lovelace Day, World Arthritis Day, Physician Assistant Day, Own a Business Day, Old Farmers Day, and the national days of Equitorial Guinea an Spain.

      Seated Mobility workout - Done
      Hand Tendons workout - Done
      Reset Stretch workout - Done
      Slow Burn workout - Done
      Sore Neck workout - Done

      Workout of the Day (11/10/2021): Better Balance - Done
      Back to Basics workout - Done at Level III with Extra Credit


        13/10/2021 (Day 208)
        Emergency Nurses Day, Train Your Brain Day, No Bra Day, Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work & School Day, Pet Obesity Awareness Day, International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction (UN sanctioned)

        Recovery Workout - Done
        Anywhere Abs workout - Done with Extra Credit
        Origami Yoga workout - Done

        AM Gym Session
        6:04 minute Treadmill Walk to warm up
        Exercise of the Day (12/10/2021): 40 Side Bridges - Done
        Beginner Abs workout - Done with Extra Credit
        Dumbbell Arm workout
        5:00 minutes Assault Bike
        10 Hanging Leg Raises
        Upperbody Stretch workout


          Congrats on Baseline, 3,000 Squats 1,000 Pushups Challenge, Daily Squats Challenge, and Pathfinder!


            Thank you stongecat .

            14/10/2021 (Day 209)
            World Standards Day, International Top Spinning Day, World Sight Day

            1.02 km walk on Treadmill to get the heart pumping first thing at work this morning, done in 10:00 minutes
            Exercise of the Day (13/10/2021): 20 Plank Jacks - Done
            Shoulder Stretch workout - Done
            Bellatrix workout - Done at Level III with Extra Credit
            Eye of the Tiger workout - Done at Level III with Extra Credit
            Back Pain Relief (Chair Edition) workout - Done

            AM Gym Session
            5 Minutes Assault Bike warm up
            Back Work workout - Done with Extra Credit
            5 Minutes Assault Bike to maintain heartrate
            Workout of the Day (4/3/2021): Never Give Up - Done at Level III with Extra Credit
            5 Minutes Assault Bike cooldown
            10 Hanging Leg Raises


              15/10/2021 (Day 210 again)
              Chicken Cacciatore Day, White Cane Safety Day, Boss's Day, World Student Day, Global Handwashing Day, International Day of Rural Women (UN sanctioned).

              6:00 minutes Treadmill walk first thing while waiting for my coffee shop to open, for 0.54km
              Exercise of the Day (14/10/2021): 60 Side Leg Extensions - Done
              Workout of the Day (14/10/2021): Easy Does It - Done at Level III with Extra Credit
              Stopgap workout - Done at Level III with Extra Credit

              AM Gym Session
              10 Minutes warm up on Assault Bike
              Workout of the Day (26/3/2021): Friday - Done at Level III with Extra Credit
              The 7-Day Six Pack program: Day 1 - Done. Incidentally its a 8 week program not 7 days. I will resume the other program when my calf has recovered enough to do full leg day with weights.
              Ox workout - Done at Level I with Extra Credit, I stopped because I only had ten minutes left and wanted to do more cardio.
              10:01 minute light job on treadmill to test calf and see if it is ready for more loading. I can feel it but not pulling so I will continue to load it up until back running again.


                How did you like Ox? It is one of my go-to workouts, though I discovered that it is also very similar to Home Upperbody Tone.


                  Yes CaptainCanuck it is a good general go-to workout for upper body. I think I might add to my arsenal of go-to workouts. I wanted a generic upperbody workout to do but maintain my Abs as the primary focus of the workout and this fit the bill nicely.

                  16/10/2021 (Day 211)
                  Sweetest Day, Repair Day, Feral Cat Day, Department Store Day, World Food Day (UN sanctioned), Dictionary Day, Steve Jobs Day, Bridge Day, Liqueur Day (Yes I did my part - Kahlua & Milk with dinner = White Russian for those mixologists out there)

                  Exercise of the Day (15/10/2021): 20 Push-Ups - Done
                  6.94 km walk to Cronulla Beach for coffee and relaxation to watch the surf.
                  The 7-Day Six Pack program: Day 2: Rest Day - Done

                  15 minutes elliptical trainer warm up
                  Caveman workout - Done but no Extra Credit (only have a 10kg sandbag)
                  10 minutes elliptical trainer. Just trying to build up endurance to go for hours on end like my idol

                  Its only been a week or so but I feel there are improvements and everyday I push that little bit harder and am still standing. Speaking of which, its icepack time. The calf is better and I've been giving it a good test run but more ice can't hurt. I am hoping resume some programs next week including Fireheart and after this week off work, back into Shortcut to Size which will be full Barbell Squats.


                    Belated Happy Badge Day! And congrats on your many other accomplishments as well!


                      Oooh, who’s your idol???


                        17/10/2021 (Day 212)

                        Toy Camera Day, Spreadsheet Day, Forgive an Ex Day, Playing Card Collection Day, Mulligan Day, Wear Something Gaudy Day, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (UN sanctioned)

                        Thank you Mamatigerj and DorothyMH that will be a secret for now. She is the Cardio Queen and smashes workouts and I am totally in awe of her.

                        Exercise of the Day (16/0/2021): 2 Minutes Tree Pose - Done
                        2.8km walk until I realised that I had lost my credit card out of my pocket so had to do a light jog back retracing myself in order to find it but no luck. So straight on to the bank to cancel the card. Take a drink of water and head back out again to do the walk I intended.
                        17 km walk to Cronulla Beach and back via Salmon Haul. A beautiful morining out there.

                        And then I decide to break my Intermitent fasting with a pub lunch of four schooners of beer and a big fat chicken schnitzel parmigiana. I just want to sleep now. Lol. I will rest for a bit but I need to finish the rest of the workouts for the day.

                        Okay the day wasn't a complete write off. Afternoon workout happened.
                        The 7-Day Six Pack program: Day 3 Lower Abs - Done
                        Daily Cardio 30-day challenge: Day 8 - Done as restarting challenges and programs
                        Fireheart program: Day 8 - Done at Level III

                        Workout of the Day (30/5/2021): Glow - Done


                          18/10/2021 (Day 213 again)

                          Chocolate Cupcake Day, No Beard Day, Global Dignity Day, Development Language Disorder Awareness Day, Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day.

                          6.04km walk in 55:51 minutes (but no coffee - still on Intermitent Fasting)
                          Exercise of the Day (17/10/2021): 60 Seconds Palm Strikes - Done
                          The 7-Day Six Pack program: Day 4 Rest Day - Done
                          Daily Cardio 30-day challenge: Day 13 - Done. Can still feel the calf pulling when doing high knees so will still be icing it later.
                          Workout of the Day (17/10/2021): Lower Back - Done

                          Platelet donation done
                          Fireheart program: Day 9 - Done at Level III

                          Workout of the Day (8/10/2021): Protector - Done at Level I with Extra Credit as I realised the time and to scoot off to Kung Fu as we're now back

                          Kung Fu assistant instructor (2 hrs) 3 junior classes
                          Kung Fu class (1.5 hours)


                            19/10/2021 (Day 214 again)

                            International Gin & Tonic Day, Evaluate Your Life Day, and the national day of Niue.

                            12.50 km walk to Cronulla and back.

                            The 7-Day Six-Pack program: Day 5 - Done
                            Exercise of the Day (18/10/2021): 40 Plank Hold Arm Raises - Done
                            Workout of the Day (18/10/2021): You've Got to Move it, Move it - Done at Level III with Extra Credit
                            Daily Cardio 30-day challenge: Day 14 - Done
                            Fireheart program: Day 10 - Done at Level III
                            And now my knee is swelling up? Come on, I don't have time for this.

                            Kung Fu assistant instructor for junior class (45 mins)


                              20/10/2021 (Day 215 again)

                              Brandied Fruit Day, International Chef Day, International Sloth Day, Information Overload Day, Suspender's Day, Hagfish Day, Community Media Day,

                              And my right knee resembles a football. Ok, RICE time. Resting it this morning with ice and compression while elevated. But it is on notice. I need to do workouts today so it had better cooperate because I'm already p'd off that I have to miss my morning walk to the beach.

                              Alright knee is not going to stop me (maybe just slow me down a little). Fitness-wise I am heading in the right direction and with motivation from the right source I am making headways. I'd shed a fair bit of weight and gained muscle so don't particularly want to stop now.

                              Fireheart program: Day 11 - Done at Level III
                              Exercise of the Day (19/10/2021): 40 Scissors - Done
                              The 7-Day Six Pack program: Day 6 Lower Abs - Done (albeit modified to cater for knee)


                                Healing thoughts and prayers for your knee!