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    I bid you all peace.
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    Or, if not peace at least some laughs.

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    Core strength and 60 days of cardio and a heap of DD's are done. Plus, I haven't done any weights for a while so I'm going to get after it with Benched.

    Come on, we got to get down!

    Powering through the last exercise sets dumbbell flyes. One of my favorites. 41.5# per arm x10 reps, x4 sets.
    Last edited by Shikari; August 10, 2020, 02:38 AM. Reason: Whew! Muscle fatigue on that last set. Only 6 despite 2 efforts at 7-10. 36 reps is okay with me.


      neilarey , Damer . I am on a quest to do all the daily dares from the first to the present day. I've found lots of great dares up to June 2015, but I can't find June 10, 11, 13, 18, or 21. I've searched different ways using site search, but I just can't find them.

      Is there an overall list somewhere?


        uuupps ..., Shikari it looks like you are missing something really challenging , aren't you? Did you see a new challenge, for Sunday? You may like it, cause you like Push-ups and you are very good in it 😉😇


          Miss_Dada I will give it a go! Why not? Sounds good. I will do most of my archers with my left arm because the right deltoid has a muscle/tendon tear in it. It will be a good challenge!


            Hey! It suddenly occurred to me!! It's August 12 where I am.

            So I thought that's a good reason for a really-difficult-reach-down-deep-and-leave-you-gasping workout under the burning sun of a 93 degree F, 95% humidity day. (34 C for those who don't F)

            So I went inside and laid down until the thought went away. 😁

            Actually, I had other things to do, so I waited until evening for today's ENDORPHIN release session:

            Core strength and 60 days of cardio daily exercises ✓
            Super Strength weight workout ✓ (weight ranged from 26.5 lb per hand for curls to 105# for deadlifts)
            Daily Dares from 2015, 2016, and 2020 ✓

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              Funny weather we're having.​​​​​


                I asked for a mission. And for my sins, I was given one. And when it was over, I'd never want another. --Apocalypse Now

                Come on, lazy bones, it's time to catch up --
                -- what shall we do?
                Why Core strength and 60 days of cardio, Smeagol--
                -- but it hurts us, my preciousssss...
                ​​​​​​*Gollum! Gollum!*

                4 days of each. Tonight. 6 daily dares. While listening to the Metropolitan Opera stream of Tosca. Hardcore HIIT.


                I know little about opera, but it strikes me as though it's one of those things that a grown up should experience in one's life. So, I have been sweating to the very oldies (1880's, I think).

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                ​​​​​No, none of these has anything to do with anything else. 😇


                  Dares and 60 Days and Core strength. I'm getting very predictable. No recent going into parallel dimensions or short stories about pigeon hats or haiku (haikus?).

                  I gotta get my game on. This will take some thought.
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                  Picture by Quint Bucholz, or so I've read


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                      I found the missing daily dares. June 10, 18, and 21, 2015. They aren't on the daily dare threads here in the hive.

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                      Thanks, darebee twitter.


                        LOL, you are on a mission with the Daily Dares. Love it.


                          I feel like I've never seen a daily dare as intense as 600 climbers (since May 2019 anyway). It feels really satisfying that you found them even though I'm not on a mission to do all of them.


                            Thanks mikemck , you were on darebee about that time, weren't you? It seems like the daily dares were very different.

                            Here's one that's a little unusual:

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                            Fill a mug to the brim and do 200 squats. Start over if you spill any.

                            Kind of seems a little harder than 20 fly steps. Who knows really?

                            I agree oneironaut . 600 climbers is rough and to get extra credit, make it climber taps. Then follow that up with balancing a water cup on your arm for five minutes. Say what? Where did that come from??

                            I have got to try these.



                              Looking at this Shikari and thinking how in only 5 years things changed!? These days you do 808 climbers on final day of EVEREST CHALLENGE. Only 208 climbers more But yeah, all together, 30 days makes 8484 climbers , which ....ehm.....would be a bit killing Daily Dare ( a bit 🤣) !!

                              If all Daily Dares would be sorted out into : CARDIO/COMBAT/STRENGTH (upper/lower body)/ ABS/ STRETCHING ..just same as all Darebee Workouts are, it would be great !! neilarey
                              yay...but that would be a lot of work to do,though,to sort it


                                Hey!! Miss_Dada , that is an EXCELLENT idea! A database for DD's!!!

                                Is does seem as though the DD's are getting smaller/lesser over time.

                                June 10, 2015: 600 climbers (or get extra credit by making them climber taps. What?!? 😬).
                                June 4, 2016: 120 climbers (EC in 1 go)
                                Day 20 of Power Cardio (level 6 workout, published in 2017): 300 climbers. *I know, I know, not a DD, but it does show that by 2017, 300 climbers through the day was considered a level 6 activity. Now double it. That's a daily dare from 2015.*
                                August 22, 2020: 40 climbers (EC w/1 go)