Training sessions with a Want-To-Be-Kunoichi

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    Training sessions with a Want-To-Be-Kunoichi

    I decided to create a training log. I was considering making it a weekly training log- haven’t decided yet.. So I tend to workout late at night. Late like anywhere from 11 at night to 2 in the morning. I’m also working to improve my diet as well as drink more water. I have the WORST sugar tooth ever and keeping myself hydrated, well I drink maybe a bottle of water if that. My diet at the moment unfortunately contains a lot of breads and dairy. Every so often I’ll have a week or two were I consume more fruits than usual, typically oranges and watermelon.
    A few of the programs that I’m really interested in:
    • Hero's Journey
    • Fighter’s Codex
    • Age of Pandora
    • 30 days of Yoga (so excited for this)
    I would like to complete a decent amount of the combat workouts, if not all of them, as well as the Katana Week, Bo Week, Dragon Week, and flexibility week. Majority of these won’t come for some time since I have a way to go until I am ready so getting myself adapted is my main goal for these next upcoming months. I plan on moving in four months, so I am interested to see my growth.
    These next 4 months I will complete:
    • 30 Days of HIIT
    • 30 Days of HIIT- with more sets as I can only complete 1-1.5 sets + 30 days of Yoga
    • 30 Days of HIIT Advanced
    • Back and Core + Cardio Go OR Athena’s Playbook; I haven’t decide
    • Also I would like to mention that my scale somehow got broken (I presume my daughter broke it) so I will log my progress by if my clothes size change (M-L in shirts; size 17-18 in pants) and how well my performance improve.
    7/11/19 Day 1
    20 seconds high knees
    20 seconds squats
    20 seconds basic burpees
    1 minute rest between sets. Total sets: 3

    7/12/19 Day 2
    10 seconds plank 10 seconds rest
    20 seconds plank 20 seconds rest
    30 seconds plank 60 seconds rest
    Total Sets: 3
    +8 Sit-ups
    +1 minute punches, jab+cross

    7/13/19 Day 3:
    Decided to have a rest day.
    Made Tomato and Mozzarella salad with lemon baked chicken for dinner.
    Salad recipe:

    Nice, looking forward to seeing you smash your fitness goals.


      Ninja, cool!
      This should be fun:
      Good luck on your goals!


        Kakarot kandy Thank you both I'm going to wait for just a little bit to give that ninja challenge a try.

        Day 3 is complete!!
        Began with a quick warmup.
        Day three of HIIT
        1 minute of:
        High Knees
        Butt Kicks
        Side Leg Raises
        Chest Expansions
        Jumping Jacks
        Raised Arm Circles
        Alt Arm/Leg Raises
        Raised Leg Swings
        Knee-In Extensions

        With a minute rest between each exercise.

        By the time I was doing to arm circles, I could feel my arms burning

        I also completed a round of Epic Arms

        {10 Alt Bicep Curls
        20 Punches
        10 Alt Bicep Curls
        20 Punches
        10 Alt Bicep Curls
        20 Punches
        10 Alt Bicep Curls
        20 Punches
        10 Alt Bicep Curls
        20 Punches}

        Does anyone have any tips for arm locking? I noticed when I do punches and when I was doing Alt Leg/Arm Rises my elbows tended to lock up

        time for bed