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    Training sessions with a Want-To-Be-Kunoichi

    I decided to create a training log. I was considering making it a weekly training log- haven’t decided yet.. So I tend to workout late at night. Late like anywhere from 11 at night to 2 in the morning. I’m also working to improve my diet as well as drink more water. I have the WORST sugar tooth ever and keeping myself hydrated, well I drink maybe a bottle of water if that. My diet at the moment unfortunately contains a lot of breads and dairy. Every so often I’ll have a week or two were I consume more fruits than usual, typically oranges and watermelon.
    A few of the programs that I’m really interested in: [LIST][*]Hero's Journey[*]Fighter’s Codex[*]Age of Pandora[*]30 days of Yoga (so excited for this) [/LIST]I would like to complete a decent amount of the combat workouts, if not all of them, as well as the Katana Week, Bo Week, Dragon Week, and flexibility week. Majority of these won’t come for some time since I have a way to go until I am ready so getting myself adapted is my main goal for these next upcoming months. I plan on moving in four months, so I am interested to see my growth.
    These next 4 months I will complete:[LIST][*]30 Days of HIIT [*]30 Days of HIIT- with more sets as I can only complete 1-1.5 sets + 30 days of Yoga[*]30 Days of HIIT Advanced[*]Back and Core + Cardio Go OR Athena’s Playbook; I haven’t decide[/LIST][LIST][*]Also I would like to mention that my scale somehow got broken (I presume my daughter broke it) so I will log my progress by if my clothes size change (M-L in shirts; size 17-18 in pants) and how well my performance improve.[/LIST]7/11/19 Day 1
    20 seconds high knees
    20 seconds squats
    20 seconds basic burpees
    1 minute rest between sets. Total sets: 3

    7/12/19 Day 2
    10 seconds plank 10 seconds rest
    20 seconds plank 20 seconds rest
    30 seconds plank 60 seconds rest
    Total Sets: 3
    +8 Sit-ups
    +1 minute punches, jab+cross

    7/13/19 Day 3:
    Decided to have a rest day.
    Made Tomato and Mozzarella salad with lemon baked chicken for dinner.
    Salad recipe:

    Nice, looking forward to seeing you smash your fitness goals.


      Ninja, cool!
      This should be fun:
      Good luck on your goals!


        Kakarot kandy Thank you both I'm going to wait for just a little bit to give that ninja challenge a try.

        Day 3 is complete!!
        Began with a quick warmup.
        Day three of HIIT
        1 minute of:
        High Knees
        Butt Kicks
        Side Leg Raises
        Chest Expansions
        Jumping Jacks
        Raised Arm Circles
        Alt Arm/Leg Raises
        Raised Leg Swings
        Knee-In Extensions

        With a minute rest between each exercise.

        By the time I was doing to arm circles, I could feel my arms burning

        I also completed a round of Epic Arms

        {10 Alt Bicep Curls
        20 Punches
        10 Alt Bicep Curls
        20 Punches
        10 Alt Bicep Curls
        20 Punches
        10 Alt Bicep Curls
        20 Punches
        10 Alt Bicep Curls
        20 Punches}

        Does anyone have any tips for arm locking? I noticed when I do punches and when I was doing Alt Leg/Arm Rises my elbows tended to lock up

        time for bed


          Burpees where the exercise for today's Day 4 of HIIT

          I completed the 3 sets however I'm not good at basic burpees so I could only manage a couple per set

          Didn't really have the energy or the motivation to workout however I finally pushed myself through it and did 2 sets of Brutes: Arms and Back workout.
          One of the things I've noticed is that I find strength training with weights easier than cardio-based workouts...At least when it regards bicep curls X) It's easier to push myself to go longer

          Just finished day 5 of the 30 Days of HIIT, completing a full 3 sets.
          I've been watching Naruto while I workout and it distracts me a little bit from thinking too much about it. I will update tonight if I do anymore exercises

          Thank you to everyone who saw my post-Demotivated...Help! Everyone's advise really helped me and pushed me out of my mindset last night.

          This is going to be a tough road but for once I don't want to quit!
          I want to do this. I need to do this.


            Good job XxXKiarraXxX for keeping to the workout. I don't know how you can watch TV and workout, I'd stop and keep watching TV.


              Hey there! Just wanted to say that it's great you pushed through on stuff even if you didn't want to do it anyway.

              But also, I wish I could watch anime while working out. Technically there are two TVs in the mini gym I can use, but uh... even if there was a channel that showed anime reliably at the times I go (there isn't), I'm pretty sure they've made it so we can't change the channels. :<

              So I shall live vicariously thru you from afar.


                I usually watch videos on my laptop so If I am doing push-ups or planks its easier to watch.
                I just realized actually I've been participating for a week now on Darebee Six days of workouts with a rest day. I've also noticed I haven't been eating nearly as much sugar
                Maybe it's just me but I feel like I've already noticed a difference in my appearance. It hasn't been much yet but I am happy that I am a week in.


                  XxXKiarraXxX Welcome to the hive! Awesome goals you've set yourself I look forward to those badges


                    That's a great start you managed there! Good job!


                      Congrats on your one week! You're doing really well!

                      I'm pretty sure once we start putting in effort every day, we become more inclined to slowly stop having little things that are bad for us, like sugar or coffee depending on your vice.

                      And it probably helps that you workout at home, then! I usually will either blast music or listen to D&D podcasts myself anyway so my geekiness certainly isn't shy regardless, just restrained by limitations.


                        Guys, I feel pumped today!
                        Has anyone else tried the 30 days of Yoga yet?? I just completed day one, I've never done yoga before. whoo *wipes sweat* definitely takes concentration and breathing control. But I really enjoyed it.

                        Todays HIIT consisted of 10 seconds of high knees- 10 seconds of rest, 20 seconds high knees- 20 seconds rest and 30 seconds of high knees with a minute rest. I completed three sets
                        I also completed day one of the Knees push up challenge as well as a set of the Sucker Punch Workout.
                        I felt like the past couple days I haven't sweated nearly as much as I did the few days I worked out and it hasn't felt right. So today I wanted to sweat the fat away.

                        Work was rough, I stayed an extra hour and a half past my shift because it was happy hour and man it was busy. I was throwing the drinks out to the customers though haha- my speed has improved at work.
                        @Mianevem, You had mentioned in my other post "I just focus on the movement itself" believe it or not I realized today that that is what I did! I didn't think about anything except making my drinks and the steps to make them and I didn't falter. I tend to get overwhelmed when I am busy. Now I just need to learn to apply the same concept to my exercises!

                        Yesterday I did an additional set of 30 bicep curls with each arm.

                        Anywho that's it for my log today. Have a great night everyone I will be back tomorrow... probably...


                          I'm pretty sure I overdid my exercises yesterday since today I woke up and my legs were definitely sore. I actually had a hard time falling asleep last night because of that. *cue the coffee*
                          So I began with Day 2 of Yoga. My fiance says I should really start stretching before I exercise so I figured I could use yoga for my stretching and/or warm-up. I need to invest in a yoga mat. I have hard wood flooring and it hurts my hands
                          Day 7 of HIIT.
                          3 sets of :
                          15-second crunches
                          15 seconds reverse crunches
                          15 seconds flutter kicks
                          15 seconds scissor kicks

                          I held knee push up position for 20 seconds (day 2 of Knee-Push-Ups Challenge).

                          I did a set of the Maze workout as well.
                          4 squats
                          20 punches
                          4 squats
                          20 punches
                          20 front kicks
                          20 punches
                          4 Knee strikes
                          20 Punches
                          4 Knee strikes

                          So I've noticed a change in my upper waist which is giving me a slight boost to go even more.

                          Also, I went to the swap meet today, which if you never been to one it's kinda like a flea market. I bought a Kunai knife, a couple of throwing knives, as well as a pair of nunchucks that screw together to turn into a little Paton.

                          So that was my day, take care everyone and goodnight.


                            Hello, welcome! It's good that you can join us in this journey
                            Hope you find the programs & kit that works for you. This site/community is really helpful.


                              Just wanted to do a quick update. I hope everyone is doing well.
                              So I took a couple of days off and told myself that I needed to do some exercises today or else I was going to stop exercising altogether, which tends to be a regular pattern. I've felt really fatigued and slightly nauseous the past few days and I've been working a lot lately as well.
                              Anywho today, 7/23/19, I completed day 8 and 9 of HIIT as well as day 3 of the Knee Push Up Challenge. I have to go to the store but I might do day 10 of HIIT when I come back or I'm going to Classic Abs Workout + One Brave Girl.

                              Have a good night everyone and take care