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    The List

    Click image for larger version  Name:	TheWorkoutList.png Views:	14 Size:	13.7 KB ID:	586127So I've been involved with DAREBEE (one way or another) for like 3 years now...but I never had my own check-in thread.

    Then I thought to myself why not just make it then?

    But I wanted my thread to have some sort of gimmick, and since my profile picture on here has always been of this character anyway, I thought why not use that?

    In the border between me of now and my fit self of tomorrow lies The List, and I aim to conquer it.

    It lists the challenges I want to do at a given time (unlike the actual The List, they are in no particular order.)

    3 of them are not exactly workout challenges but I think they introduce lifestyle changes that I need in my life. I've already completed IRONBORN once but I want to do it again with increased weights. However I won't start it just yet because I'll be out of weights for a few days so it kind of ruins the point.

    So, what I did today:

    ->Foundation Day 1 Level 3
    ->1st Thing Water Day 1
    ->Daily Dare w/ EC
    ->Water Challenge Day 1
    ->Get to Bed Day 1

    I'll probably only check-in the rest of the days at night, so I don't have to edit everytime.

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	586129

    Scohui Awesome welcome to the check-in! I can't wait to see what happens in your journey The picture is AWESOME!


      Originally posted by BlackButler View Post
      Scohui Awesome welcome to the check-in! I can't wait to see what happens in your journey The picture is AWESOME!
      Thank you! I may have spent a bit too much time putting it together haha


        The picture is AWESOME!


          the pixel art picture is so cool I love when people get creative, I wish you luck


            Alright so first day after the initial post, good that I'm back huh? I have a hard time keeping stuff up but I feel like since this is kind of under public eye I'll feel compelled to show I'm still doing stuff.

            Never the less, today I went for a kart race for 15 minutes, and if you ever done karts you know that's a workout by itself. Yet I won't add it to the list.

            So day 2:
            ->1st Thing Water Day 2
            ->Daily Dare w/ EC
            ->Foundation Day 2 Level 3
            ->Poseidon Workout Level 1
            ->Water Challenge Day 2
            ->Get to Bed Day 2

            Doing that workout to make up for lack of Ironborn was nasty. Naming it Poseidon was right, by the time I was done I was completely drenched.


              Slower day today, feeling kinda sore from yesterday so I took it easy. Water challenge has me going to the bathroom quite often lol. Cleansing the body I guess. Parents also find it odd that I'm going to bed so "early" and waking up "even earlier", even tho I get about 8 hours of sleep. Oh well.

              Day 3:
              ->1st Thing Water Day 3
              ->Daily Dare w/ EC
              ->Foundation Day 3 Level 3
              ->Water Challenge Day 3
              ->Get to Bed Day 3


                Had to make it up taking it easy yesterday. I wasn't initially gonna do Pump and Burn but it turned I had more energy in me so it was not enough (was gonna be w/ EC but I kept being interrupted, making me rest longer. Doesn't matter)

                Was nice taking on Poseidon again, I like to earn my showers.

                Day 4:
                ->1st Thing Water Day 4
                ->Daily Dare w/ EC
                ->Foundation Day 4 Level 3
                ->Pump and Burn Level 1
                ->Poseidon Level 1 w/ EC
                ->Water Challenge Day 4
                ->Get to Bed Day 4


                  I was kinda proud of myself today. After doing Foundation I went to the workout of the day since it looked pretty alright and I had settled for Level 1 w/ EC. I ended up doing Level 3 instead! Managed to convince myself I could do it and hey, I wasn't lying!

                  I did end up with an extra layer of sweat tho. My shorts looked like I had peed myself.

                  Day 5:
                  ->Daily Dare w/ EC
                  ->1st Thing Water Day 5
                  ->Water Challenge Day 5
                  ->Foundation Day 5 Level 3
                  ->Rewired Level 3 w/ EC
                  ->Get to Bed Day 5

                  Tomorrow I will be able to start Ironborn, but I'll also be busy again with studies. Hopefully I can manage my time.


                    Alright, today I have begun Ironborn, so I'll be crossing stuff off the list in 25 days let's go.

                    Today I did not manage to EC the Daily Dare and that was kinda weird. I couldn't understand I was struggling to do the bridge. Oh well I'll get better.

                    Day 6:
                    ->Daily Dare
                    ->1st Thing Water Day 6
                    ->Water Challenge Day 6
                    ->Foundation Day 6 Level 3
                    ->Ironborn Day 1
                    ->Get to Bed Day 6


                      1 week streak!

                      I thought I was gonna lose it because life got in the way and I thought I wasn't gonna be able to workout today but I just moved the workout to the night. It's probably not good to workout kinda right after dinner but my parents leave me no choice with their dumb rule that we all gotta eat at the same time so I couldn't workout before dinner since I got home late. But it's ok I didn't throw up or anything.

                      Also I hate bent flies. Ugh.

                      Day 7:
                      ->Daily Dare w/EC
                      ->1st Thing Water Day 7
                      ->Water Challenge Day 7
                      ->Foundation Day 7 Level 3
                      ->Ironborn Day 2
                      ->Get to Bed Day 7


                        Today was kinda rough on my anxiety, I decided that for once in forever I'd give money to some beggar, he asked me for 20 cents I gave him like 70...and he argued with me. And threatened me.

                        Guess I'll be keeping my money for now on haha.

                        Anyway, workouts.

                        Day 8 (I was very confused rn cuz I mistakenly copypasted Day 6 again onto yesterday's):
                        ->Daily Dare w/EC
                        ->1st Thing Water Day 8
                        ->Water Challenge Day 8
                        ->Foundation Day 8 Level 3
                        ->Ironborn Day 3
                        ->Get to Bed Day 8


                          Today's been a day of studying, pausing, working out and YouTube. Hardly left my room but I still feel I achieved something today. And that's good, I think. Onwards!

                          Day 9:
                          ->Daily Dare w/EC
                          ->1st Thing Water Day 9
                          ->Water Challenge Day 9
                          ->Foundation Day 9 Level 3
                          ->Ironborn Day 4
                          ->Get to Bed Day 9


                            The beggar was arguing that you were being too generous?


                              Originally posted by Hedwiga View Post
                              The beggar was arguing that you were being too generous?
                              No, he said I had not given him enough, that he wanted more. At which point I had regretted giving at all.