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    Day 80.

    Classic warm up.
    Core control day 11.
    inner thighs workout level 1.
    chest and arms challenge day 2, 15 lb weights for renegade rows.
    Back and core day 27
    Total abs can wait for tomorrow, I can't put the weight on the heels of my hands at this point


      Did 7 miles on the bike yesterday.

      today is day 81.

      Classic warmup.
      Core control day 12, 110 side leg lifts.
      Total abs day 10. Level 1.
      Chest and arms day 3. 22 pushups- I know I've done more than that at once in the past but I'm working back up to that- per set.
      Tried to do upper body tendon strength. had to stop at 2:46 due to combo of upper arm pain and sweat in my eyes.
      Back and core day 28.


        Day 82.

        Core control day 12.
        Catalyst workout. Started 20.5 lbs but 30 seconds rest instead of 20. Also took 3 lb off each barbell after set 4 of 1st exercise. Did not notice the 2 min rest between exercises until I had finished the squats... dropped wt to 14.5 after set 2 of the tricep extensions. Start @ lower wt next time. Muscle failure not supposed to happen so early. Did 20.5 for side tilts, tho.

        End results: sweaty, hungry, half my lunch break gone. I am going to do ab stuff and chest + arms challenge LATER.


          Okay, so, I didn't. My fault for using too much weight on an unfamiliar, more intense than usual workout. All the rest of my motivation went away. Oh well.

          today is day 83. So far I have only done 2 things: core control day 14 (120 side leg raises) and climbing the stairs from basement C2 to the elevator machine room on floor 34, no stopping, in 10:01. If there is more later it will be a bonus. Right now my scalp is sweating.

          Eta: I want the dingdang back and core to be over so I did day 29. Are the star side planks some kind of joke? Good lord... anyway I managed some approximation thereof, and just barely of the side knee to elbow things, and was shouting "fools. FOOLS!!!" by the end of it, but hell, I finished day 29 of Back and Core after doing the stairs and such, so there is that.


            Day 84.

            Back and core day 30. I am done.
            Core control challenge. 40 torso twists.
            c2 to 34 in 9:51, no rests no pauses.
            chest and arms challenge day 4, 22 renegade rows 3 sets. 14.5 lbs per barbell for now.

            Office issues intruded at that point. Will worry about abs later if I have time.


              Happy badge day ! Congrats !


                Congratulations on B&C


                  camwynya Massive congrats on your new badge! Very well deserved

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                    Day 85.

                    Wanted to do more weight work today, holding off on stairs until tomorrow.

                    classic warm up.
                    Core control challenge day 16, 130 side leg raises.
                    chest and arms challenge day 5. 3 sets of what turned out to be 25 pushups each.
                    Power 20. Used 22.5 for most, 10 for the delt raises. Bicep curl 9 of set 3 was near failure, i guess due to pushups. Tough completing set 2 of upright rows, too. Managed, though, and also the third set...

                    almost cried looking at total abs. Need to eat. Will try to make myself do day 11 of that later, but I really feel good about the pushups and power 20 today.


                      Hey! You did Power 20 too!


                        Originally posted by Louve rose View Post
                        Hey! You did Power 20 too!
                        It feels like more of a proper workout than a lot of the other upper body stuff I'd been doing. I'm not looking forward to upgrading the weights involved, but it's weirdly satisfying to do.


                          I have to say that Power 20 is my favourite workout.


                            Doing a fundraiser stair climb tomorrow. Taking it relatively easy today in preparation.

                            Today is day 86.

                            Did core control day 17 this morning.

                            Classic warm up.

                            Total abs day 11. Level 1 due to having to stop after set 3 of 12 reps to handle work stuff. This was even less fun than I had anticipated thanks to stupid stupid menstrual cycle.
                            upper body tendon strength.

                            Will attempt to do chest and arms challenge before leacing today. It's too likely that work will come up again for me to be willing to continue atm.


                              Good Luck tomorrow


                                Originally posted by Amirsh View Post
                                Good Luck tomorrow

                                Add the chest and arms challenge, 24 renegade rows 3 sets 15.5 lbs (7 kg) to the workout roster for today- the office is closing early and I got to do them.