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    I have that “sewing a little each day” on my 2022 goals, as well. It helps with my anxiety I am not working on anything as useful as exercise gear, tho, or any actual clothing….just quilt making


      I've never actually done quilt making. I went from sewing multi-layer masks to clothing, with the occasional sidestep into sewing fishtail-shaped bags for my nine-year-old nieces or an oven mitt. Not sure I'd have the patience for working up a quilt. i got the thong and the low rise briefs done; today I'll be working on other briefs later since my pattern comes with like three different rise heights and an optional waistband piece.

      Exercise-wise, January 20 was day 1085, although I only did day 25 of Punch Out! - 460 punches. Both the 19th and the 20th were flossing days, so I"m up to day 20 of Thirty Days of Floss.
      Today is day 1086 of the streak.

      Classic warm up
      Punch Out! Day 26, 460 overhead punches in 4 sets total
      10,000 Punches day 26- ten floor pushups, 580 punches
      Captain workout, but done at cardio intensity rather than full HIIT; each set was 25 sec rather than 30; 60 seconds or less between rounds. Level 1. Not sure if this counts as extra credit or not.
      Stopwatch was a bit short of my desired goal so I did side jacks until I hit 30 minutes, 30 seconds of hard breathing/sweat intensity exercise; that's day 3 for the week.
      Will floss later and count it then; ETA: thirty days of flossing day 21


        January 22 was day 1087. It was a token day of 100 punches, but I did it, and it was also thirty days of floss day 22.
        January 23 was day 1088. I got up to 291 overhead punches (I was working on Punch Out!) when I got interrupted. At least I got that much done. Also did flossing day 23.


          Today is day 1089.

          Classic warm up
          Modded Peach workout. 3 sets of each exercise, 20 reps per leg each set for the leg extensions, leg swings, side extensions; 3 sets of clamshells, 20 reps on each side in each set; 3 sets of lying side leg lifts, 20 reps per leg per lift; 3 sets 20 V leg extensions; no glute flexes; 10-15 seconds rest between each set, with EC
          Punch Out! day 27, 480 punches, not sure why I thought they were supposed to be overheads when I tried to do them yesterday, but oh well
          10,000 Punches day 27, 600 punches + 15 floor pushups

          Total non-warmup heavy breathing/sweating workout time was 33:30, so that's day 1 for the week
          Will edit when I floss tonight. ETA: thirty days of floss day 24


            Today is day 1090. Note to self: high rise briefs don't work with this pair of workout leggings/tights. Low rise or workout thong only. Next pair of tights should be made with a higher waistband.


            Classic warm up
            Punch Out! Day 28, 480 overhead punches in 4 sets
            10,000 Punches day 28- 5 floor pushups, 100 punches
            Goliath workout, 15 lbs per hand except for lat raises, which were 10 lbs per hand, so no EC (although I did a max of 30 sec rest between sets FWIW)
            Orientation Day workout, level 2

            Total hard breathing/sweat time after warmup: 30 minutes 15 seconds, so that's day 2 for the week
            will edit after tonight's flossing - ETA: thirty days of floss. Day 25.


              Today is day 1091. Currently on the exhausted and not-feeling-the-greatest side. I may or may not hit the full 20 minutes, but I do intend to at least get my challenges out of the way.

              Classic warm up
              Punch Out! day 29, 500 punches
              10,000 Punches day 29 - 10 floor pushups, 640 punches
              Booty Builder workout, with EC. Also I should have changed into my tights or workout shorts because the pyjama pants I was wearing split down the back during the wide squats. Oh well, I was planning on tracing these to replicate them in flannel anyway. I can see if they're reparable or I can take them apart and use them for templates, either one.

              24:40 hard breathing/sweat time after the warmup, that's day 3 for the week
              ETA: thirty days of floss, day 26


                Today is day 1092.Yesterday's pyjama trousers rip was along the side of the center back seam, just to the right of the stitches, rather than the stitches popping and coming open. I may be able to repair that if I use a strip of flannel, but first I'm going to take the closest clone that I can of the fabric pieces involved without taking them apart. If the fabric ripped, I don't know how well it'll hold up to patching. Something new may be called for. As soon as I finish the current project I can start with the pattern paper.

                That being said. Like I said, day 1092.

                Classic warm up
                Started the Punch Out! challenge, got as far as 125 overhead punches and 1 minute 20 seconds, then got interrupted by work
                Opted to restart Punch Out! from scratch, also to restart my timer
                Punch Out! day 30, 500 overhead punches. This challenge is complete.
                10,000 Punches, day 30, 20 floor pushups, 700 punches. This challenge is complete.
                Captain workout, level 1, at what I think was HIIT intensity or as close as I've gotten to HIIT intensity yet; 25 seconds rather than 20 per exercise, just in case; 30 seconds rest between sets, so that's EC

                31:15 total from start of second Punch Out! to end of Captain so that's day 4 for the week


                  Todau, Jamuary 28, was day 1093. Rest day. 100 punches before bed, and day 28 of flossing (did it yesterday before bed, too, just didn't note it down then).


                    Saturday, January 29th, was day 1094. 3 sets 15 wall pushups before bed; day 29 of flossing.
                    Sunday, January 30th, was day 1095. 120 punches in the bathroom before bed. Day 30 of flossing. Challenge done, starting over so that I have something to compel me to keep up with the damn floss.
                    Today is day 1096. I had a few pieces of beef jerky earlier, which resulted in me getting day 1 of thirty days of floss done early.
                    Classic warm up, slightly abbreviated due to arrival of cat
                    Captain On Deck workout, level 3, with EC
                    Modded Peach workout. 3 sets of each exercise, 20 reps per leg each set for the leg extensions, leg swings, side extensions; 3 sets of clamshells, 20 reps on each side in each set; 3 sets of lying side leg lifts, 20 reps per leg per lift; 3 sets 20 V leg extensions; no glute flexes; 10-15 seconds rest between each set, with EC

                    24:13 so that's 1 for the week


                      Tuesday, February 1st, was day 1097. Game On workout, level 1; thirty days of floss, day 2.


                        Today is day 1098.

                        Classic warm up
                        Easy Cardio challenge day 1
                        Started doing 100 pushups workout, realized I wasn't ready to do that one all the way through once, let alone five times
                        Was doing Roamer workout with EC, but got as far as finishing set 4 and then got called upon for tech support at work; stopped the clock at 11:09 minutes of hard exercise (I was doubling the number of each set in Roamer to make it have a little more impact)
                        Will edit this later to reflect flossing and/or any other workouts I may do
                        EDIT: no other workouts, but thirty days of floss, day 3


                          February 3 was day 1099. Unfortunately I did not get to do Easy Cardio then, it was a mess of a day. I did, however, get my flossing done so that's day 4 of that one.

                          Today is day 1100 of the streak.

                          Classic warm up
                          Easy Cardio day 2
                          Captain workout. Only level 1, and only at cardio intensity rather than full HIIT, but I extended each exercise to 30 seconds instead of 20, and I only rested 30 seconds between completed sets of exercises.
                          Epic Arms workout, unmodded, using 15 lb weights in each hand
                          22:32 total non-warmup workout time, so that's 2 for the week

                          on the sewing front, since 1/19/22 I have completed:
                          two Greenstyle no-show thongs
                          one Greenstyle low-rise no-show briefs
                          one Greenstyle mid-rise no-show briefs with waistband added
                          one Greenstyle high-rise no-show briefs (note: this feels like it'll stay in place when you put it on, but unless you're wearing a unitard or something, this cut isn't worth it; it doesn't react well to a lower pants waistline)
                          one Seamwork 'Florence' lounge bra with optional channeling and underwires
                          pattern drawn up to clone the pair of PJ pants I tore doing wide lunges
                          flannel cut, pinned, and mostly sewn for the clone pants; still got to install the cuffs, elastic waistband, and drawstring


                            Good work with the sewing


                              Gracias. I completed the pajama pants yesterday and started on cutting fabric for a new pair of underthings, then changed my mind; I have a new tunic in the works now instead.

                              Forgot to edit it in but on Feb. 4 I flossed, too.
                              Yesterday, Feb. 5, was day 1101. Merlin workout level 1 with EC. Thirty days of floss day 6.
                              today was day 1102. 200 punches. Started the easy cardio for the day, got interrupted after round 1. Will try again tomorrow. Flossing day 7.


                                Today is day 1103.

                                Classic warm up
                                Easy Cardio day 3
                                No Mercy workout, level 2, with EC (would have done level 3 but left hip started hurting)
                                Merlin workout, level 1, with EC

                                total post-warmup heavy breathing/sweat workout time,22:35, one for the week
                                eta: thirty days of floss, day 8