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    Day 71.

    Upper body tendon, with EC
    calves of steel day 24
    Total abs day 3, level 3
    Put my shorts on right way round
    Climbed from c2 basement to floor 28 in 7:55
    a few parts of graceling but my calves started protesting so I laid off, I figure climbing the stairs covered a good bit of leg work/cardio and I don't want to wake upntomorrow with plantar type foot pain again
    back and core day 21

    Sweating like a racehorse


      Climbed from c2 basement to floor 28 in 7:55
      That's a lot of floors


        Originally posted by Amirsh View Post
        That's a lot of floors
        Yeah, I've been doing stair climbs for a while now- I'm getting ready for a fundraiser event that'll involve climbing forty floors. This building only has floors C2, C1, and 1-34, but C2-34 is enough floors for practice distance.

        The people who always leave me staring at the big stair climb fundraiser events I've participated in are the firefighters. They climb in their gear, boots included. It's around sixty to eighty pounds of stuff, and they're not allowed to use the oxygen tanks they're carrying on their backs; they still make it to the top with times comparable to reasonably fast un-burdened climbers. I think the fastest one I saw was in New York City; he went from floor 3 to floor 69 of Rockefeller Center in something like fourteen minutes.

        I'd say I want to do the Empire State Building Run-Up one day, but honestly, I don't run when I'm doing these things. I'd wind up with legs that might as well be made out of lead if I tried. I just walk.

        Having said that, I'm going to be doing ab stuff at lunch, but as of this morning I've so far done:

        Calves of steel day 25: 180 calf raises in total, mostly done on the train with a few sets done after I reached the office
        Core control challenge day 2 and 3- I decided to start this one yesterday after I'd already updated this thread, and today I just wanted to get caught up, so yesterday was 40 torso twists while today was 60 side leg raises followed by 40 torso twists
        Upper body tendon strength: this one would be with extra credit except that someone needed assistance when I was at around minute 5, so I had to stop, go help, and then come back; I started over from 30 seconds of bicep extensions


          That's amazing, you and the firefighters. That's way too much for my knees. I think buildings should have climbing ropes for ppl like me who can't do so many stairs but don't want to use the elevator.


            Plus slides, maybe. Spiral slides for every few floors. Walking down 28 flights of stairs can cause surprising calf and heel pain.

            Today is day 72 of my streak. In addition to my earlier post I've now done:

            total abs, day 4, level III
            Back and core, day 22
            epic arms, 20.5 lbs per arm


              Plus slides, maybe. Spiral slides for every few floors
              oh yes


                Day 73.

                Calves of steel day 26.
                Pause to pet the cat before further exercise.
                Rssistance band stretching of the ball of the foot, first right, then left, then right again for plantar
                core control challenge day 4: 70 side leg lifts
                Brute leg day, 15 lbs per hand. So that's EC, I guess. One legged deadlifts are harder than I remember balance-wise even if I feel like a drinkybird toy doing them.

                pause to feed the cat.

                Total abs day 5. Only did level 1 as Brute left me just wanting to finish up for the day.
                i have no desire to do yoga today so back and core can wait until later or tomorrow. I think I may hvae covered a lot of that with the other work anyway.


                  Walked 1.79 miles home from train station at 3.5-5 mph
                  Core control day 5: 40 torso twists
                  Upper body tendon strength workout
                  Back and core day 23

                  Today is day 74 of continous streak. Working on calves of steel throughout day.

                  Eta: finished calves of steel day 27.


                    Day 75. Still dealing with some DOMS from the Brute workout. Will be more careful in future.

                    Did the Calves of Steel Day 28 this morning.

                    Classic warm up.
                    Core control day 6: 80 side leg raises.
                    back and biceps workout. 20.5 lbs per barbell for most. 14.5 lb for shoulder presses as it has been a long time since I last did those. So.. almost EC.
                    total abs day 6: the plankening. Did these at level 3, 30 sec each.
                    back and core day 24: MOAR PLANKENING. Not sure whether plank days are harder on my abs or my mat.


                      Day 76. Had to pick up supplies for jewelry business and groceries at lunch, so:

                      Core Control Challenge day 7:40 torso twists
                      Calves of Steel Challenge day 29: 200 calf raises, done in bursts of 20 every few minutes
                      1 mile out to stores at lunch on a bike, 1 mile back
                      Back and Core day 25: balance and coordination
                      Upper Body Tendon Strength , with EC

                      I may be able to get Total Abs in before going home tonight. I may not. We'll see.

                      edit: total abs day 7, level 2, but I had to bend my knees to have room to do windshield wiperlike exercises.


                        Day 77.

                        Calves of Steel day 30 done around 10 AM. This challenge is finished.

                        Classic warm up.

                        Core Control Challenge day 8: 90 side leg raises.
                        The Gainer. Started w farmer's walk, then calf raises, then deadlifts; used 30.5 lbs per arm for those. Changing weight plates takes up time that I don't always have. I prefer to get the high weight exercises done first so that all I have to do next is drop a plate and lock the collar back on. 20.5 lbs per arm for lunges, sets 1 and 2 of arnold presses, upright rows. Left shoulder got to muscle failure somewhere around arnold press rep 7 of set 2 after having struggled on set 1, so the third round of arnold presses was done w 10 lb dumbbells. At least I completed set 2, if very slowly and with much noise, and did set 3 after them. (And with 60 seconds rest time between exercises, too.)

                        total abs, day 8, level 3.
                        back and core, day 26.


                          congrats on calves of steel


                            Nice work on your challenge


                              Day 78.

                              core control day 9
                              upper body tendon strength with EC
                              1 mile on a bike at lunch
                              .5 mile walk while birdwatching

                              Came home from work early or I would have done more


                                Day 79.

                                Core control challenge day 10, 100 side leg raises.
                                total abs day 9, level 3: 260 flutter kicks.

                                Abbreviated warm up.

                                power20 workout. Started with (10+5+3+3.5+1) per arm. 22.5 each, then. Not sure about the tricep extensions- 3 sets of 5 left, 5 right? I did that. Used 10 lb weights for the deltoid raises. I am familiar with my own weaknesses. 10 is a LOT for me on those. Back to 22.5 for shrugs (could have used 10 more lbs, didn't have time to change plates) and upright rows. Definitely hit my limit around rep 8 of set 3 on the rows. Managed last 2 anyway. Will continue w 22.5 for now. Not sure if I merit EC given the delt raises but oh well.
                                because I am a lunatic I started chest and arms challenge. 'To failure' turned out to be 20 after the Power 20 workout, so ok, three sets of 20 pushups today. More next time, I barely made it thru the last set anyway.
                                Back and core day 27 proceeded as far as 15 seconds into side plank 1. My arm... I will do day 27 tomorrow and keep going.