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    The new and improved Esther

    Today I started on my Hero's Journey. I've got my first 100 points in my pocket

    Today is also my 39th consecutive workout day.
    A few months ago I wouldn't have imagined I would do something like this, that I would workout so often, and what's more, so enthousiastically and persistently.
    I used to give up a lot, more often than not before I even started. I feel it's still a bit of a habit to give up, but these Darebee programs have awakened in me some sort of flame of going for it. Sometimes I fall back, I feel I want to give up. Gladly my partner Eli helps me to keep going and push through in those moments. And ever more often I'm able to snap out of it by myself and push through in stead of giving up.
    The new and improved Esther, I like it

    I’m proud of you, my love


      EstherS Welcome to the Hive! I'm guessing you and elitw are partners? If so that is awesome that you 2 are journeying together, so beautiful Heroes Journey is a fun program, you'll love it. Good luck and look forward to seeing both of your journeys


        Welcome to the Hive! EstherS


          elitw thanks, love

          BlackButler yes, elitw and I are partners. It's awesome to do the Hero's Journey together. I'm looking forward to the rest of the journey, thanks!

          Thanks, neilarey


            Today was day 2 of the Hero's Journey. It was fun fighting on the crossroads :-)
            Score now at 200 points.
            Looking forward to weapons practice tomorrow.

            Also did:
            day 10 of Back&Core
            day 3 of Touch your Toes
            Shoulder stretch
            Daily dare with ec (twice ;-) )
            10x5 push-ups during the day (I'm on 4 full push ups now + 1 knee-push up each time)
            20 minutes meditation (started yesterday again with that, had been too long)


              Day 3 of the Hero's Journey. Weapon practice.
              As you might imagine by my picture and avatar I chose Bow. It felt good to run again, it had been too long ago. And I scored 200 points on top of this good feeling.
              I also did my practice for the Magic ring and the Ribbon, for some good old extra training. So another 150 points added. Totalling now at 550 points. Nice

              Also did:
              day 4 of Touch your Toes (almost touched my toes )
              day 11 of Back&Core
              Daily dare with ec
              10x5 knee-push-ups during the day (took a rest day for my push-ups, so my elbow can recover a bit from making weird noises)
              20 minutes meditation (third day in a row )


                Haven't checked in for a few days. Doesn't mean I didn't do anything though.
                Today was an intense training day. Day 6 of the Hero's Journey. Although I was away for a large part of the day, I still managed to do the regular part of day 6 + weapon practice for Bow, Ribbon and Magic Ring.
                Push-ups to failure was one part... I did 31 in total (8, 8, 5, 5, 5). That's way more push-ups than I would have thought I was capable of a few weeks ago, or even this morning for that matter ;-)
                The running felt great, I didn't even mind the rain.

                On top of this I did day 14 of Back&Core, which was quite hard at times, especially the side star plank.
                Also Touch your Toes of course (didn't even come near them today)
                I skipped the daily dare for a change.

                What I did in the past two days:
                day 4&5 of Hero's Journey. I'm really fond of the little red dragon I found.
                day 5&6 of Touch your Toes
                day 12&13 of Back&Core
                Daily dare with ec
                20 minutes meditation

                Total points HJ at the end of day 6: 1200




                    Today we took some rest from the Hero's Journey.
                    I did do day 16 of Back&Core, day 9 of Touch Your Toes and a light cardio to warm up. And my 20 minutes meditation.

                    Yesterday I was very glad I could do one set less in Hero's Journey day 7, because the help I got from the stranger I helped on day 2.
                    I intended to do the extra push-up for the bonus quest, but I soon gave up on that. After the push-ups the day before it proved to be to enthousiastic to add this extra quest.
                    I also did my other trainings yesterday:
                    day 15 of Back&Core
                    day 8 of Touch your Toes
                    10 minutes meditation

                    Total points HJ at the end of day 7: 1300
                    Tomorrow day 8 :-)


                      An early check-in, for me at least. Did I already do all my workouts today? No, hihi, I haven't even started yet.
                      So check-in for the past few days it is...

                      On wednessday (16th) I continued my Hero's Journey with a lot of abs and back excersises. Mostly the abs aren't the problem, it's my back that's the week point and starts hurting with things like crunch kicks and raised leg circles. Still I managed the 3 required sets and earned my 150 points of the day, totalling to 1450.

                      I also did:
                      Touch your Toes

                      On thursday (17th) I did Hero's Journey day 9 and gathered 100 points, coming to a total of 1550. Did I think about going for "clearing the bridge with a single jump"? For just a tiny sec I let my mind wander to that option... but neh, a "single" 200 jumps... a bit too much! So I "cleared the bridge" and apparently scrambled up to the other side... succesfully

                      Also did:
                      Touch your Toes

                      On friday (18th) there was not enough time in the day to combine the extensive 10th day of Hero's Journey with my work appointments, so I "just" did my Back&Core (quite heavy that day), a Cardio light and Touch your Toes. The Back&Core I only managed because of Eli's support. My old self got in the way at first and I gave up, but Eli dragged my butt back in and I did it! It was tough though, because I had burdened my back a lot also during work that day.

                      I also did the Cardio light workout.

                      Yesterday it was time for HJ day 10, exciting and a bit horrifying at the same time. Exciting because of the Bow practice , a bit horrifying because of the push-ups to failure ánd wide push-ups to failure, times 5 . But yes! I managed. Even did the Magic Ring planks directly after all the push-ups (with just the 2 minutes rest).
                      Push-ups per set: 10, 6, 7, 5, 4
                      Wide push-ups per set: 5, 2, 2, 2, 0

                      I also did the Ribbon kicks so in total I gathered 650 points yesterday.

                      Besides this I did:
                      my Back&Core of course, a relatively easy workout today
                      Touch Your Toes (I touched, for a bit)
                      Shoulder stretch

                      HJ total: 2200 points
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                        No honey, I didn’t drag nothing. You draged yourself. I just showed you a mirror, so you could decide which Esther you wanted to choose: old or new. Glad you chose new, though.
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                            Check-in, again

                            Hero's Journey day 11. A moment of choice once more. The first one seemed way too easy. Besides, I didn't feel I was going to die by far. So, 2 or 3... which one? I decided to go for the second choice, because of the jump squats in the third option. Then I saw elitw challenged himself to do nr 3, so I looked again at my choice. I felt my competitive side rising... After a bit of an inner battle I decided to do at least one set of choice 3 and then see which one I would continue.
                            So, what happened? After jumpsquat nr 13 my legs were empty... took a tiny break and then still finished this set. Continued with choice 2 for 5 sets and finished with a set of nr 3, with the jump squats. So... I did level 2 this day, with a bit of the excercises of level 3.

                            Also did:
                            DD + EC
                            Back&Core day 21
                            Touch Your Toes day 14 (didn't touch)

                            HJ points total: 2400


                              Almost forgot to check in again. Doing the workouts has become a daily habit, but I can’t say the same for the check-in yet

                              So here we go, just a short one:
                              Hero’s Journey day 12 - yoga day
                              Touch Your Toes day 15
                              DD +EC
                              Back&Core day 22
                              And additionally, tonight, my dance class :-)

                              HJ total points: 2500