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    Thank you Nancy, Dawn, PSW, and Zastria!

    I enjoyed a short sharp HIIT session last night and did a 5k run this morning.

    In game terms I am currently:

    At the end of Chapter 41, In possession of 2,000 scraps, at Agora Canis and about to travel to the Bridge.

    I've worked out the travel for the next 10 chapters, and I now need to run:

    (18.5km - 5km) + 42.8km = 56.3km to get me to Chapter 50.

    All good fun! Running is lovely at the moment. It is getting light much earlier so it's no problem to be out at 7am. The temperature is just about perfect for me and there's lots to see. I've seen a kingfisher and a little flock of goldfinches recently (my friend tells me there are some tree creepers in a local park, but I'm yet to catch a glimpse of them).

    I'm really enjoying Pandora. I'm doing things at level III, with one exception - sets with push-ups! My old bugbear really hasn't got any better. My legs are really very strong now: I feel like I could do squats all day, but I'd like to work more on upper-body stuff, without injuring my shoulders.

    I have a tendency at times like this to start to think I can do lots of extra things, overloading myself, finding it all too much one day and dropping out for a while.

    So I need to be aware of that as and when I do extra stuff. With that in mind I am probably not going to take on anything too monitored, but I would like to do somemore ad-hoc stuff.

    We'll see.

    I hope everyone is doing OK and staying safe.

    On we go, Bees!



      Hold your horses, you're in for the long run


        Ah, thank you Nancy!

        I'm doing OK. Taking it relatively easily through Age of Pandora II.

        I've done two more 5k runs over the weekend and I am now at:

        Chapter 45, at The Bridge, with 2,000 scraps, and 46.3km to get me to Chapter 50.

        I feel OK. In fact, I feel in quite good shape physically. Everything is a work in progress of course. We had a nice weekend with some gardening and walking and I need to get back into the habit of taking pictures.

        Take care lovely bees, on we go.


          I had a bit of a bad day yesterday. I didn't get much done and did no exercise really. However, I did get my 2nd vaccine dose (Pfizer), which made me a little unwell, but I'm fine now and basically on the way towards full immunity I suppose.

          I hope for a better day today.


            I'm glad you made it through the 2nd dose


              Thank you, Gandhalfit. I'm very lucky really.


                Yay for second dose!




                    You're almost immune!


                      2nd dose!


                        Aw, thank you everyone.

                        I feel a bit guilty in a way. I was diagnosed with a lung condition a few years ago and that is how I ended up on the "clinically extremely vulnerable" or "shielding" list. It's meant I am high priority for vaccination and can get supermarket deliveries. I am very lucky in some ways.

                        I'm not doing so well on Darebeing, or with my mood at the moment.

                        I WILL be doing better soon!

                        Have beautiful days, Bees. x


                          Feel better vibes!


                            Good, guilt free vibes


                              I hope you feel better soon...


                                Hang in there! It’ll get better