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    Congrats on the AoP 1 !


      Congratulations on badge day


        Originally posted by Colin View Post
        (I'm sure I had a post from Redline but it seems to have done! Perhaps I am going mad. . . Thank you, anyway, Redline!)
        I'm seeing stuff missing from yesterday too. I had to input my own log post twice.

        Congratulations on completing the first half of Age of Pandora, Colin!
        (I thought I'd posted that yesterday too, but cannot find it now.)


          Happy Badge Day!


            Colin Rainbow Dragon Yesterday, I didn't see the post about the server move, and I was posting at the time -- 30mins later, two of my posts were gone and all the posts I had liked were unread again. I felt like I fell into some magic hole that brought me back 30mins into the past


              Redline, Louve rose, Rainbow Dragon, CODawn and hello again, sleep_twitch! Thank you all.

              Yes, I lost some posts in the change too, but it looks all perfect and lovely now! Nice to have the Hive back, though I am getting better at various online compulsive behaviours.

              Yesterday I did start out on part II of Pandora. Chapter 31: 1,100 high knees, and a plank/strength circuit that I really enjoyed.

              DD with EC: 50 reverse angels.

              100 punches - BECAUSE PUNCHES!

              5 Australian pull-ups

              All very nice.


                Happy badge day!!!


                  Congratulations on your Pandora badge Colin! It's great to see that you've enjoyed it, especially with all those high knees!


                    Thank you, Hbomb3383! And, thank you, Zastria, it's so lovely to see you back! Yes, I have done many a high knee! My knees are higher than my head I think!

                    I did nothing, yesterday. Well, I did a lot of walking as my brother was in town to watch the Wales v England game. So, I walked into town to meet him, round town, home again, back into town to drop him off to meet his mate, back home, back into town to meet him, to a restaurant, and back home again!

                    Wales won. That meant town looked like a scene from Mad Max, but with more happy people than unhappy.

                    We went and had mung bean curry.

                    Friday, with a gig to go to, I also had a light day, doing my "extras" of the DD with EC, 100 punches

                    BECAUSE PUNCHES!

                    And 5 Australian pull-ups.

                    I'm also quite busy today, so I may struggle to get a full AoP chapter in, but I'll try to do my "extras" again. I've just done some meditation (I didn't meditate yesterday). I am finding it healthier to not think of streaks any more, and I'm just enjoying doing what I'm doing.

                    Have fun my friends...


                      Yesterday I did:

                      5 Australian pull ups
                      200 punches - BECAUSE PUNCHES! (I generally do jab/crosses, but also do a four punch combo (jab, cross, hook, uppercut), sometimes squat or horse stance straight punches and occasionally weighted ones.)

                      DD with EC of 50 alt arm leg raises - very tough!

                      AoP Chapter 32, 15 sets of plank jacks, high knees and plank walk outs, with 100 climbers. Ooff!

                      All is good. On we go!


                        I forgot!

                        I've worked out a sort of weights circuit and did one round of that yesterday. It's 10 reps each of calf raises, bicep curls, bent over rows, shoulder presses, squats, chest presses, and five reps of tricep extensions and lateral raises.

                        I enjoy it!


                          Another good day yesterday!

                          DD with EC: 20 skydiver push-ups. I enjoyed those!

                          One weight circuit.

                          Five Australian pull-ups.

                          200 punches (100 combos, 100 weighted) - BECAUSE PUNCHES!

                          AoP Chapter 33: mainly side to side chops, also some kicks and squats. Level III.

                          On we go.



                            Plan for today:


                              Ah I love it! You are funny!


                                Veeery late Congrats on Pandora part 1 (this one looked most like celebratory march steps )