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    Originally posted by Colin View Post
    Thanks Gandhalfit!

    I have!

    Or rather I have deleted my account, changed the password to something I can't remember, and deleted the email address that is linked to that account.
    Congratulations Colin! You can do this!


      Thank you, Jason! I should say it was all very gentle walking - with a stop for tea, of course!

      And thank you Rainbow. I hope so! So far, so so.... I still waste far too much time looking at twitter without actually having an account or posting. I need to get my blocking sorted out I think.

      Generally things are pretty OK.

      I don't post much about diet (except when I find something nice to cook) but I lost weight at the end of February. I think it's because we were coming up to doing another big shop so there was a lack of butter and cheese and chocolate in the house. I've been vegetarian for a while now, and try to be as plant-based as I can, but I have a real issue around butter and cheese, to the extent where some of the consumption I do is quite bingey. I have wondered if it's a craving caused by some deficiency from my diet, but nothing comes to mind. I do take a vegan omega 3 tablet now, and I'm taking vitamin D and vitamin B (a habbit I got into when I first gave up alcohol). It's not a very serious issue for me, and I am lucky that I haven't had weight or serious diet issues at all in my life, but I would like to do better in this area. My major health issue when I do have medical checks is cholesterol. I've been told that it's probably hereditary rather than a diet issue, but I would like to be more low fat. My father had a mini stroke a few years ago and there is a history in my family of strokes. I've known for years that I have "bad circulation" (to be not very medical) and I feel the cold very much in my extremities.

      This is all something to work on. I am doing grip exercises when I remember.

      On diet I think I do very well, but I am allergic to hazel nuts quite seriously (and to other nuts less so) and it seems at least intolerant of most seeds, which would be good things to be eating to get more fats. I'll continue to look around and see what I can find.

      I'm also doing shoulder and neck rehab exercises, including exercise band things, when I remember, and I've been doing Australian pull-ups when I can.

      I'm quite happy doing all this without logging it, which can be a negative thing for me.

      I'm not doing so well with getting my meditation going properly, but I keep trying.

      Last night was Chapter 35, which I did at somewhere between level I and level II because it was push-ups!

      5k run this morning.

      18/30km run, at my camp on the map.

      And on we go. x


        I have cholesterol issues in my family (well on my mom's side). My dad's side has the blood pressure issues. I am already on meds for bp and I don't want to go on cholesterol meds. I know that certain supplements can help but I am not sure which.


          Thank you Dawn. I will keep my eyes open. I did have some very good advice on low-cholestrol diets somewhere so I'll look that out. But cheese!

          On we go!

          A lovely combat circuit last night. I now recognise these as Muay Thai moves having done a few YouTube lessons in that. Anyway, great fun, done while watching a show about the story of Alright, by Kendrick Lamar, so I had a beat to work with too!

          Chapter 36: at Camp, 18/30km run.

          On we go.


          (I often access Age of Pandora via Google, and every time I do I get this as a result. Not my cup of tea, but one for the Darebee metal heads perhaps?)


            That is an awesome song. Thanks for sharing! A German band by the way.


              Thank you, Twitchy! Yes, I looked them up and found them listed somewhere as: "Epic Melodic Death Metal". Crikey! I think we've had a little chat about metal genres before - I do find them fascinating: sludge doom stoner. . .

              A bit meh/blah here.

              I meant to go for a run this morning, but the weather's a bit grim (stormy) so I stayed in bed. I only did Pandora at Level 1 last night because it was press ups, and I was tired.

              I'm sure things will get better today.

              Just tired I think.


                Completed chapter 39 yesterday afternoon.

                Scrap collecting means I need to add another 6.2km to my running, and I'm already behind, so:

                Now I have:

                23.5km of 30 left to run, and 400 climber taps to do!



                    Mianevem Thank you.

                    I did 200 climber taps yesterday which was worth 6,000 scraps. I need another 4,000 to pay my fee. I'm a little confused by the Pandora system here. Can I just repeat this job and pick up another 6,000 scraps? The other options won't get me over 10k scraps without repeating one of the tasks (600 squats(!!) for example).

                    Anyway, there I am...

                    6,000 scraps and 200 climber taps to do. I'm at Bunker 17.

                    I'm still a bit meh/blah and struggling to get fired up. I didn't run this morning. And I'd miscalculated and I now see I need to run 26.4km!


                    I still have lots of positives! Leeds had a great result against Chelsea (the unpleasant London football club, not the admirable cat!) on Saturday that I enjoyed watching. And we managed to do some walking over the weekend. Unfortunately, the storms did for our new(ish) polytunnel - so now we have a big metal frame to work with. We planted parsnips and broad beans (fava beans I think internationally).

                    I enjoyed seeing Gandhalfit's pictures and am reminded of my promise to take Dr Who related pictures here, which I haven't been able to do yet. That's something to think of for the future.

                    Here's a pleasant picture from the past as a mood lightener.

                    Click image for larger version  Name:	DSC01470.JPG Views:	0 Size:	613.8 KB ID:	775177

                    That's Cardiff Bay. Most of it is too far away to be seen clearly, but the white building with a spire to the right is the Norwegian Church (a cafe now), Cardiff had quite a Norwegian community because of its history as a port, timber came from Norway to make pit props for Welsh mines. Roald Dahl was baptised there. The red brick building with a tower/spire to the left of that is the Pierhead Building, built in quite a typical style for public buildings in Cardiff. The big metalic curve behind that is the roof of the "opera house" or the Wales Millennium Centre officially. The water in the foreground is an enclosed lagoon now (and I'm sitting on the barrage that encloses it to take the picture). You can't see it, but behind that long white tent in front of the Pierhead Building is "Ianto's Shrine" a memorial to fictional Ianto Jones from Torchwood (I never saw the series, but I assume it's where the death scene was filmed too). I'll take a proper picture when I get a chance.

                    I'm off twitter, sort of, but still staring at it for hours every day - the "public discourse" in this country remains a long way from where I would like it to be.

                    We watched an interesting show here called, "The Old People's Home for 4 Year Olds" that tested (in a sort of legitimate scientific way, while filming it) the impact of introducing a group of 4-year-old children to a retirement village. I found it really moving, and it made me think about my own life, my parents, some of my attitudes, and the way we organise our society.

                    Here's a song as well:


                      the picture !


                        Thank you, LR! I am lucky to live in Cardiff, it has a lot going for it.

                        I did 100 climber taps last night, and a 5k run this morning, so:

                        6,000 scraps, 100 climber taps to do, at Bunker 17, with 18.5km left to run.

                        I'll have a look at the next 10 chapters later on today and work out my running schedules for that.

                        Running first thing has such a positive effect on the rest of my day. My injuries have largely cleared up - my thigh strain seems gone, and my shoulders/neck are always doing something annoying but they're not flared up at the moment.

                        On we go!


                          for the injury improvement!


                            Glad for the improvement, dear Welsh Dragon


                              Nice picture!


                                Yay for improvement! ​​​​​​
                                And beautiful picture! 😊