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    Congrats on your 30 day badge! Your sustainable workout plan looks great and is clearly working. Good luck with the willpower challenge!


      Happy 30 days.


        Yes, well done!


          Happy Badge Day!


            Congratulations on your 30 days Colin and on creating a workout plan that is both sustainable and working for you.


              Originally posted by Colin View Post
              My healthy internet is a disaster. I'm currently an active twitter user again.
              I can relate............ I gave up twitter early on in the pandemic because I was totally fixated and couldn't leave it alone.
              Then I rejoined facebook (after being off it for a couple of years) because I wanted to link up with the local Corona Virus support groups - local information etc - then, of course, all the friend requests started................ I've managed to keep that usage pretty low - facebook isn't that useful - I tend to use WhatsApp for family and friends these days.

              But, guess what I transferred to........ You Tube! I now have to check flippin You Tube every five minutes - and we all know that's an absolute warren of rabbit-holes!


                I've had a hard time putting my phone down. Reading helps.


                  Dawn, Rawc, RD, WSMC27, Amirsh, Zastria, TopNotch, Twitchy, and HellYeah!

                  Thank you all so much!

                  Darebee is a shining light in my life at the moment. That sounds rather dramatic, but it's true: it's a big positive in a difficult time and I love each and every person here, I'm sure I would be struggling without the site (without neilarey, Damer and the rest of the team too, of course!)

                  "Current funding status: Very Low." *

                  The internet thing is just there for the moment. I'm working on it, using the willpower book, so I'm sort of observing myself for the moment.

                  Healthy Internet: 8/34 (Tw 15/34)
                  Move: 34/34
                  Meditate 32/34 (20)

                  Yesterday I did:

                  DD with EC: 60 seconds flutter kicks.

                  Ninja Challenge: 2 minutes overhead punches - I certainly showed that low ceiling in the kitchen who's the boss in this house! Ouch! Idiot! Note to self: don't walk around while doing overhead punches!

                  Pushers push ups: I forgot! On catchup today.

                  Epic 5: Day 30: 5 minute wall sit (I meditated during this and managed it all in one attempt! Very pleased). Day 31: 5-minute elbow plank. Not the same. Just over 2 minutes 30 in one hit.

                  I've completed Epic 5 then. I need something new. Express Tone is my most likely option I think as I want to keep the time and effort commitments to something I think I can manage - I'm not 100% sure though, as I'd like something bouncy, and I was enjoying Full Circuit before I took an unscheduled break. I'll finish the Ninja Challenge today too so I'd like to add another challenge.

                  The weather has changed here. It's greay and wet - no bad thing for our garden. I've been for a big shop at the supermarket this morning - it's no fun, but it has to be done, and... well, we have food.

                  Solidarity and love to all and on we go!

                  *Darebee never solicit funds. I completely agree with and respect that decision - Darebee is free to all, and that is one of its strengths, you should feel completely free to use Darebee without charge and make the most of it! But I didn't even know you could donate for a long time, and if you can (without personal pain) then they do say that even a dollar or euro or pound or... helps them out.


                    Darebee is a shining light in my life at the moment. That sounds rather dramatic
                    No it sounds reasonable. Same here

                    Congratulations on Epic 5


                      Well done finishing Epic 5!


                        Congrats on Epic 5!




                            Congrats on Epic Five!

                            For short programs, 30 Days of HIIT is mostly around 10 minutes, the longest days are 18 minutes including rest and would be bouncy! I think it would probably fit with how much effort you're looking for, it's HIIT but it's not excessive because it's short. 30 Days of Yoga is always under 10 minutes but the opposite of bouncy.


                              grats on epic 5!


                                Colin Bravo on Epic 5! (and thank you for being an awesome Bee).