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    Good to have you back and woohoo for five years drug and alcohol free -- that's an awesome achievement!


      Five years is a brilliant achievement Colin I wish you well with the next five! Foundation is a good base to add other stuff on to so it should work well for you.


        I feel Lucky to know you too, dear Welsh Dragon - and wooot for 5 years of sobriety! And to many more to come


          Originally posted by PetiteSheWolf View Post
          I feel Lucky to know you too, dear Welsh Dragon - and wooot for 5 years of sobriety! And to many more to come
          What she said!😉


            Happy 5 years clean!!!


              Congrats on those 5 years, that's a big achievement! I hope that number will keep going up and up.


                Congrats on your 5th new birthday


                  5 years that's huge. keep going


                    Aw, thank you all so much: Amirsh, KYRO, Mianevem, CODawn, Mamatigerj, PetiteSheWolf, Zastria, sleep_twitch!

                    Lovely place to be this Darebee.

                    I didn't quit after one day, but I am trying to have more screen-free days when I can, so I took a day off yesterday to spend time with my partner. We went for a walk, and I got something like sunstroke!

                    But, things have been going well:


                    DD with EC: 40 Bridges

                    Foundation Days 1 and 2: lots of jacks and some leg strength exercises.

                    80 punches

                    Some bedtime/meditative yoga from Ekhart Yoga on YouTube.

                    Push the sky away.


                    Sun salutation (an attempt!)

                    Six mile walk.

                    Foundation Day 3: 300 high knees.

                    80 overhead punches

                    Foundation is a little light for me, so I'm going to be doubling up days as appropriate and I've done what I've done so far with no breaks.

                    I feel very positive at the moment. Keeping that going is the key.

                    I'm interested in getting more yoga in as my flexibility is awful at the moment.

                    I've got some new glasses, which hopefully will help with the headaches I've been getting lately, but I also need to take screen breaks more seriously. I'm interested in doing some eye exercises too. My parents have been doing these for ages. They've always worn glasses, but their sight has stayed very good. There may not be much in it, but I don't think it'll do me any harm.

                    Looking forward to another busy day. x


                      Photo warning. We walked from Kenfig Dunes to Porthcawl. Kenfig Dunes is a very big dune system that's now a nature reserve. We saw - and heard - so many birds, lots of larks, a kestrel, finches, and the wild flowers were amazing. Porthcawl is quite a traditional seaside resort, so we had a traditional ice cream (I need to get on top of my diet again and stop eating sugar!) and walked along the sea front. It was a lovely day, and I ended up quite wind/sun burned.

                      This is the beach at Kenfig, which is massive, and beautiful but almost always nearly deserted. This is looking north across the bay to Swansea (Wales' second city, and birthplace of Dylan Thomas), to the right just out of shot and also over the other side of the bay is the massive steel works at Port Talbot, which makes a dramatic backdrop, though that might contribute somewhat to the beach's undiscovered status. I quite like it, and it's a famous landmark that's been used in films and TV, and was the inspiration for the city in Blade Runner. It's been under threat of closure on and off for years, and it's an important employer in south Wales, so it's of more than visual importance.

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                        Click image for larger version

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                          I love the pictures!!!


                            Beautiful pictures Colin! I've been the other side of Port Talbot to Aberavon beach but didn't realise there was the nature reserve so close, wish I'd had the chance to go! Glad to see you're feeling positive still


                              Really beautiful pictures!


                                thank you, CODawn, Zastria, and NancyTree!

                                We're very lucky in where we live. There are lots of nice, big parks in our city, and that nature reserve was about 40-minutes' drive. I've never been to Aberavon, Zastria, next time we'll walk the other way on the coastal path and take a look at it.

                                I am feeling positive!

                                I want to keep things going. I think I can say that despite my continued disappearances, exercise (in a Darebee style) is now part of my life. I'd like to make it more regular and not have those breaks. But I have to find the right way to do that. I think I can get over-enthusiastic and rather burn myself out. I'm also not quite sure the extent to which lots of targets and logging of things works for me. I'm always trying to establish routines, but perhaps I'm just not someone for whom routines are appropriate and useful. I'll find a way I'm sure!

                                I am trying to make various changes, but for the moment I don't feel all this logging is the way to go, as I get too discouraged if I miss a day and then give up. At the moment I'm trying to drink water first thing in the day. I'm trying to not eat sugar and generally get back to a healthier diet. I'm still vegetarian but haven't been very vegan lately. I'm taking a supplement now and drinking keffir (not vegan of course!) and cider vinegar every day. I'm also trying to walk in bare feet when I can, to build some strength and flexibility.


                                DD with EC: 60 seconds flutter kicks. Yoiks!

                                Punch Out Challenge: 120 overhead punches.

                                Foundation days 4 - 5: tendon exercises, and a big set of jack-style exercises, again done with jumping jacks in for step jacks and no breaks. That's a reall good workout for me at the moment.


                                I did an Ekhart Yoga meditation during the day (this one: - they seem to have started a series of five-minute exercises, perhaps as a recognition that the modern world is killing everyone's attention span! They also have a series of longer meditations and I do recommend them if you like guided and yoga meditations), and a five minute sit.

                                I then did this: "30-minute yin yoga class for inner peace" from Ekhart ( This was too much for me. I got the instructions on breathing slightly wrong and I have such issues with flexibility that the poses were difficult to get comfortable. Following such classes on video is also, I think, not ideal, and I may try to find a way to learn a class and then do it away from a screen (less screen time is my biggest goal if I'm honest), especially as I was doing a lot of messing about with props. This, I should say, is nothing to do with the quality of the class or the instruction, which gave a load of time to get everything in place and gave very good advice on how to make poses comfortable and safe. The final pose was lovely though and the class ended with another meditation.

                                Also 2 minutes' push the sky away.

                                I'm trying to do a bit of yoga every day now, again without the pressure of logging or targets. My flexibility in my hamstrings, thighs, pelvis/hips really needs some work. I'm interested in following a yoga course from a book starting next Monday, but if anyone has any tips on poses/stretches for stiffness then please do chime in! I have done flexibility week and I'll start the Touch Your Toes Challenge again I think. I do remember Rainbow Dragon (who I won't tag as she's not currently on the site very often and I don't want to overload her with notifications if and when she comes back) gave me some very good advice on yoga for this in the past, so I will try to track this down!

                                I also left the house, and walked around 2 - 3 miles on a shopping trip.

                                I have said a lot!

                                Have lovely days my friends. The sun is shining here!