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    Thanks Twitchy, and Zastria! I'm going to be doing the same, Zastria, in fact I've just bought a higher-grade mask that provides some personal protection rather than the lower grade ones that protect other people. Stay safe!

    And thanks Damer - that's nice to know.


      Last night was taiji for 2 1/2 hours. It's quite tough as it's so different from the movement I'm used to doing - long periods of basically standing still, very slow movements, moving while thinking about five different allignments...

      Glad to have done it in any case.

      Thank you for all the support - sending it back to you all.

      On we go! Hiit today.


        A Hiit last night, so I went back to my friends from Solstar, and did this:

        That was relatively easy for me which is a nice mark of progress. There's a nice dog in the video if you like nice dogs.

        I'm due a strength workout today.

        I enjoyed watching the football last night. And that's about it!

        Take care lovely bees and seeyersoon. x
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          The feeling when circuits get easy and you yell:COME ON! IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO?!? (or not, idk would be epic, or perhaps cringe... ) is the best Anyway nice work, have a good day!


            My condolences for the loss of your friend!


              Thank you, Gray Lynx, I appreciate your support as ever!

              And thank you Botenlauben. x It is kind of you.

              Onward and upwards....

              Thursday, strength day with:

              Friday, rest/casual day, a run to the swimming pool and some swimming. I didn't keep track of distances but I ran further than usual so more than 3k, and swam further than usual - my stamina is improving.


              1 1/2 hour taijiquan class

              Muay Thai 90-day challeng workout. Brutal - many variants, knee pushups and the like, but I'm glad to have done it. Oof!

              On we go. Thank you lovely bees.


                On we go, swimming and running


                  Thank you, GF!

                  I finished Saturday with a swim in the sea, which was lovely, and very surfy, and chips (fries) by the sea. It was lovely.

                  Yesterday was a rest day. We went to see my brother and his partner. They are moving house - subject to all the usual technicalities - and it's made me think more about my own life and decisions, probably in a good way.

                  We watched England lose on penalties in the final of the Euros last night.

                  I'm due a Muay Thai workout this morning. I will have to see how I feel as I do feel a bit unwell. Nothing major I don't think. I've also got a shoulder issue so I did some shoulder rehab stuff last night.



                    Feel better, it's probably sea water


                      Thank you, GF! It could be - I did swallow some I'm sure; I also over-ate because of bulgar wheat!

                      I was a day late with my muay thai challenge after having a bad day yesterday. Never mind! Done today. I'm in the final week of the second set in this challenge and they haven't yet uploaded the final one! Oh no! I've loved it, it's been the most challenging thing I've done and it's been really positive for me.

                      Taiji tonight. Hiit tomorrow.

                      On we go. Stay safe everyone. x


                        Nice work on the mt challange, nice to hear you enjoy it keep it up you warrior


                          Thank you Gray Lynx!

                          A tough taiji and qi gong class last night - loooooooooooooong spells holding postures, oof.

                          HIIT this morning. I did this, relatively at random because I wanted something quick and relatively undemanding:

                          It was quite demanding enough thanks! Not lots of push-ups though, and that was my main concern as my shoulders are still in the slightly tender zone.

                          Strength tomorrow.

                          I'm pretty pleased with the way the working out is going at the moment. I would like to get to a place where I have three runs a week established in my routine too. I'm not going to push or pressure on this though as I'm happy to keep the current routine going.

                          Other things are not going so well, but they are there to be worked on. A meditation routine would be good and I've never really got anywhere with that, for whatever reason. Also something I'm not going to pressure on.

                          Everything is OK.

                          On we go. Thank you, Bees. x



                            Friday: rest and casual training day. Another trip to the beach for swimming and what turned out to be quite a lot of walking in very hot weather. Slightly sunburned and washed out after it but we had a beautiful day.

                            Saturday: 1 1/2 hour tai ji class. Tough, again! The final workout of part 2 of the 90-day muay thai challenge - my partner calls this the "swearing workout", which is fair.

                            On to the next part next week. I actually commented on the Montrait Muay Thai (highly recommended, loads of great workouts there) to ask if part 3 was coming and they've told me it'll be up on Sunday. I'm very lucky to get this stuff for free from Canada.

                            Mood is rather jumpy at the moment. But not catastrophic. Quite! A journalist I like, Dawn Foster, died at a very young age (though from complications of a long-term illness about which she wrote) the other day and I was very affected by it - some of you fight find her work interesting, though much of it is very UK specific. I had a few social media interactions with her and she was really a bright, shining person. Unusually (for a UK journalist) she came from a working class background, and, somewhat unusually for a leftist, she was an observant Catholic, and wrote about that too. I will miss reading her.

                            I have a hobby - pouring black coffee grounds on light-coloured carpets - and I did some solid work on that this morning!

                            I see people are sharing what they're reading.

                            I'm trying to read James Ellroy's This Storm but struggling to get going for reasons which I could explain if you fancy a long talk about James Ellroy's work, politics, my reading habbits and attention span.

                            I am more successfully reading: Full Spectrum Resistance by Aric McBray and I highly recommend it. Looking up the title now I see it is available as a free e-book:

                            I read a couple of old Hunter S Thompson pieces last night - they were racist as all hell in a way I don't recall even noticing at the time. I used to read a lot of Thompson. In fact, a lot of my taste was very tied to addiction. I loved Thompson, Bukowski (cliched I know!), and the noir writers I like the best (Chandler, Hammett, Derek Raymond) were also all addicts who made alcohol a central part of their work. Life is change. . .

                            I have a sore throat, but I think this is more to do with swallowing sea water as I work on my swimming than anything more sinister (I have been practising diving through waves). Tooth ache post the dental trip the other week means I have to go back. Bah!

                            But things are OK. I am lucky to be here, lucky to be where I am. Love all Bees!

                            On we go. x


                              Sad what happened to journalist Foster but hey congrats, nearing the finishing line on the challenge, keep it on!


                                I found one of her pieces specifically about her illness:


                                Worth a look for anyone interested - sadly, it was this illness (and related) that reportedly killed Dawn. x