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    Sundance and Brontus Thanks, guys. Really appreciate you being here. And Brontus the apprenticeship thing is basically a monetary issue. In Germany, when you start to work you basically have to train for normally three years at that job. And if you´re sick too often the overseeing commitee thinks you missed too much so you have to do an extra year. Which means another year of severly limited pay. A learned worker in my company get´s paid ~17 bucks an hour. If I would be paid for worked hours I´d get 7, maybe 8 euros. And I actually have to do more than the other guy. So I really don´t want to have to do an extra year.

    I got home early today and started working on my new plan. I think my idea might work, although critique from more experienced members is greatly appreciated. Seriously. I basically just took some workouts that fit my agenda and incorporated them in my "plan"

    Monday: Stay Sane, cardio
    Tuesday: Chest & Back, strength
    Wednesday: Refresh, "rest day"
    Thursday: No Nonsense, cardo
    Friday: Armageddon, strength
    Saturday:Global Warrior, combat
    Sunday: real rest day, 3,5km walk


      Looks like a good plan to me. Alternating strength and cardio days, with a midweek active rest day and a rest day on the weekend.

      I'm not entirely sure how apprenticeships work here in the States, as not all jobs have them, but there is a monetary hierarchy to it as well, so I understand the issue.


        Day 1 with my plan: No Nonsense 5 sets, 60 seconds rest

        That really hit the spot. I feel totally energized, I would have done seven sets but my soles were so sweaty I actively had to avoid slipping. Sometimes I regret not buying sport shoes...

        We got mailed our grades for the theoretical part of the apprenticeship today, because the school didn´t manage to get them ready for last wednesday, our last school day before the 6 weeks of summer holiday. Which means 6 weeks of work. Actually only 4 weeks for me. Two more weeks and then our two weeks company mandated vacation time Anyway, grades. Straight As, top of my class



          Congratulations with your grades. ​

          As Brontus said - it looks like a good plan.

          Looking at the workouts, you have chosen, I can recommend the following two workouts. One is for those days where you need a break from your plan, and the other is an abs workout if you from time to time want to spice up your training with an abs workout.

          One of my favourite workouts at the moment is Zen for those days where I need a rest day and time off from my current training regime.

          I can also recommend rockin' abs if you want to spice up your training plan from time to time with an abs workout. It is not too time-consuming on level 1.​


            Awesome Legolo! Congrats on the grades!


              Day 2

              Well, that didn´t work. I´ve been throwing, catching, carrying and laying pavement stones all day, so my arms are about to fall off. And not the regular square shaped ones. The heavier H-Stones. I even had to pull over while driving home because my arms started to shake from exhaustion and I couldn´t drive straight anymore. Maybe I´ll try again later, but right now I couldn´t even get through half a set...


                Hey that's okay. Pick it up again tomorrow with the next workout in your plan.


                  Week 1: Stay Sane. Lvl 3 with ec. So 7 sets with one minute rest inbetween.

                  This was exhausting. Let´s see if I can stay on this level.


                    Week 1 Day 2: Chest and Back Lite, 5 sets with 1 minute rest

                    I don´t know if my body just isn´t connected to my brain or I´m physically impaired. Today I tripped over myself and twisted my ankle real bad. It hurts like hell, I can´t stand and I can barely limp around. Either the universe is trying to sabotage me or my subconciousness is actively trying to hurt me. Either way, not great. But I will not be defeated by the universe! I will finish this first week and many more after that.


                      Yeah! Defeat that Universe!


                        Week 1 Day 3: Refresh

                        No problem. And I really needed that rest day. My boss sent me and my co-apprentice on a super urgent mission, one hour before closing time. And we had no idea how to do that, because we never did something like that before. So we worked eleven hours instead of our usual 8. It would have been much longer but we called a colleague and he came over on his way back to the firm to help us. Just got home tow hours ago.


                          Healing vibes for your calf and ankle


                            sleep_twitch Thank you. I am feeling somewhat better actually.

                            Week 1 Day 4: No nonsense. 3 Sets, 1 minute rest.

                            I simply couldn´t do more. My soles started to hurt so badly during the second set I had to use my secret weapon to keep me going. Anime theme songs. I may have to find an alternative workout for thursday. Any recommendations?

                            Work was good today. Laying some sandstone plates, redoing our work from last week because my boss didn´t recognise an "overflow sink" in a pond we built. For those who don´t build ponds on a daily basis, it´s where the pond edging is built a bit lower so your whole property doesn´t flood when your pond flows over. We pulled that side a bit higher, so now the customers pond will flood his home now instead of the lawn area. Such an improvement

                            But there is one upside to working at that company. When I finish my apprenticeship in two years I can even work when someone is unwittingly trying to sabotage everything his own company does.


                              The Stopgap workout could maybe be a substitute for No nonsense


                                Week 1 Day 5: Armageddon 3 sets, 1 min rest

                                This one was difficult. The first half really took a toll at my shoulders, but the second half was pretty easy.

                                Weekend! Yay! Just one more week until those two weeks of sweet sweet vacation. And then it´s my birthday again soon. How fast time goes by... My parents are already bugging me about presents and I can only give them the same answer I give them every year. "No idea". I don´t really need much and what I need I already got.