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    Bee135- Here is the plan

    So after years of wanting to lose weight and knowing what I needed to do to get it done; I have finally started the process. I have been working out with my hubby for almost a year doing DDP yoga. I have improved flexibility but no real weight loss. No gain either so that is good but not the improvements I was hoping for. While we did take a week off here or there due to various reasons I know my body and working out alone won't get me results. I need to eat better and more variety of healthy foods. I need to cut out the sodas completely and limit the carbs. After years of taking care of my family and putting myself last; it is time for this momma to start taking better care of herself.
    I decided to start with the Modern Hero's Diet and Athena's Playbook. I will add a daily challenge as well. I still plan on keeping the DDP yoga nightly as my hubby and I enjoy working out together. I am creating this workout log as a place to keep myself accountable.
    Currently, I weight 180 pounds and am 5' 3" tall with a 38-inch waist

    Goals for the next 4 week-
    Meet minimum daily water intake of 60 oz ( 3 of my water bottle I carry)
    Eat 3 healthy meals a day- No snacking
    Work out every day- Darebee in the A.M and Yoga in P.M

    Those are my goals for my body and health. The goal I have for my Mind and spirit for these 4 weeks is

    Read 2 books of my choosing
    5 minutes of deep breathing exercises or meditation before bed.

    While I want to lose weight dropping pounds will never be a goal of mine. I feel the number doesn't matter as long as you are healthy and fit. Obviously, I want to lose some ( realistically like 30- 50 pounds) but if I focus too much on numbers I get discouraged and quickly. So my goals are simply to improve mind and body. The numbers will follow.

    Welcome to the hive! It seems like you're on a good way, you mention that loosing weight is not the primary goal but being healthy and fit. And this approach also helped me to loose a bunch of weight as a very pleasant side effect while getting much fitter
    Enjoy your time in the hive! You will meet a lot of like-minded people here, all warm and welcoming, encouraging each other to become a better version of themselves from day to day. It's a journey....


      So Two days in --
      Anthena's Playbook-
      Day 1 ( 3 sets)
      Daily Dare- 40 Scorpion Twists ( all in one go)
      Water- 40 oz

      Athena's Playbook-
      Day 2 ( 3 Sets)
      Daily Dare- 40 Jack Seals ( all in one go)

      That is where I am so far. Keeping the food intake in check as well. Also finally got new bands for my fit bit so I can track my steps again. YAY