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    I can get it back

    Hi, Darebee. It's been a while, almost a year, because of different personal circumstances.
    I'm not one to give up easily, though. Not anymore.
    So... here I am.

    Today for me is the day to say it out loud: I'm back and I want to do this.
    (Also it's the day to cook and clean up after moving, because dust tends to materialize out of nowhere in here... well, this flat underwent renovation recently, so I get it, but still annoying as hell.)

    Jul 16, 2018: starting Age of Pandora level 1.
    Mealplan — 1&1.

    hey, best of luck with the programme! i hope circumstances are more favourable this time around and you enjoy your journey!


      Welcome back, and remember to be careful while moving through Pandora-- look out for foul creatures..!


        @arcanetrickster Thank you I hope so too.
        @noname Thanks, will be!

        So, Age of Pandora day 1, the start of my journey.
        And, god, it feels good.
        I mean, it feels like my legs are going to be hella cramped tomorrow (and good luck to me, 'cause AoP day 2 looks like a leg day), but it feels good at the same time. I missed this endorphins' release, for one
        Also good news: it feels like the effort I put in working out last year hasn't all gone to waste. I'm obviously not as good as I could've been if I haven't stopped, but when I started even level 1 made me despair. Now it's okay. Not easy, not at all, but okay.
        Here's to the next few days and not giving in to sadness because of muscle soreness

        Consecutive days of working out: 1
        1&1 meal plan day: 1 (no carbs)

        P.S. Aaah, Neila Rey liked my first post! *squeals happily* Now my evening is made.


          Age of Pandora day 2.
          Easier than expected, surprisingly. My legs are sore, yeah, but it's manageable. Looking forward to tomorrow.
          Oh, and I forgot that I also started the Posture challenge!

          Consecutive days of working out: 2
          1&1 meal plan day: 2 (free pass)
          Posture challenge day: 2


            Good luck, you’ve started well


              @Scott Thank you

              Age of Pandora day 3
              This will be short today: complete. Legs are sore, but it's tolerable.

              Consecutive days of working out: 3
              1&1 meal plan day: 3 (no carbs)
              Posture challenge day: 3

              I have a crazy day tomorrow, I'm not sure if I'll have time or energy to do AoP day 4. Most likely it'll be just Posture challenge and/or a light workout.


                Happy Birthday.