No matter the circumstances that you may be going through, just push through it.

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    No matter the circumstances that you may be going through, just push through it.

    Hello my lovely bees and welcome to my new log!

    If you want to read the entire story, click here for my former logs:
    Dec 2016
    Jan - Jun 2017
    Jun 2017 - Jan 2018

    I have thought a lot about my "areas of focus" recently, what I have to work on and how I want to do it, and here is my conclusion:

    This is the most important thing at the moment. After my move to Nuremberg, I couldn't get my diet under control, plus I am on three different types of medication which increase appetite. I have gained something between 6-9kgs in a year, which equals 5cms around my waist and ~5% of body fat (so, yes, it's actually FAT). My clothes don't fit anymore and my belly is in the way when I exercise. As of this morning, I am 0.3kg away from being overweight. So I have a lot of work to do. Since this is urgent and I want to lose more than just 5kgs, I am going keto again (I know that I feel awesome without carbs and that it brings fast results according to my last year's experiment).

    The plan:
    - Keto starting from today, then slow transition into long-term carb cycling as soon as I am within some "safety distance" from overweight.
    - Weigh-in and measurements on Wednesdays.

    The other most important thing at the moment: Quitting smoking. I started this challenge on 20 January and messed up twice already. But this has to be done, regardless of the struggle.

    The plan:
    Daily "no smoking diary", until I make it to a 60 day streak (I hope that this will be enough to build a solid "no smoking habit", which stays intact without having to think about it too much).

    My 2018 is dedicated to playing American football. My team will start its first season in second national league and I want to be a part of this! In February, there will be a total of 8hrs of training per week (not including theory lessons), and our first match will be in May.

    Apart from training sessions, I will be doing the following:
    - Cardio - current DAREBEE program is Age of Pandora, and my long-term goal is to go running three times a week in the long run.
    - Strength - I will start with Nia Shanks' Two Day Per Week Strength Training Program, as I don't want to abandon lifting, but cannot fit in more than two gym sessions per week. 2018 fitness goals are mainly bodyweight goals such as 20 push-ups, 1 proper pull-up, 5mins plank etc., and I will try to work my way towards these goals slowly, one step at a time.
    - Yoga - current program is TRUE - 30 Day Yoga Journey w/ Adriene, and the long-term goal is to do 15-30mins of yoga every day. 2018 yoga goals include crow pose and handstand.
    - Bouldering - long-term goal is two sessions per week, and diligent training plus weight loss should bring me to my 2018 goal: Finishing one green route (5th degree difficulty)!

    Let's go tackle this!

    Lots of love,

    Welcome and all the best


      Me and the cheering squad are with you, Twitchy!


        Dude! I am.bookmarking that strength program for when my current starts to top out/annoy me >.>


          You can do this!!


            Good luck!


              Best of luck with the thread and your goals, I really enjoy following your journey!


                Good luck with your goals. They look ambitious to me.




                    Allez! Venga! Geht scho!


                      Yay new thread!


                        W00t! Awesome goals, Twitchy! It looks like you have a very challenging but also fun and rewarding year ahead!

                        I too am working on my handstands (trying to build up to a 10 second free-standing handstand--which I hopefully will achieve this year--and also working on pressing to handstand--which I most likely will not achieve this year but hope to master one day) and crow pose (moving from bent-armed crow to straight-armed crane, jumping from down dog into crow, jumping back from crow to chaturanga, working with pressing techniques from crow). Let me know where you're at with these journeys and what challenges you in them. We can cheer each other on and maybe help one another out with tips & ideas for drills. (Did you get "The Sequence" bundle from Bri? Or one of the plans?)

                        One of my Cody friends is hosting a #100crows challenge for the month of February. It's an all levels challenge (crow prep work counts if that's where you're at). If you want to participate all you have to do is log your crow work on Cody with the #100crows hashtag, and other participants will cheer you on and offer suggestions to help with anything you might be struggling with. (There are many yogis on Cody who are far more experienced with crow than I am.) Plus, challenging yourself to do 100 crows/crow prep poses in one month will go a long way toward advancing your practice. See for Allison's info post on the challenge if you're interested.


                          Wednesday, 31 January

                          First day of keto and I'm hungry! I know this will get easier in a few days.

                          Wednesday weigh-in + measurements:
                          Weight: 72.2 kgs
                          BMI: 24.98
                          Body fat: 27%

                          First day at the office without smoking and it was one hell of a challenge, as there are like 1,000 smoking triggers around (getting up in the morning and having my first coffee, arriving at the office, taking breaks etc.). Good thing I'm the only smoker in my office, so nobody even notices and I don't have to explain things when I'm already cranky.

                          This day's new habit instead of smoking:
                          I tried sitting on the balcony in the morning with my coffee, but this is pretty unpleasant at 5C. So I sat in the living room on the sofa with a blanket and read through the Hive.

                          This day's reason not to smoke:
                          My teeth look better! I treated myself to a professional dental cleaning and I don't ever want to see these ugly dark stains on my front teeth again! I want to smile at people without thinking that this looks ugly!


                          Smoke-free days:
                          Current streak: 1
                          Total 2018: 8

                          Very difficult at the moment due to bursitis in my shoulder, so no push-ups, no downward dogs etc. I have an appointment with a doctor next Monday and I suppose he will suggest surgery.

                          Hands Free Yoga Workout w/ Adriene


                          Daily Dares 2018: 29 (26 w/ EC)

                          Regular Push-Ups:
                          For the day: 0
                          Total 2018: 225

                          Step count: 11,604

                          Days of Fitness:
                          Current streak: 31
                          Total 2018: 31

                          EVERYTHING ELSE

                          Twitchy's Personal Clean and Tidy Apartment on Monday Challenge:
                          I unpacked my suitcase from my vacation and folded all the laundry. My bf committed to doing some extra laundry like the bath mats and washing all the dishes despite working crazy shifts at the moment.


                            Originally posted by sleep_twitch View Post
                            This day's reason not to smoke:
                            My teeth look better! I treated myself to a professional dental cleaning and I don't ever want to see these ugly dark stains on my front teeth again! I want to smile at people without thinking that this looks ugly!
                            This. The worst thing about bad habits is that they make you over-conscious of your own appearance. I dream one day I'd be able to wear leggings without thinking of my huge hips (and hiding them under any piece of clothing at hand)


                              Rainbow Dragon Thank you for linking the crow pose challenge on Cody! I have never achieved a proper crow pose hold, though I've sometimes been very close. I don't know if my angry shoulder likes it, but I will try one tonight.

                              I purchased Bri's "The Sequence" plan last year, but haven't started on it yet, as I wanted to finish TRUE before taking on another yoga challenge. Any handstand work might have to wait until I can do yoga outside, as we live in an apartment which is too small for all our stuff and there is zero space for safe falling. Or I might watch some videos, try to remember the cues and then practice at the gym.