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    Rly wanted some sort of beefy taco salad w avocado for this week's lunches. Found some 85/15 beef at a good price. Consequently I am resorting to whey protein to try to get my macros straight. Grml. Don't want to waste it tho so...penance for not figuring out macros of recipe before buying the shit. (Trying for 130-150g protein, 75 carbs, under 70 fat...not happening easily w this lunch lol.)

    As bored as I am likely to get w porkloin, the pre marinated ones from the store seem to be my best lunch, diet wise...lots of protein, and I am pretty satisfied w that and veggies (and if I'm not it's low fat and there are nice 80cal packs of pistachios in vending machine).

    wanted to do kettlebells but, I tweaked my knee a bit yesterday (sitting on couch w it curled under, bad habit of mine). Thought that motion might suck so....

    Upper body builder - 10lbs. 5 trx rows between each set. The lateral raises are hard here but everything else feels better so....

    Cable fun - each was 2x10 per arm
    pulldown to kickback 7.5
    ballet arm 2.5
    welcome motion 7.5
    punches 12.5
    low flys 7.5
    twisty low rows (like starting lawnmower) 17.5

    Stitch - was harder then expected. 5 sets was hell. Going to redo back and core add on bc I need some structure atm anyway. Omg I even did it wrong, lol..did bike crunches instead of cross.

    some good stretching

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      Upper body is pleasantly sore from yesterday...

      Back and Core day 1. Unhappy w how hard yesterday's abs were to get through, and lower back is tetchy sometimes so.... can't hurt

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        Also. Am I the only gal who eats every fucking thing she finds when on her period? Last week, no issue sticking mostly to diet. This week? Made popcorn last night then ate a protein bar in bed last night. Ate my breakfast, scrounged a yogurt otw to work, ate third breakfast at a vender training we had today, eyeing my colleague's granola bars (I share a cupboard on the floor w him...have warned him in the past he may find one gone and a few bucks in box).


          'rin No...I want burgers and fries and treats and....


            'rin actually it's right before for me... I always know when it's about that time because I'm STARVING for like 3 days and want to devour everything


              Its rt before for me too. I eat EVERYTHING and am still hungery


                Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                Also. Am I the only gal who eats every fucking thing she finds when on her period?
                Nope. It's not like other days but you can control it better. I usually give myself permission to eat my favourite chocolate and as many as I like. It usually ends up being a lot less than if I try to eat as usual.


                  i don't even have a period but i end up eating everything that isn't nailed down when Trin is about a day out. major salties cravings. if i try to go shopping on those days, we end up with a gallon of moose tracks ice cream, 6 bags of potato chips, 4 jars of pickles, 2 bags of jerky and an apple - cuz we gotta have some fruit you know. ok, maybe i'll grab a cucumber too but you know what i mean.


                    CODawn Loba5472 Candace Amirsh daejamurrachan I am glam I am not alone. My first 2-3 dsys are light/spotty days and I am fucking STARVING. If I do not consiously police myself I could easily eat 3k+ cals. I added falafels to my lunch and wanted nachos and a mojito last night but settled for takeout thai bc at least it has more veggies/meat in it. Omg tho. It is also a perfect storm rly bc this week's meal prep has left me a bit low on protein- well, low for if I am going lowish cal. Anything under 1800 cals a day I need to ramp up protein to not feel starving, I am learning. >.> next week I will make smarter lunches.

                    This morning I am reading extra on couch w cat bc bleh. I got moving too late to hit gym near house and gym near work would be toxic for me today.

                    Shark week
                    back and core 2

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                      Quality time with kitty though...


                        Today I decided to obliterate myself. Work should be fun.

                        kettlebell -
                        total of 250 swings (25lb bell) setted w 45 triceps dips

                        Tendon + someone had the 5s...used 7.5s. Ouch.
                        Lower body tendon strength
                        Hammer 12.5s
                        back and core 3 - yoga day

                        351 dares, 268 w ec. 747 day streak


                          Shoulder was REALLY unamused w me, I slept 11 hrs last night somehow, AND I had a chance to do some gaming w a friend I hadn't gott 3d n to play anything w in awhile this morning... so today was an active rest day.

                          Back and core - seagulls can diaf
                          Tenderfoot lv1 just to get more movement in

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                            I agree with you on seagulls!


                              Shoulder is still unamused >.> (not shoulder itself but like, front part of shoulder girdle area).

                              Back and core - flailing day
                              rotator cuff
                              will take a nice walk

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