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    I see a built chick.... 300# is alot!


      'rin A couple things: I get the genetic thing...I had to struggle to get my bp under control last year (a gift from my dad's side of the family). This year my cholesterol numbers were up (a gift from my mom's side of the family). The struggle is real even when you try to do the right things. The other thing: you are strong as hell. Thanks for being my inspiration as I struggle through push-ups and other strength training fun.


        Thanks aveoturbo and CODawn (and hive ppl who liked on insta lol)

        17k steps
        6am 1 pb toast, apple, coffee
        930 3hb eggs, mandarin
        1130 tuna taco, coffee
        230 coffee
        400 mealprep for week- beans/rice/cali rice/chicken sausage/veggies; cheese
        630 coffee, 2 bite almond tart
        930 chicken fingers w garlic mayo

        This late night extra meal needs to go, or a least be downgraded to a snack.

        Rin-split 2.0 week 6 day 7
        Legs (and abs)
        still a bit sore (wonder why) but not like yesterday (somehow even my SHINS hurt).
        Rack pulls -
        1×45×10 rdl, 1x135x5, 3x155x3
        W 3x twists bouncing 2lb med ball on bench, x20

        Front Squats
        1x45x8, 3x65x8
        w 3x not quite dragon flags x10

        Calf raises
        1x45x10, 3x135x10
        w 3x mt climber w twist (knee to opposite elbow) w elbows on bench x10

        2x set
        20 step up/knee up, low step 20 lb bell
        20 skater over bench
        20 hip thrust 20lb bell

        2xset w 8lb ball
        20 alt bounces
        10 high crunches
        10 dead bugs

        Stretched, getting my avocado salmon obsession sammich then to work

        329 dares, 249 w ec. 658 day streak


          17k steps
          hubby's bday is tomorrow and we started celebrating today
          5am 2 hb eggs, mandarin, coffee
          7am gym - leg day w a side of abs
          830 avo and lox on rye, more coffee, banana
          12pm rice, chicken, hummus, feta, salad veg
          2pm MORE COFFEE
          8pm - much cheese, procuttio, duck procuttio, salami, some parm breadsticks, marcona almonds, quinch paste, red wine, a red velvet cupcake (which was not wow so, I will be able to let hubby have both the leftovers LOL)


            So much gains at dinner mmmmmmm.....

            Hope you and he have a fun celebration!


              Weekly Digest
              46 miles
              1 whiskey just bc, 2 glasses wine w hubby
              extra meal on late days is a "known bug" but, 1 I still need to work out. Idk why I feel like I always need a meal post work , even if it is bedtime and I've already eaten enough. I need to find ways around this.
              7/7 altho I ignored triceps lol

              Analysis of Rin-split 2.0
              maybe I did not give it enough of a fair trial bc traveling then sick, but, it didn't rly work. Not much progress. I left too much wiggle room to allow for linear progression. BUT I did learn form on a few lifts. And I think my triceps are a bit more solid. Heading into holiday stress season so I am not going to try to make a real plan. Going to commit to hitting main lifts (bench, row, Deadlift, squat) in some form once a week, and having 1 lower key/unweighted day at least a week but other then that...just going to do ramdom workouts Ive been bookmarking and the random circuits trainer set up and just keep it moving. But first, deload week. No barbells, nothing heavy, lighter dumbell workouts and conditioning circuits for a break.


                aveoturbo we did. going out tonight also. that is really our fave celebratoy type dinner at home bc it involves no effort on either of our parts (mine as cook, his as dishwasher) and is still delicious lol.

                Deload week
                White Rabbit - no rests at all just straight through 5 sets
                Upperbody builder - 10lbs, zottmans, could not do lateral raise at this so did front raise to lateral drop, and added tricep kickbacks to rows at end

                abs circiut x2
                situp to stand on half bosu w 8lb ball x10
                alt side bounces x20
                sit on bosu and do marching sot of thing w knees x20

                legs kettle circiut x2, 8kg kettle
                deadlift to goblet squat x10
                swing x10
                hinge x10

                Got some good stretching in and got out of there

                329 dares, 249 w ec. 659 day streak


                  12k steps
                  kind bar, coffee
                  few bites of ham whilst cleaning out fridge
                  brunch w former collegue who I adore - 2 cheese/bread bites, bloody marry, fried eggs and some spicy sauce over rice w chorizo and avocado
                  dinner out w hubby - he wanted to go to red lobster, idk why, he is usually not a sea food person. dt coke, ceasar salad, 6! biscuits (really I should of just ordered these for dinner) 3 seafood stuffed mushrooms, ordered lobster mac and cheese... it was meh, I ate all the lobster out of it and left most of the pasta.


                    Deload Week
                    set x2
                    step up knee up (mid box 18lb kettle) ×20
                    Squat pause burpee x10
                    snatch (but just to rack position) x10

                    setx2 (w hands on same box as per trainer's orders)
                    Renegade rows 7.5 ×10​​​​​​
                    Weighted plank rotations 7.5 x10
                    Climber taps x1p

                    setx2 (same kettle, lowered step/box)
                    skaters over box × 10
                    Side step up knee up w weight x20
                    shoulder taps x20

                    Set x3 w 4lb ball for hand/eye coordination
                    squat drop ball throw ball up x10
                    alt side scoop dribbles x10
                    alt side bounces x20

                    Setx3 same ball
                    Dead bugs w ball x10
                    infinity circles for dare x10
                    heel taps x20

                    Chest and back light

                    330 dares, 249 w ec. 660 day streak


                      Happy Birthday to your husband!


                        Originally posted by CODawn View Post
                        Happy Birthday to your husband!
                        That'd be Mr. 'rin, by my estimation. >.>


                          LOL... thanks CODawn and wjs

                          ate more healthfully today if a bit much
                          5am - 1.5-2 oz manchengo w a palmful of almonds some quince paste and coffee
                          8am - post gym. salmon avo sammich on rye and more coffee
                          930 work meeting more coffee, yogurt parfait w extra strawberries
                          1230 some 'gumbo' soup (campbles to go thingy) an apple, a clementine, and a teensy bag of terra chips (the origional ones)
                          8pm 2 mid sized burgers (10oz total) w straight up plastic american cheese, 1.5 servings perogies, some green beens


                            Deload Week day 3
                            regiggered my work schedule bc of our coverage and bc I hate cold rainy days (like today) and am having a really chill day

                            Fight like a girl - lv 1
                            after many chores, nearly throwing the ps4 controller through the screen (hat in time), and a trip to get nails sorted/glasses tightened/ingredient for chili bc i've been craving it...
                            25 mins down dog, restorative, beginner 1

                            I will NOT meet my step goal today.

                            330 dares, 249 w ec. 661 day streak


                              3.5k steps lol
                              7am - 2 slices of toast, an avocado, 2 poached eggs, Coffee
                              1130 banana, more coffee
                              130 - apple, clementine, cheese, chorizo
                              4pm - small bowl of chili to ensure it was not poison
                              730 - mid bowl of chili w abt a serving of brown rice

                              Bonus (mild- I like heat but hubby doesn't so...) chili recipe:

                              Brown a beef shank (you want bone for flavor) and some stew meat​​​​​​​ w salt and cumin seeds while chopping up 1 onion and 3 cubanell peppers. Pull beef out of pot and put veggies in, add a few tbl butter to help brown them, and coriander seeds, oregano, cinnamon, and smoked paprika. When veg is browned pour in a few cans of any decent beer and scrape bottom of pan. Add a big can of diced tomatoes and 3-4 cloves of garlic and put beef back in pot. If liquid doesn't cover it add water. Either simmer it on the stove or... turn oven on to 350 and put pot (covered) into oven to be lazy. Once beef is tender pull meat from pot, and add beans (I used 1 can kidney, 1 can black beans) and a can of corn. Cut the beef into shreds and put it back into the pot.


                                Slept "in"till 6, played some Spyro, walked to subway and hit gym near job. Some of my over eating on late work days may be bc I am awake 4am-10pm so....

                                Deload week v third time's the charm
                                cardio and core burn lv1 as warmup

                                set x3 on mid height step w 25lb kettlebell
                                step up knee up x10
                                calf raises x10
                                hip thrust x10

                                Upperbodybuilder w 7.5s. Hammers and added kickbacks to bent rows

                                setx3 on mid bench
                                twists w ball bounce x10 (4lb ball)x10
                                fast climbersx10
                                slow climbers w twist, knee to opposite elbowx10

                                coordination set x3 4lb ball
                                scoop toss squats x10
                                scooping alt dribbles x10
                                alt sidd bounces x10

                                shoulder taps x10
                                leg lifts, left side x20
                                Knee crunches 14,13,13 (40 for dare)
                                leg lifts, right side x20

                                really stretched,foam rolled,did some yoga stuff

                                331 dares, 249 w ec. 662 day streak