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    Weekly digest:

    168.4 grml. I know I wont drop quickly while trying to gain/preserve strength but this bounce back up needs to end.

    2150 average. Better, still greedalox tho. Really need this under/at 2000 average to actually get some lbs off.

    just over 11k average steps, like 35 miles. I need some better walking weather.


      So... doing a difficulty 3 program mostly on lv1 would count as casual training, right? Asking for a friend, who might be crazy. Bc I want shiny things and Athena looks mostly easy....

      Knigh Training, casual training
      Athena day1, lv 1.5 - 5 sets, but last 2 were hands on box burpees
      20 mins yoga, self flow
      Iron Bar
      Forearms and triceps light
      Class, 30 mins, much abs including throwing ball situps

      208 dares, 171 w ec. 381 day streak


        Originally posted by 'rin View Post
        So... doing a difficulty 3 program mostly on lv1 wpuld count as casual training, right? Asking for a friend, who might be crazy.

        208 dares, 171 w ec. 381 day streak
        Individual days may vary would be my guess. After all, look at 90 Days of Action, with some clearly difficulty 4 days in an overall difficulty 2 program.


          wjs ya.. I will rearange days/take more then 30 if needed to be safe


            Tell your friend to just go for it and see what happens.


              I am so frustrated. No progress towards pullups in weeks and weeks and weeks. I am almost irationally frightened, bc this is the same point I was stuck at before when I overtrained myself into a perpetually angry shoulder/bicep for months and months. What if this is literally as strong as my body is able to be in that direction or something? I am the sort of frustrated that embarrassingly brings tears and it fucking sucks. Stupid body, I give you enough sleep and plenty of nice protein and vitamin filled food, please work properly.

              Knight Training, StartingStrength B
              Athena day 2, lv1, at home before breakfast

              Scapula shrugs (hanging) 3x5
              Squats 1x45x10, 1x115x5, 3x145x5 (stay here sat), 1×95×8
              Bench 1x45x10, fail at 65, 3x60x6
              Bent barbell rows 1x45x8, 3x85x4, 1x65x8, 1x45x10
              Chin negatives (w hold at top)3x25 assistx3

              chest and back light
              forarms and triceps light

              Bit of yoga to finish

              208 dares, 171 w ec. 382 day streak


                Switching up what you do to train your required muscles may be of some use. You may have plateaued, but that doesn't mean there aren't other directions to consider than can take you farther than your current regimen can at this time.


                  Pull-ups are HARD to learn. Recently, a football friend of mine, who works in the armed forces and is way stronger than I am, told me she doesn't know a single woman who can do one single pull-up with proper form (starting from perfectly straight dead hang, no kipping, no jumping up) and that she herself only does assisted ones. This was some comfort to me, as I am also overly frustrated that I can't even get into a proper flex hang and that my negatives still suck.


                    Thanks @wjs... and sleep_twitch I do my negatives in the assist machine w a light assist for this reason, otherwise they are basically "trying not to falls" and I am afraid I will wrench something. Your friend may have a good point, tho... all those instagram crossfit etc gals do kipping ones >.>


                      Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                      ... all those instagram crossfit etc gals do kipping ones >.>
                      No, no, no ... not this way... stand still,... think... don't go into the light... it's bad... real bad!!!!


                        What is you pull up plan right now? Assisted, Negatives, weights...?!


                          Assists - once a week
                          Negatives - twice a week
                          Scapula pulls - 3 times a week
                          Bent rows - once a week


                            I think I'll pull Loba5472 in for the pull-ups conundrum you're currently having.


                              Yes, sending in the "pull-up masters" seems like a great idea - xingyiquan convinced me to forget about the assistance bands and work on jackknife pull-ups instead (which I still do whenever I have the necessary equipment for the setup), so maybe he has some advice?


                                I am not a progression expert, and I only give my 2c here.
                                Open for other opinions, but I think thats not enough in the HARD Battlefield of Pullups.
                                You have to be dedicated to PullUps for quite a time to see progression.
                                Once or twice a week going the way down to failiure and beyond.
                                Australians/Body Rows or jacknifes are a good progression, too.

                                My Bodyweight drop down set idea:

                                Proper warm up

                                Scapula pulls for warmimg up (I always forget them, memo to myself!)

                                Assisted 3-5sets (8-12 reps)
                                Assisted ONE (just as much assist to do one PullUp)

                                Negatives 3
                                Flox Hold. 90/up/scapula 1 each

                                Australians to failure
                                Australian negative
                                Australian hold

                                Dumbell Curling.

                                Not everything, everytime, but everytime to failure (of form).