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    aveoturbo this was during goblets, to help ensure that I was getting correct depth/knees were not leaning in.

    doing low back position on back squats now, i like a bit better then high


      Woke up w a headache bc I hit happy hr for mojitos and nachos last night >.>

      I almost never talk politics w strangers, and I really do not talk to strangers in bars unless I am angling to get out of my bar tab, and I had even gone to the latin joint on my block where I am generally the only person speaking english so I get left alone w my book....but somehow I ended up having a discussion w this Irish guy my dads age who once was project manager on some trump development in nyc for 30 mins after I'd already paid up (bc, to his credit, he didn't start talking to me until I put my book away) which left me slightly less worried our fearless leader will start a nuculear war and him slightly more worried he's going to get shot by some angry schoolchild w their parents' gun and bad aim. Lol.

      Knight Training, active rest
      Dare - forward bends - w ec
      Micro Shred
      Corrector lv 1

      205 dares, 167 w ec. 371 day streak


        Well then....


          Strange workout today. I felt...not weak bc I could make myself do more things I couldn't access all my power somehow? Woke up bc of some nightmare last night, hope I'm not getting sick.
          So, great strength endurance day, lackluster strength day. Got the work in anyway but, pullup practice was sad.

          Knight Training, StartingStrength A
          Squats 1x45x10, 1x115x5, 3x135x5 (stay here tues do more reps) 1x95x8 (I put the bar somehow wrong on one set and am going to have a stupid bruise.)

          Bench 1x45x8, 3x60x5 last few were shakey

          Pullup 3 hang w 5 dead to flex per hang, 3x85 assist x 6 neutral pullups, 3x70assist x3 chin ups. All my pullups/chinups were weak today. Some I didn't get quite all the way up, some I didn't go all the way down to straight arms, just meh.

          Chest and back light to shake out arms
          Holistic bc I wanted to both do more work and be gentle with myself
          Some yoga stretches (I really liked twists today, idk why)

          205 dares, 167 w ec. 372 day streak


            A low energy day. Those happen. Extra carbs usually help

            (I'm giving you an excuse to eat a bit more than normal, if you choose to accept.)


              I always eat a bit more on lifting days, maybe I will skew it carby and have pasta for dinner tho >.> (still skipping donuts at work, but, mostly bc they are not even GOOD donuts)


                If I'm going to use strength work days as an excuse to go out after work (burger and fries and ciders last night) I need to stop also packing a huge lunch and having a meal sized post gym snack /greedalox

                Knigh training - active recovery
                Cardio pully work, 12.5lbs
                2x15 high pulls
                2x10 punches
                2x15 mid pulls
                2x10 twists
                2x15 low pulls
                Abs Defined lv2.8...did not do fucking circles on last set
                dare- side to side lunges w ec
                Chest and back light
                Iron bar

                A busier recovery day but, honestly... I'm off work today, and got a ride to/from gym w friend, it will be a miracle if I get even 1k steps in bc it is fucking freezing. I'm going to veg on the couch and get some gaming in today.

                206 dares, 168 w ec. 373 day streak


                  Weekly digest-
                  13.9k average steps
                  2300 average cals
                  not sure, did not want to piss myself off getting on it today

                  Meh. Maintenance week it seems.


                    Thanks for tag in random workout challange, daejamurrachan, it was the perfect thing today.

                    Knight Training, active rest
                    Chapter 1, lv2
                    Dare -chest expansions, ec
                    Fun class - altho less fun/more work today. "Ladies, 10 box burpees next, Rin do 20""grml" "fine then, do 5 on the floor" I neex a kick w cardio things, tho. And trainer noticed my form on squats is better, so, win.
                    Ease Out

                    207 dares, 169 w ec. 374 day streak


                      Good work for the RWC!


                        My scapula and my right bicep were angry this morning so, I did not do pullups bc I knew my proformance would be shaky and Id get upset >.>

                        Knight Training, StartingStrength B
                        Pullup - hanging scapula shrug 3x5
                        Squats 1x45x10, 1x115x5, 3x135x6 (try 145x3 Sat) 1x95x8
                        Pullup alternative - bent barbell rows 1x45x8, 1x55x8, 3x65x5, 1x45x8
                        Dumbell Shoulder press 1x10sx8, 3x15sx5 (try more rep sat) 1×10sx8

                        Lower body works and
                        Upper body mobility as cooldown
                        looked at dare,laughed

                        Good workout. Got in some verbal scrap w an asshole after. Ppl suck.

                        207 dares, 169 w ec. 375 day streak


                          Originally posted by 'rin View Post
                          Good workout. Got in some verbal scrap w an asshole after. Ppl suck.​
                          Should have just broken his nose.


                            I don't get it. Seriously, why would someone do that?! It's so rude and it's not like they are going to say that and boom they will take you serious . Not that I think they actually wanted to help. And you were eating veggies and meat! Come on.....
                            sorry you had to deal with that . I've never been yo a real gym but your stories make me not want to!


                              Putting others down to lift ones self up is not the proper way to gains...


                                wjs was tempted, but... i figured was prolly on camera, best to not be the first physically agressive one right?

                                Candace if I had the budget for it Id choose differntly for sure

                                aveoturbo seriously, and why comment on a stranger's food, ever... unles it looks delicious and you want to know where to get some lol