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    Trbrat75 Cultural Anthropology, with a focus on subcultures. Participant observation is basically professional level people watching, lol.


      Bonne chance pour le Fran├žais


        Today started poorly. I did not want to get out of bed. Then bad kitties. Then I managed to smash my favorite coffee cup and one of my favorite small wine glasses in one fell swoop.

        Then I got rescued by a friend leaving work early and wanting to play Factorio. Since my day was already "wrecked" feeling I gave up on doing anything useful in the morning and did that. Which saved my mood, at least, and ate my whole morning.

        Did a Tendon workout (tendon + w 5lbs) and went for a walk, and now I"m writing.

        Habits this week:
        Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 1/1
        Some useful task before 10am 0/1
        Out of bed before 7 0/1
        Learning/job hunting 0/1
        Writing 1/1
        (Yesterday) Fluids 1/1
        (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 1/1
        Current streak 246


          Just looked up Factorio...its a good thing I dont have good internet access and a decent computer...


            Meh about your mug and glass! I hate when that happens


              Went for a walk and shipped some signed books today, and that was going to be the workout bc I felt meh.

              Then found this on insta, w light weights, hm... nah. Did 1 set. Just meh. Glad I took walk.

              I'm treading water. (Which I did not drink enough of yesterday.)

              I applied for some job 1st thing this morning but, fucked if I even know wtf it was. I should check my email and see. Aparently it wasn't exciting. Also looking at nyc teaching fellowship thing. Ordered a copy of my transcript to see if I qualify to apply. That was 20 years ago, I don't fucking know what my GPA was lol. In my major it was high enough but, idk otherwise.

              Doing a money saving/fridge and cupboard cleaning thing this week. I overstock food when I'm anxious. Like I will fill my entire cupboard w rice and beans etc w out even meaning to. I need to eat this stuff, esp the meat I filled freezer with.

              So. This week I am not going to grocery store (or only going once for 5 items or less if I run out of something like coffee cream) and am only allowed takeout/delivery/deli ONCE. I want Indian for friday lunch/dinner so I need to behave.

              Habits this week:
              LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 2/2
              Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 2/2
              Some useful task before 10am 1/2
              Out of bed before 7 1/2
              Learning/job hunting 1/2
              Writing 2/2
              (Yesterday) Fluids 1/2
              (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 2/2
              Current streak 247


                I've found a new structure for "meh I don't want to" strength work. An easy workout at lv 1 (I did Easy Does It) plus 3x circuit of basics w 15lb bar - 10 reps each squat, good morning, bent row, millitary press.

                Habits this week:
                LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 2/4
                Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 3/3
                Some useful task before 10am 2/3
                Out of bed before 7 1/3
                Learning/job hunting 2/3
                Writing 3/3
                (Yesterday) Fluids 2/3
                (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 3/3
                Current streak 248


                  This week is hard and idk why.

                  Did builder today, at least.

                  Bribed self out of house w my 1 takeout of the week. Thai! From local place I fucking love. Ordered from their website so grubhub got nothing lol.

                  Habits this week:
                  LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 3/4
                  Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 4/4
                  Some useful task before 10am 2/4
                  Out of bed before 7 1/4
                  Learning/job hunting 3/4
                  Writing 4/4
                  (Yesterday) Fluids 3/4
                  (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 4/4
                  Current streak 249


                    Whatever it takes!!!


                      DorothyMH You're right.

                      Today I just went for a walk (in rain) bc I was almost out of coffee cream, and stuck to just 5 items at store. (Cream, eggs, toilet paper, maple syrup (bc I used up last of it, checked cupboard) and some soda for hubby.)

                      This has been the best part of this week, the not buying excess groceries experiment. I made an AWESOME pork loin dish - cooked rice with apples, onions, spinach and a lot of herbs, stuffed loin w that and wrapped w bacon. Working w only what I had on hand made me try different things instead of buying ingredients to make something in particular (that I make often). And altho between letting myself get thai food yesterday (got enough for yesterday + lunch today bc laarb salad is so awesome next day omg) and the bit of shopping I still spent 60$ this week BUT I did not add random shit to cupboards or make a bunch of science experiment leftovers in the fridge that may or may not get eaten OR buy protein when there was meat in my freezer (bad habit pet peeve of mine). I think I will keep at this 1-2 more weeks, then a few weeks w a 10 item limit, then do a big refill and start over >.>

                      although, I have also gotten some writing done. 2 short-shorts (2.5kish words) that I won't publish alone (but might enter in contests to try to get some marketing that way) but that will be part of a compilation of shorts eventually, and that let me get the voices of 2 of my other characters sorted so I can start properly writing the next novella/novel length thing.

                      Job hunt, waking up in the morning, trying to learn anything tho... I haven't found the energy this week and idk why. I need to just drag myself out of bed in the morning and get a better start to my days I think.

                      Habits this week:
                      LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 4/5
                      Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 5/5
                      Some useful task before 10am 3/5
                      Out of bed before 7 1/5
                      Learning/job hunting 3/5
                      Writing 4/5
                      (Yesterday) Fluids 4/5
                      (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 4/5
                      Current streak 250


                        Workout was back and bicep express, 15lbs

                        Habits this week:
                        LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 4/6
                        Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 6/6
                        Some useful task before 10am 3/6
                        Out of bed before 7 2/6
                        Learning/job hunting 3/6
                        Writing 5/6
                        (Yesterday) Fluids 4/6
                        (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 5/6
                        Current streak 251


                          Went for a walk. Resetting habits tomorrow.

                          Current streak 252


                            No going to track food this week bc I'm starting to get a little strange about it. (It is not problematic, yet, or even nearly so but I can see from my past behavior how it might head that way. It's as if I a standing near a scenic overlook by a cliff and catch myself wondering about the structural integrity of the guard rail, just in case I might want to lean on it.) Will reassess in a few weeks.

                            Bees without uteruses might want to skip this paragraph but there's enough here I thought this review might be helpful: I've been getting annoyed with tampons for awhile, the repeated expense, the waste, the packaging waste... I tried to switch to mensural cups at some point but after trying several different brands and not finding one that was totally comfy then having several klutz incidents including getting blood all over pants trying to empty it in a public restroom and another time dropping it in fucking toilet I gave up on them. I was intrigued w the idea of "period underwear" but never tried it bc wtf do you do if it gets "full" in the middle of the day while at work? Change underwear in the rest room? Put dirty/wet ones in your fucking purse? Realized "oh hey, I'm at home now, I can try this". 1- the upfront expense is pretty high, this is not a solution for everyone - just 3 pair is like 100$. You need at least 2 pairs to wear one/wash one in sink... probably 3 to let it have time to dry unless you are running a dryer often for 1 thing and that is as wasteful as tampons in the trash so... That's at least 4-6 months of tampons cost so not actually much cheaper bc I'd imagine that you need new after a year or less. 2- for high flow days this is NOT the solution, bc I would def not get through the day before it gave out. BUT 3- for lower flow days - the last 3 or 4 after my body does it's initial obnoxious "going to make you change tampons every 2 hours and wonder how there is any blood left in your body" bullshit it likes to do for a day this could actually work, AND it would be an excellent backup for tampons for those days. So ya. If you are a light flow person those are actually a neat idea for a more environmentally friendly period solution... but if you aren't they are a partial solution at best. Bah. I'm not mad I bought them, they will get use on the "gee I wonder if I'm starting my period today or not" days as well as ends of my cycle/as insurance but they are not the total solution I was hoping they were.

                            Anyway! My workout today was this Joyfull kettlebell flow for 10 mins w my new lighter (10lb) bell which is much more appropriate for 1 handed work. Then some yoga cooldown.

                            Out of bed before 7 1/1
                            French Lesson 1/1
                            Write/Job hunt 1/1

                            Current Streak 253


                              All I can say about your second paragraph is ugh. I got really annoyed at tampons too, especially when they leak and they're not even full. On I side note, I was on day 206 of my cycle and then it returned. I guess I am not done yet. Sorry about the tmi.


                                I have been using the Mooncup since 15 years or so and I can't imagine anything else now. I'm sorry you didn't find one that works for you!