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    CODawn I wish I had a basement!


      ​​​​​​​First we tried the bathroom (just for Willow). Scott would put her in there in the middle of the night. But, then she started peeing in the bathtub. Old-Lady-Kitty-Bladder.


        Originally posted by 'rin View Post
        I'm not going to get anything on "paper" today, though, this is all "head draft" so idk if it counts.
        If it's helpful to your writing process, it counts.
        If all you do is think about writing and don't get anything out on paper for 30 days, probably you have a problem.


          I am glad that I am not the only person with naughty kitties >.>

          And Rainbow Dragon I've decided that yesterday's thought work + today's thought work + today's business of being a writer work (I am going to be in the local library of my hometown, LOL) = 1 writing day. Although tomorrow I need words on a page.

          I applied for a hilarious job this morning. I've added "marketing writing" type jobs to my list that I'm hunting for. (Honestly, at this point I'm looking at anything that isn't fucking retail/a restaurant/hospitality that is a reasonable commute post covid/home during and pays a wage I can live on.) So Buzzfeed needs a product review writer for sex toys... werewolf romance novels are relevant job experience right? Right. Application for the day, check.

          Leg day, mid easy. Iron bar and 15 mins of fucking around w kettlebell.

          It's snowy and I did not want to play in it.
          Habits this week:
          LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 2/3
          Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 3/3
          Some useful task before 10am 3/3
          Out of bed before 7 2/3
          Learning/job hunting 3/3
          Writing 2/3
          (Yesterday) Fluids 3/3
          (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 3/3

          Current streak 241


            That sounds like an awesome job! Fingers crossed!


              Buzzfeed needs a product review writer for sex toys... werewolf romance novels are relevant job experience right? Right. Application for the day, check.
              That's brilliant actually. If it pays well, go for it.


                Today's job application was less fun, customer service for some saas company. (That is, ideally, the direction I want to go in but really... I will go in any direction that is not reprehensible, pays the bills, and has an acceptable commute). I need to get back on my skill acquisition.

                Workout was middling easy upper body - builder done w 8lbs but done kneeling to get rid of any leg help. Since this will always be a somewhat easy circuit (limited by what you can lift in lateral raises) I like this way of making it a touch harder.

                Bribed self for a walk w a nice coffee >.> it is still shit outside. I can't go on my forest path bc it is just a mud pit under the slush.

                Updated my author blog on goodreads and made some decisions, should get a chunk of writing done today as well.

                But first, Fish Fry w a friend! Well, fish and chips, bc we can't get a fish fry here. But we both grew up in small towns (her in Pennsylvania, me in NY) where the firehall would do fish frys during lent as one of their primary fundraisers. You end up w whole town eating on fold out tables in the firehall, just willy nilly, the town drunk maybe at the same table as the mayor. It is just so fucking awesome, and I miss it so much more than I ever expected to (seriously, I ran the fuck away from that town pretty much immediately when I could... basically majored in "I want to live elsewhere" in college). So it's nice that another friend here has a similar bit of nostalgia, and we try to get fish and chips together at least 1 Friday during lent...even if we're both looking for haddock instead of the cod we find it's still good.

                Habits this week:
                LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 3/4
                Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 4/4
                Some useful task before 10am 4/4
                Out of bed before 7 3/4
                Learning/job hunting 4/4
                Writing 3/4
                (Yesterday) Fluids 3/4
                (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 4/4 (sandwiches count right? right)

                Current streak 242


                  I am having a hard time making myself do anything useful this week.

                  Easy arms workout today - Armageddon lv 3. I need to put this back into my rotation.

                  Unwilling to leave the fucking house. MEH. Counting calling my mother as a useful task, damnit. And hey, I listened to a French lesson today.

                  Habits this week:
                  LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 3/5
                  Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 4/5
                  Some useful task before 10am 5/5
                  Out of bed before 7 4/5
                  Learning/job hunting 5/5
                  Writing 4/5
                  (Yesterday) Fluids 4/5
                  (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 5/5 (sandwiches count right? right)

                  Current streak 243


                    I'm sorry you're having a rough week. I've had quite a few of those.




                        That job you posted about on the eighteenth sure brings new meaning to the term "Buzzfeed", am I right? >.>


                          LOL wjs yes, it would be a bad pun of a job. And thanks Anek and CODawn
                          Today I walked 2 miles to get a brownie. It was a very good brownie. (From a fish and chips shop, go figure.) I'm counting that as exercise. I should have done yoga today but... somehow when Yoga is a "thing I ought to do" instead of an "easy thing I can do if I want instead of working out" I suddenly don't want to do Yoga >.>

                          But really I am so just MEH that I'll take whatever the hell I can get out of myself atm.

                          Got up early to play some Factorio multiplayer w a friend and OMG I love this game (so far)... Yes, it is basically minecraft for grownups. Whatever, I like it, and it is a fun thing to work on w a buddy.

                          Habits this week:
                          LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 4/6
                          Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 5/6
                          Some useful task before 10am 6/6
                          Out of bed before 7 5/6
                          Learning/job hunting 5/6
                          Writing 5/6
                          (Yesterday) Fluids 5/6
                          (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 6/6
                          Current streak 244


                            Minecraft for grown-ups?! I mean, I like Minecraft...I get Hella addicted when I play and I cant put it down...before I know it, the day is gone and I'm looking at my watching going WTF?! ( I started playing to have some bonding time with my teenage son)


                              Mid hard leg day today w kettle bell. 3x 10 reps each goblet squats, swings, 1 legged deadlifts, and side bends. Went for a walk. Applied for a customer service job at Christie's - they want a BA in art history but I have a BA in people watching from an art school so maybe? They demand a 2nd language so I did claim French (but was sure to say basic) so I better get off my ass in terms of that for the next few weeks so that's true.

                              Habits this week:
                              LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 5/7
                              Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 6/7
                              Some useful task before 10am 7/7
                              Out of bed before 7 6/7
                              Learning/job hunting 6/7
                              Writing 5/7
                              (Yesterday) Fluids 6/7
                              (")2 Composed, Homemade Meals 7/7
                              Current streak 245


                                You have a BA in people watching? Intriguing!