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    Good job on yourself!


      Thanks TheLibrarian DorothyMH Rainbow Dragon @Gandhalfit @Mamatigerj VLogan Anek @PetiteSheWolf

      I am glad I'm not the only one who has employed the timer, lol. I think it is a trick I'm going to keep in my back pocket to use more often, really.

      Also my obliques are properly doms-y so, my invented exercise was apparently a good one.

      Played mtg draft and 1 constructed game w sleep_twitch and a friend and his friend. I was in some strange whiny/salty mode but I had fun playing anyway. Sunday morning gaming is one of my favorite things.

      My useful thing today was also my house leaving - groceries!
      I discovered that I can order instacart delivery from costco without a costco membership >.> So, I have set up for tomorrow a cupboard/freezer refill for things that are actually cheaper like canned tomatoes, butter, coconut milk, and the mandarin orange fruit cups that I seem to want to live on + some meats bc they are about the same price as my neighborhood store but packaged in a way that I can/will actually put them in freezer.
      Then I went to my neighborhood store for eggs and coffee cream (not cheaper at costco) and a few odds and ends bc I wanted huevos rancheros (which I might not even cook today, now that I think abt the leftovers that I don't want to have become science projects, damnit)... and bc I was hungry + a lot of produce that keeps well was on sale + pasta was on sale (need to take that off costco order, this was cheaper) I spent another 50$. But...
      1- 20$ of that was on lox/avocado/rye bread (mostly the damned lox) bc it's Sunday and I wanted a nice breakfast for hubby and I before he went to work and
      2- I now will have enough groceries in the house to cook actually NICE meals for the next 2 weeks + pantry fill in of staples is done for at least 6 weeks-2 months. Assuming I don't start drinking double coffee/cooking everything in cream sauce (I bought the larger thing of cream) I won't even run out of that and need to go to the store for it and end up w 50 other things.
      3- Having nice things in the house to cook instead of "well there are ingredients here but I will need to think a lot about how to put them together into anything beyond just basic shit" will make me much less likely to spend money on takeout, so it will save money in the long run.

      Today's workout was Tendon+ with 5lbs, Iron Bar (which I need to get back to doing often, bc it was harder than I remember it being) and spent the rest of 15 mins doing whatever yoga poses I felt like doing. Baby steps.

      Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 6/6
      Some useful task before noon 6/6

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        Hey, you’re 6 for 6 days! Nice goin!!


          Thanks DorothyMH
          Today was a medium intensity upper body workout- Hammer, w 15lbs, followed by Chest and Back Light.

          Useful thing was - built a shelf

          Outside- bribed w coffee

          LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 7/7
          Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 7/7
          Some useful task before noon 7/7

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            Originally posted by 'rin View Post
            Habits: 7/7
            Cheers for a successful week!







                    You rock!


                      1 week w habits!!! Thanks everyone. I am starting to feel...not really "better" but, more functional.

                      This week I am going to move the goalpost a bit on my usefulness habit, to 10am. Once I get moving I stay moving, so this should help.

                      Today's useful thing before 10am was emailing the resume preparation service the further information I was asked to.

                      Leaving the house later to get a covid test bc of subway cougher not quite 2 weeks ago. That walk to test site will be my workout.

                      Semi failed a relationship w food experiment. Scroll to picture to skip.

                      One of my biggest "issues" has always been binging certain junk food. I will VERY rarely (maybe 2x a year at most, often just once or not at all) have the sort of binge that includes cooking/eating large quantities of normal food (whole loaf of bread w various toppings eaten while making cookies out of whatever random shit was in cupboard, go) in some out of control feeling half disassociated state. I'm often an overeater - eating a bit past fullness but not to uncomfortability to finish my plate/get a 2nd helping of something delicious, having desert even if full, snacking out of non hunger reasons. But rarely a binger. The exception to this is certain snack foods. If some things (doritos/cheetos/other fake cheese chips/puffs; recess pb cups; ice cream) are in my home I will absolutely eat the entire package, pretty immediately, whether hungry or not. It has the same out of control feeling as my infrequent binges. So I just don't keep shit like that it my home. But...I don't live alone. That is really stupidly unfair to my husband, who is capable of snacking like a normal human. So over a week ago I bought some Ben and Jerry's. I wanted ice cream. W things being what they are atm I wanted to support a company who's stand on things I like. Went to store to get ice cream... it was buy 1/get 1. Decided to do an experiment. I half passed bc I got this long before breaking out 2nd pint. Half failed bc I definitely ate whole stupid thing from container last night when I did get into it. Meh. Babysteps.

                      In better news, made hubby help me get this tapestry I bought up today to hide shitty wall behind our electronics.
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	20210119_105518.jpg Views:	0 Size:	425.5 KB ID:	761234

                      Habits this week:
                      LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 1/1
                      Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 1/1
                      Some useful task before 10am 1/1

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                        That tapestry is so lovely and serene!


                          Yes, that's a lovely tapestry!


                            I love the tapestry!
                            and yes, babysteps, you can do it!


                              Today's useful thing was verifying there is actually no Xanax hiding in my apt >.> well, and also taking out trash.

                              Today's workout was a walk, and shelf building. 'Rin, you ask, why are you building soooooo many shelves? Bc I live in 500 square feet with a pack rat who refuses to ever discard anything without tons of pathos AND brings new things home, and I have edited MY possession down to the bone.

                              These shelves are for his "t-shirt archives" (shirts he won't/can't wear anymore but won't discard, over 50 of them). These are currently on the top shelf of his wall of wardrobe (I'll post a pic once I fucking sort it next week or so).

                              Abt a week + ago, I noticed a growing pile of (clean) cloths on his side of the couch. "Can these go someplace in case we have ppl by?" "I need to move the archive, I'm out of space." "Ok, can we move it to the donation bin?" "No. (Looks at me like I have 5 heads)" "Can I get rid of your old (ripped) comforter etc that's been in a blanket bag for years to put the archives there under bed?" "No." "Can you fit anything else in your closet?" "(Pretends not to hear me.)" "Can we edit the newer, less emotionally laden clothing a bit so it fits in the available space." "(Still pretends not to hear me.)"

                              So yeah... I found a few feet of unused wall space above kitty litter boxes, bought some ziplock space bag things (that you suck the air out of) (to keep tshirts from getting disgusting w litter dust), and put up some shelves.

                              I really need to start harping on 1 thing in = 1 thing out, tho, I am out of MacGyver space now >.<

                              Do not marry a pack rat if disorder stresses you out. Luckily, I handle stress ok.

                              Habits this week:
                              LEAVE FUCKING HOUSE* 2/2
                              Composed outfit (not yesterday's) 2/2
                              Some useful task before 10am 2/2

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                                I rly was ridiculously anxious this morning. Woke up convinced/terrified another coup attempt was in the works, less amateurishly, and couldn't even watch inauguration as it was happening. Had to have a friend txt me that he'd been sworn in and nothing had blown up/no one was shot then watched it after. I'm fucking exhausted just from worry.