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    I am unreasonable DOMS-y, still, lol. Yesterday my workout was 2 sets of a short unilateral leg Circuit w 15lbs. (8 bstance deads (darebee count not per leg), 8 narrow split squats(this one no weight), 8 1 legged rdls, 8 split squats, 8 1 leg leg lifts)

    I was going to go for a walk but friend had to reschedule me so didn't and there went my active mins.

    Was going to go to gym today but cats cooperated to terrorize me last night. Int decided to play at 1230 (her favorite form of playing is to stalk around apt w her plush Guinea pig in mouth, meowing loudly). Then at 2 woke me up bc hungry. At 230 I was getting back to sleep and Shadow, who hasn't come on the bed in weeks, gets in bed and DEMANDS pets...not just "put hand on cat and sleep" cuddles, nope, she wants active scratching or she will put her cold little nose on my nose and mew pitifully (and her breath is not great). Finally she goes to sleep at 330 so so can I. Then at 4 I have Int being shark again, w added "cat fight on bed" bc she steps on Shadow when comming to bite me. And, ofc, she is hungry again at 6. Let's see if I can salvage day.

    90 active mins 1/2
    Yoga 2/2
    Structured workout 1/2

    100oz fluids w water>coffee 1/2
    Fruit/Veg 4+ 1/2
    Lean Protein 2+ 2/2
    No bednight junk 2/2

    Self Preservation:
    Wakeup 2/2
    French lesson 2/2
    Leave fkn house 2/2
    Tidy 15 min 2/2

    Current streak 80


      I'm sorry but that sounds cute. Horrible, but cute.


        Amirsh it was... they are really stinking lucky they are so cute.

        I had a really nice walk yesterday late afternoon/evening to see old roomate. My "long woods loop" aparently goes almost to her.

        For workout did 1 min plank in 20 sec intervals.
        5 min emom (15lb bar)
        5 bent rows but palms facing away from me
        5 shoulder press but palms facing body

        5 min emom same bar
        5 hang clean (my elbows need work)
        5 push press/thruster

        90 active mins 2/3
        Yoga 3/3
        Structured workout 2/3

        100oz fluids w water>coffee 2/3
        Fruit/Veg 4+ 3/3
        Lean Protein 2+ 3/3
        No bednight junk 3/3

        Self Preservation:
        Wakeup 3/3
        French lesson 3/3
        Leave fkn house 3/3
        Tidy 15 min 3/3

        Current streak 81


          Yesterday I slept in then went to my bootcamp, and took a walk after.

          I am super frustrated w this poor cat. Her quality of life is still really good (provided we overfeed her so she is not hangry all day) but her litter box adherence is... not. She better fucking pull through, if I have cleaned up this much shit and she dies anyway I will be so mad. Also, bc I am giving her meds twice a day she hates me now, and basically growls whenever I touch her (she's not growling bc touching hurts, bc she still purrs for my husband). Which makes cleaning after her more exasperating ofc. I have taken to calling her "Miss Shitty Kitty" but in a nice "who's a good girl" type voice so I can get out some frustration w out yelling at poor sick cat.

          90 active mins 3/4
          Yoga 3/4
          Structured workout 3/4

          100oz fluids w water>coffee 3/4
          Fruit/Veg 4+ 4/4
          Lean Protein 2+ 4/4
          No bednight junk 4/4

          Self Preservation:
          Wakeup 3/4
          French lesson 4/4
          Leave fkn house 4/4
          Tidy 15 min 4/4

          Current streak 82


            You’re a better woman than I, dealing with a shitty kitty like that....mine would be “learning how to fly” by now, especially with the growling bit


              Did she ever get a diagnosis or did I just miss it?


                DorothyMH I have been tempted. Instead I make fun of her lol... "oh, you think you're a tiger don't you...what a cute little tiger you are....oh you want more food to eat so you can befowl my house again do you?...kitty shark meow meow meow meow (to tune of baby shark).. your tiny pea brain thinks your box is attacking you bc it's a tiny pea brain, yes it is!" Etc >.> Still in cute voice, ofc, to not stress her... but it helps.

                CODawn not a 100% diagnosis bc I did not want to pay for scope/biopsy OR put her under anesthesia bc I would only do hospice if cancer anyway.....but from ultrasound she has definite thickning in small intestine - which means either an inflammatory bowel disorder or cancer - but the thickening is regular (can still see the layers of intestines) so probably not cancer. Vet was comfortable treating for that w out an actual diagnosis (and the steroids used for that are given to cats w cancer as a quality of life thing, anyway, so it is appropriate hospice if it is cancer).

                This new med they gave me (vet-nurse/tech called me to check on her and after hearing abt her symptoms got vet to give me an anti-paracite/antibiotic that is used off lable for diarrhea) is HELL to give her (liquid in syringe) but seems to be helping. Finally today the shit I am cleaning up is not pure liquid >.<


                  Her growling/attitude DEFINITELY makes it harder to take care of her, tho. I am spending a LOT of time reminding myself that she always has preferred my husband to me and she doesn't know that I am trying to help her so from her point of view just assumes the mean human is manhandling her for no reason.


                    That sounds really tough especially with the cat being afraid of you. You are amazing for helping regardless.


                      Willow became grouchy too. It definitely sounds like it's more inflammatory bowel than actual cancer. Willow had the cancer and she was not hungry or active.


                        That sounds so awful, for both of you.


                          Thank you so much CODawn DorothyMH oneironaut Amirsh and everyone else who read my saga of the shitty kitty yesterday. I was pretty frustrated. She is "busier" this morning then she has been the last few, hopefully this is a good sign.

                          I had a strange day yesterday. A nice morning playing commander then I fell into some funk. Had to drag self outside and missed active mins goal, then failed to avoid the doritos hubby brought me home. Today I have nice things to do, which should help.

                          Did get some good workout in yesterday, tho.
                          Continuing my Instagram backlog w one from Tallyrye.
                          15s on rows
                          10s on rest except 5 on external rotations
                          Stopgap at lv1 later as a "force self off couch" break.
                          Sun salutations sometime later as same.

                          90 active mins 3/5
                          Yoga 4/5
                          Structured workout 4/5

                          100oz fluids w water>coffee 4/5
                          Fruit/Veg 4+ 5/5
                          Lean Protein 2+ 5/5
                          No bednight junk 4/5

                          Self Preservation:
                          Wakeup 4/5
                          French lesson 5/5
                          Leave fkn house 5/5
                          Tidy 15 min 4/5

                          Current streak 83


                            Yesterday I did a new workout at lv1 just to do something, my yoga stretching, and I walked.

                            Went to MOMA and made me so happy. I go to museums like it's a pilgrimage. Art feeds my soul.

                            90 active mins 5/6
                            Yoga 5/6
                            Structured workout 5/6

                            100oz fluids w water>coffee 5/6
                            Fruit/Veg 4+ 6/6
                            Lean Protein 2+ 6/6
                            No bednight junk 4/6

                            Self Preservation:
                            Wakeup 5/6
                            French lesson 6/6
                            Leave fkn house 6/6
                            Tidy 15 min 5/6

                            Current streak 84


                              Yesterday I stayed in bed in the morning and read, so gyn was right out. Wanted to work but not super hard. Made a dropset, sort of.
                              hammer w 10s
                              Upperbodybuilder w 8s
                              Tendon + w 2s
                              shoulder work

                              This took about 30 mins, eeked out my 90 w 2 walks. 1 for groceries and 1 bribing self w coffee. I made Instapot lasagna w a ton of extra veggies as my "food to just have in fridge" for this week. Bonus bc this can feed me AND hubby.

                              Did my application of the week to satisfy UI. Need to get back to my learning other than just French.

                              90 active mins 6/7
                              Yoga 6/7
                              Structured workout 6/7

                              100oz fluids w water&gt;coffee 6/7
                              Fruit/Veg 4+ 7/7
                              Lean Protein 2+ 7/7
                              No bednight junk 5/7

                              Self Preservation:
                              Wakeup 5/7
                              French lesson 7/7
                              Leave fkn house 7/7
                              Tidy 15 min 6/7

                              Current streak 85


                                Got to gym yesterday!
                                Barbell calf
                                24@45, 20@65, 16@95, 12@95+
                                6@45, 5@55, 4@65, 3@75 + rep
                                Shoulder press small bar
                                12@25, 10(1), 8(2), 6(2)
                                Chest press small bar
                                6@25, 5@25, 4@35, 3@35

                                Also did some abs at home. 20 sec each woodchoppers (15lbs), side bends, leg raises, each side so 2 min standing abs LOL.

                                Working on some shit to get my gets better structured bc I am falling into a fucking PIT of ennui.

                                90 active mins 7/8
                                Yoga 7/8
                                Structured workout 7/8

                                100oz fluids w water>coffee 6/8
                                Fruit/Veg 4+ 8/8
                                Lean Protein 2+ 8/8
                                No bednight junk 6/8

                                Self Preservation:
                                Wakeup 6/8
                                French lesson 8/8
                                Leave fkn house 8/8
                                Tidy 15 min 7/8

                                Current streak 86