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    Welcome back! It's great to hear from you again. always, your workout routine and dedication is super impressive!


      12th Nov, 2020

      Playground Challenges

      From Russia with Legs ~ 37 reps / 1 min
      Flanked! ~ 18 rounds / 1 min
      Jumping Statue ~ 5 rounds (but almost 6!)
      Fists of Kali ~ 25 rounds / 1 min
      Squat Like a Bulgarian ~ 32 reps on right leg

      Squat Patrol
      Wk 1 ~ 84 reps -- 44 basic / 40 sumo
      Wk 2 ~ 112 reps -- 62 basic / 50 sumo
      Wk 3 ~ 140 reps -- 50 cossack / 50 split / 40 curtsy

      Daily Yoga (Day 317) ~ 15 min hip opening + side body flow

      Stationary Cycle ~ 10.1 km @ 22 to 26 kph / 30min 35sec (late afternoon)

      Daily Core Workout #1 / no rest between exercises / 4 sets
      10 vups
      10 boat folds
      10 leg raises
      20 dead bugs
      10 butt ups
      20 sitting twists
      10 crunch kicks
      20 cross crunches


        There she is, welcome back


          Thanks TheLibrarian It's nice to be be back, I missed the Hive a ton! Now to keep up with regular thread readings and check-ins haha
          I'm hoping that the snow will be the thing that helps me out with it!


            Hey there!


              Welcome back! And congrats on all your finished programs - you're awesome!


                Welcome back


                  13th Nov, 2020

                  ~ started the day out with around an hour shoveling over a foot of snow off of the massive driveway Soooo thankful I got out early to do it and it wasn't too terribly heavy, but my forearms are toast! I'll need to head out soon-ish to do some more since it still hasn't stopped snowing

                  I've had a some issues with my left wrist since the beginning of this past week thanks to some free flow ground fighting at HIIT class on the heavy bag. Hands weren't wrapped and I was punching like they were and it made it extremely unhappy. It didn't help that I came home and did some heavy weights too... Shoveling has not helped it, but sat out all classes this week, put lifting on hold for this week at least, and it is feeling loads better already. I'm hoping it feels good enough (taped up) to go to Mod 1 jits class in the morning, but likely won't roll afterwards just to be safe.

                  ~ 10 min warm-up flow + 10 min core/side body yoga

                  Squat Patrol
                  Wk 4 ~ 168 reps -- 68 basic / 50 sumo / 50 split

                  Daily Yoga (Day 318) ~ 20 min mostly lower body with a smattering of core through into my flow

                  Daily Core Workout #2 / no rest between exercises / 4 sets
                  60 torso twists
                  50 side bends
                  50 sitting twists
                  40 knee to elbow crunches
                  40 double side jack knives
                  30 body saws
                  20 plank rolls

                  Square One ~ Days 1 to 9 -- did each day all in one go and had approx. 2min rest between program days. Treated all of this as one big workout with essentially 9 sets.


                    Hope your wrist is better on the morrow.


                      Thanks a lot -- HellYeah
                      sleep_twitch and
                      Fremen It's wonderful to be back!


                        Originally posted by noname View Post
                        Welcome back! It's great to hear from you again.
               always, your workout routine and dedication is super impressive!

                        Thanks noname I will say ditto on your end!

                        My routine is a little bit all over the map at the moment since I have no real clear fitness goals. I wanna do all the things, but don't have enough time


                          Originally posted by TheLibrarian View Post
                          Hope your wrist is better on the morrow.
                          Thanks TheLibrarian ! Me too


                            13th Nov 2020 - cont.

                            ~ another 45 min of shoveling snow that segued into around 30 min of snow romp-ness with the kiddo

                            Stationary Cycle ~ 11 km @ 20 to 24 kph / 33min 34sec


                              14th Nov, 2020

                              Mod 1 BJJ class ~ sorta summarized (1 hour)
                              - haymaker defense to hip throw takedown
                              - hip throw takedown to knee on belly to arm bar
                              - basic reversal out of mount into a postured closed guard
                              - side control escape either straight back to closed guard with one bridge or to butterfly guard and then re-guard from there. Not letting partner posture up here either.

                              No rolling for two reasons: my wrist isn't fully better yet and I don't want to make it worse + four of the four stripe white belts tested for their blue belts today so space was limited. But, I'll be back there Monday evening for both Muay Thai and jits

                              Leg Workout - 4 sets of each exercise / 1min rest between sets
                              jump squats / 20 reps
                              single leg dl's / 18 reps each side
                              single leg squats / 9 reps each side
                              ext leg lifts / 22 reps each side
                              forward kick to back kick (foot doesn't touch the ground) / 8 reps each side

                              Squat Patrol
                              Wk 5 ~ 196 reps -- 66 basic / 30 plie / 50 split / 50 split

                              Daily Yoga (Day 319) ~ 10 min general warm-up before jits class + my 15 min lower body flow. I am feeling all those squats today!

                              Stationary Cycle ~ 10.1 km @ 26 to 30 kph / 28min 42sec


                                It's great to see you in the Hive again, Val! Congrats on all your new badges and your 3rd BJJ stripe!