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    daejamurrachan hi, to do the tilts lie down and raise your legs off the floor as illustrated. Then move your legs from side to side (left to right, right to left etc). Each move is one rep. I hope this helps!


      noname and neilarey yes! thank you both!!


        good evening, my friends.

        i took today as an active rest day. i took 2 walks. i didn't track my first walk. the 2nd was with the dogs (1.48 mi). i also did the Advent Calendar & burpees.

        make yesterday jealous, friends!


          Sunday I walk the dogs and that's what I did today.
          And more burpees. I did a total of 316 burpees over the course of the week. my push-ups feel much stronger these days.
          also did Advent Calendar.

          still didn't consistently track food. ups & downs on the scale are very explainable when I consider what I ate. (breads, processed anything, & added sugar = up 2lbs)

          Moved: 7/7
          Meditated: 7/7
          Steps: 68,814 (better than expected actually)
          Calories burned: 16,918

          i used to be super reliant on the number of steps & my treadmill to keep the calorie burn up. this week we are of course attributing it to lots of burpees. i'll take it. matter of fact, i kinda like it.

          make yesterday jealous, friends.


            Christmas Eve Gift!!! (when I was growing up, a Christmas Eve gift was a face full of kisses. from the right person, it makes you giggly. it even worked for my grandfather.)

            Today my brain was busier than my body. My body did the Advent Calendar & walked the dogs (3m/5k).
            My brain determined that next year needs to be very different. I need to spend the next year learning to be an adult and a child. I was a very grown-up child and didn't learn to play then. I am trying to learn how to play now. One of the reasons that I couldn't play as a child was that children make noise and sometimes noise drew more attention than I might have wanted. Which also meant that I didn't learn to speak up. I learned to hide. I'm going to stop hiding this year.

            And that's the scariest thing I've ever decided to do for a whole host of reasons.

            I've realized I'm wishing everyone a blessed new year as if I'm leaving or something and I'm not. I guess it just goes with Merry Christmas.

            I sincerely hope your Christmas is so magical every other day of the year is jealous. and may your 2019 be filled with more blessings than you can count. (and I'm still not going any where so I'll be sending you New Year blessings for at least a week.)


              Merry Christmas!


                Merry Christmas!

                Have fun playing! Not an easy task, but you got this.


                  Merry Christmas!


                    Merry Christmas daejamurrachan and a happy New Year. Love your plan and goals for 2019 !


                      hello friends!

                      on Christmas Day, we walked 2.25m\3.6k. my little dog was not to hyper about walking. he kept resting. it was kinda funny.

                      today, i did Party Time Workout, Athena's Playbook D3, Daily Dare & 10 TGU.

                      it is a good day. i finished some training, got my W/O done, and next, i'm going to play some card games with my daughter. later I may read a little bit. i got a few new books for Christmas, including Life Unscripted. maybe i'll start there.

                      make yesterday jealous, friends.


                        hihihi -

                        Thursday I worked with trainer Sara and we did KETTLEBELLS!!! we are still in the form space so we worked on cleans; we worked on presses; and we did goblet squats. well i mean i did and she watched and coached and adjusted. unweighted TGU for warm-ups. she said i will start doing those with a baby bell (and not the cheese!) next week. we spent quite a bit of time on these still. with Rt hand down bridged on Lft foot, i can cleanly and smoothly bring Rt leg under. the opposite is not true. i think the flexibility issue is in the hip. something to work on.

                        today: Daily Dare, Cardio Magic, Athena's Playbook D4, and Maniac. step count is low but burn is high. Trin had ortho appointment so we spent 2 hours in car, and an hour-ish in waiting room. add to that a high temperature of 23F / -5C and as far as i'm concerned it was not a good day for a walk.

                        Ramble Warning: i was mid-thirties when got pregnant with Trin and clueless when it came to being healthy. i didnt have to know much to be able to observe how many people were suffering all day every day from things caused by extra weight and poor diet. when she had just learned to walk, we were at a hotel and i was running her up and down the hallway. someone commented how sweet it was to see me playing with my granddaughter. ouch. at the time, my work schedule was brutal. i was working mids (midnight to 7am) so that i could be with her during the day. i was running on almost no sleep but i would take her to the day care at the YMCA most days so that i could do some cardio. eventually i figured out that cardio alone would not be enough to let me keep up with a teenager so i started working with a trainer. and then life and no gym for years. when i did get back in the gym, i tried to start with cardio again. nothing major or high intensity, just to ease back in (3.5mph/5.6kph with a 1% incline on the treadmill). a long slow burn that didnt raise my heart rate but did leave me feeling crippled for days. i would have to crawl up the stairs in my house. i didn't know what all was wrong but i did know that my body was terribly out of balance. i started working with a trainer and made great progress. i could do march steps and lift both knees to equal heights without pain. i could walk on the treadmill (even do some HIIT running) and not feel like i was causing more damage. the weird feeling in my ankles was gone when i first stood up. that was something that had started with the back problems. when i would stand up, it would take a few steps, a few seconds before it felt like my body was ready to hold my own weight. i stopped going to that gym and working with that trainer. it took some time for me to find a new trainer that i wanted to work with. at the moment that sensation in my ankles is back. i don't actually know what is causing it. i had attributed it to a weak core. if that's the case, all the work i'm doing with Sara and her focus on balancing the abdominal and the back muscles will start to ease the sensation. Sara doesn't have as directed a stretching routine as i had with the other trainer so i'll need to ask her for something like that that i can do on my own.

                        why am i rambling about this? someone asked me why i'd stopped doing what worked before. and the answer is: that wasn't my focus. the feeling in my ankles was just a weird sensation. it didn't cause me pain or anxiety like the imbalances did. the fact that it went away was just something i noticed, not even really paid attention to, just noticed because i was making a list of all the things that felt better.

                        he also said something else that i paid attention to: he said one side is significantly stronger. and that would make sense. even if it wasn't a walking cast, if i used my crutches, i was carrying that extra weight on around my ankle. and i used the crutches more often than not at home.

                        so, more stretches and specifically focusing on identifying the remaining imbalance between left and right lower body.

                        what are you focusing on, friend?

                        this is your story and it is the write your adventure kind. make sure you are your own hero.

                        make yesterday jealous, my friend.
                        Last edited by daejamurrachan; December 29th, 2018, 04:21 AM. Reason: cursor jumped everywhere so i may never find all the weird typos ...


                          Ramble Warning: This has nothing to do with anything and is just verbal rumination.

                          i love you and i give you permission to be human. and i want you to be kind to yourself. many of us never learn how to do that.

                          you (well we) learn about disappointment at a very young age. a child spills milk, accidentally breaks a plate or glass, or runs indoors because they are excited, and a very well-meaning adult scolds or punishes them. we continue to do that to ourselves as adults but we add another even nastier component.

                          many of us lie to ourselves. nearly all the time. and then we have another reason to believe all the nasty things we hear in our head. and another reason to punish ourselves. another reason to be disappointed.

                          we tell ourselves this year we are going to get healthy (too broad a statement to measure). we are going to exercise everyday (what if you get really sick? go on vacation? or just have a really crappy day and can't). we decide we are going to eat healthy this time and lose weight (holidays, happy hour, birthdays, long-ass work day and no energy to cook days ... just me?).

                          and suddenly you've unintentionally lied to your self again. and it reinforces all the negative self-talk you may or may not consciously be aware of in your own story line, in your own voice, wearing you down.

                          the question is: how do we stop doing this? the answer is simple: change your language. (note: i said simple; not easy.)

                          one of the best things about Darebee is that there is a very low bar to be able to say: I exercised today. . this is not to say the standards are low. this is in recognition of the fact that some days, you need a win. not the whole war, not even a big win, but a win to keep you moving forward. and this is an amazing gift you can give yourself also.

                          instead of saying i'm going to do this everyday ... say i will do this every day that serves my goal or moves me forward. that says if doing it everyday moves you in the right direction, then run, lift, swim, ride, swing, punch, stretch, kick, until you win that day. but if today is not THAT day, then let today just be a day. not a bad day. not a failure. not a reason to beat yourself up. just a day.

                          i love my dog. her name is Lucy. she's a boxer mix and she has her head in my lap. she wants to convince me to stop typing and pet her. this post is taking longer to finish than it might have because sometimes i do stop typing and pet her. and the beautiful thing is when i do, she's happy. she isn't holding a grudge about when i wasn't petting her. she doesn't get mad when i stop to type. she just puts her head back in my lap and waits - and sometimes she nudges my arm and that makes for funny jumpy mouse movements and strange typos.

                          most of us people don't have that kind of love, especially for our selves. we hold grudges, we get mad, we punish for even the smallest transgressions. we do this to OURSELVES. we tell our self we are going to do this great thing, this fantastical thing, and then we miss a step, and we count that as a failure. and we beat our self up and say horrible things to our self, and then we wonder why we don't have the energy or the desire to try again.

                          language is spelled. language is magical. find the words to speak to yourself to lift yourself up. to move you forward.

                          here is some of my language (if it helps): i don't exercise. i don't know why but exercise doesn't sound like fun to me. i walk the dogs and i enjoy that - when it isn't below freezing. i train with Sara. and i really miss practicing / learning martial arts. i will do that again too. but i probably won't exercise.

                          and i don't cheat. not on my taxes, not on my spouse, and not on my meals. i've made mistakes on my taxes and that's expensive. my marriage is not what it should be but i am still not willing to break the vows. and i didn't make a vow to do anything with my food so there is no cheating. i have sometimes eaten things that don't line up with my ultimate goals but the less i beat myself up about it, and the more often i pay attention to it and recognize it, the less often it happens. i can be mindful of the times that i enjoyed a bit of sea salt caramel, recognizing how much pleasure i got from eating that. also recognizing how much less pleasure i got when i ate too many of them, without wounding myself.

                          find the words that make you feel good about what you are doing and find the words that don't punish you for being human. i am not an asshole or an idiot because i ate a piece of cheesecake or slice of pizza (although the pizza did turn me into a slug on the couch and in that aspect my IQ might have gone down). i'm not stupid because i didn't exercise or work-out.

                          and neither are you. you are enough. you are smart enough. you are strong enough. you are beautiful.

                          you are the only you out there or in here. you have something that only you can bring to the table in a way that only you can bring it. the World needs that, need You.

                          make yesterday jealous, my friend.


                            Love this post!


                              "Don't cheat yourself"... I think that's very powerful, as simple as it is. Thank you


                                Powerfull post!

                                I changed my check-in from "starting over" to "going on" cause language is a powerful thing. For me, it changed a lot, for example I do not feel guilty when I give myself a break, I can just go on from where I left. And what I did before counts as an achievement, instead of "erasing" all your efforts by starting over. The small changes have a big impact, sometimes.