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    Out of my grave

    Hey there!

    Please allow me to introduce myself
    I'm a man of wealth and taste

    Ok, not really. ^^' I'm Grablund, 33, and I'm in the worst condition ever. So, I think my goal is the same one many others have: Getting fit (again), loosing weight and the most important thing, improving my health. I just started here on the 18th - best birthday present I made myself - and hopefully will be able to reach my goals. I love sports, especially outdoor, and did a lot of sports in past. But meanwhile there is a bunch of problems (Asthma, migraine, and an old injury of my ankle) that makes it hard to be as fit and active as I want to be. Nevertheless I try my best to move my bones, whining around just sucks. I'm always between listening to my body and not beeing a sissy.

    Well, I started with the Hero's Journey on Friday. Yeah, I love this RPG stuff. (Btw. pen and paper is one of my big passions.) It's not easy going for me, so I think I'm doing right.
    Hopefully this log will help to fight it out on less motivated days.

    Thank you for reading.

    Best of luck. I'm sure you can achieve anything you put your mind to.


      Happy belated birthday and welcome to the Hive. And to help you stay motivated, my migraines have become a LOT better since I started to work out, I know it's different for everybody but it's worth a try, beats the painkillers.


        Thank you for your warm welcome, guys.
        And yes, werehamster, I really hope it will become better.


          Log entry 001
          August 18 - 20

          Ok, after introducing myself, let's get serious here. I started the Hero's Journey program. The first three days were hard but nevertheless funny. Earned a mourning from my body... Well, I don't want to talk about pain. Just this: It felt good. ^^
          (Ok, this definitely sounds strange... somehow...)

          August 21
          Day 4 of my journey to become a ... not, definitely no hero. May I just choose the other side? ^^
          Workout was ok... Really ok. I mean, I felt the effort but no ache. For a short moment I asked myself if I did something wrong. Then I got giggly and thought there might be something below my pudding. Well, I looked through some other core exercises but finally added nothing. I want to be careful and not overextend my body.

          Funny moment: I kept lying on the floor between the superman stretches. My son came into the room and was slightly shocked.

          I'm looking forward to day 5.
          current HJ points: 400

          Yeah, let's talk about short time goals. They are important.
          Please don't laugh at me but one of my hobbies is to crochet. And I have a wonderful instruction for a nice looking tunic. Additionally I have 1,000m of a high quality wool. I'd love to do this tunic with only these 1,000m. So, a few centimeters less around the waist will be helpful.
          Goal - reducing waist circumference
          Reward - doing the awesome tunic


            Welcome and your off to a great start, have fun


              Thank you, Gee

              Log entry 002
              August 22
              My original plan was to brew up some green tea and relax a bit on my sofa before training. But then I heard this song and it fitted perfectly to my workout. So I started exercising and had some nice green ice tea refreshment after training.
              Workout was hard this time. Not because of the exercises themselves but my right ankle complained a bit. I have to be careful, I know. But I did not start to stumble only 5 days later. So, no time to be a sissy. ^^ Motivation is still high and I hope I can keep it this level as long as possible.
              I'm a bit worried about the weather. It often triggers my migraine. Hopefully I won't have an attack this time. Besides my workout I planned a longer geocaching trip for Saturday. No time for pain.

              current HJ points: 500


                Welcome to The Hive Grablund
                Hope you'll have a lot of fun with Hero's Journey, and good luck with your short and long term goals.


                  Thank you I-Matanjah


                    Welcome to the hive! Enjoy your stay




                        Thank you, both.

                        Log entry 003
                        August 23
                        Hello push-ups, my old friend! I always tried to avoid push-ups in past. Once I asked a friend if he would show me how to do them. He said "Sure. Look at me. It's just 1,2,3,4....10...15...20. Oh, and one handed it's just like that 1,2,3...." *demotivating mode*.... Yeah, I never learned how to do them, or even how to learn them and therefore I can't do even one. Yaaaay. But as motivation is still high, I want to learn it right now.
                        Yesterday's workout said classic push-ups to failure. Instead of failing with no. 1 I just stepped back a bit an did the easier ones, wall and incline push-ups. It was the better choice, I think. Classic push-ups are added now to my goals list.
                        Additionally I got interrupted during my workout. Guys... honestly... would it please be possible to survive an hour without me? - No, obviously not. Some people will have to learn that I'd like to take some time for my training, or simply train with me. Anyways I added a short but strong walk, just approx 10-15 minutes, due to the interruption.
                        Despite this exercises were fun, yesterday. My right ankle gets better again an motivation is still high. I managed it to integrate my workout into my calendar. Looks nice and helps to plan my days without being online.

                        current HJ points: 700

                        New goal: learning to do push-ups
                        Reward: uhmmm, ability to do push-ups? ^^


                          Log entry 004

                          August 24
                          I felt good during exercises. And even better after them. Full stop.

                          August 25
                          It's day 8 of the Hero's Journey. Training was a bit harder today but still ok. I even had enough time an breath to do the DD. There is just a little headache upcoming. Hope it won't turn into a migraine attack. I have plans for this weekend. No time to lie in bed with pain...

                          current HJ points: 950


                            Log entry 005

                            August 26
                            I'm such a bloody cheater. But I think I already mentioned that I'm more a villain than a heroine. I wanted to be careful with my ankle, so I chose the "easier" way today. In the end I saw it would cost me my dinner. That would be pretty hard. Not physically. I had a nice natural yoghurt with some fruit in the afternoon so eating nothing for dinner won't be that hard for my body. But today was one of the rare days where I can have dinner with my husband and my son. Due to our work that doesn't happen as often as it should be. Therefore I added some push up training after the main workout and just ate a bit less of our tasty tomato salad.
                            And yay, I planned to do level I but ended up with level II. Felt pretty good.

                            current HJ points: 1150


                              Log entry 006

                              September 05
                              I'm really piss... pardon, slightly frustrated. As you see, there was a full week without any life signs by me. Yay... A really shitty virus visited me and this unexpected and unwanted guest even brought some fever with it. Guest gift. So, fever forced me down into bed a full week. I rarely get such ill. More than doing some footwork and hand tendons/hand mobility wasn't possible. I can't find propper words for this kind of frustration...
                              I just recovered and will restart my Hero's Journey this evening. Hopefully I won't fail...

                              current HJ points: back to 0