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    Tuesday: Gravity Day 24. Stretching and did it on lvl 3

    Wednesday: 10min run and SPIN class. First spin in over 2 months!! It was sooooo hard! Would have been a good, not too hard one had it not been my first one again, feels like starting over! Ah well, at least I went, had fun, and am excited to be back into it. I will be going every Wednesday until Christmas!


      Oh boy I'm a bit behind!! Haven't been keeping up quite as much with 30 Days of Gravity as I would like, but I have been doing something ever night. It's a good thing I managed to get my 15 Days Badge back because life is getting a bit crazy right now and its a really good motivator to not loose it again.

      Thursday: I was so sore from after Spin so I pretty much did some climbers and called that good.

      Friday: It wasn't a "workout" but it was moonlight madness in town (all the sales) and my friend and I were shopping for the prizes for our work Christmas party (shopping with someone else's money is so much fun!) so we did like 4hours of walking and lifting boxes and loading/unloading my truck. So I'm counting it.

      Saturday: Gravity Day 25 - millions of reps for leg day....did it on level 2 and my wall sit times (in seconds) were: 38 / 36 / 36. This was not quite as good as last time, but after running again and spin again and the millions of reps (felt like a huge jump from last one!) I don't feel so bad about that.

      Sunday: Gravity Day 26 - upperbody! No level and I did my pushups 10(10) / 8(5) / 6(4). I've had higher individual counts, but overall count this is a P.B.

      Monday: 20 min walk/run alternating every minute - felt pretty good, did one more lap of the track then last time.

      Tuesday: Sore and tired so I did Yoga for Runners. I was doing that in the summer when I was running and really enjoyed it. I need to start making it a regular thing again.

      Wednesday: SPIN. Wasn't feeling super great so I kept my tension pretty low....still managed to work really hard - does not feel like I slacked off at all!!!

      I didn't do the climber challenge for a couple days and now it feels impossible to catch back up so then I wasn't doing because it felt too overwhelming. I'll be picking that up again tonight and just from where I left off, not going to worry about catching up. It might turn into a 45 day challenge instead of 30. But this way I will finish it instead of just stopping.


        Thursday: Gravity Day 27! Abs day and maybe I am getting stronger, didn't seem quite so horrible! Did the 3 minute plank - first minute was the full, proper form plank. the second was on my elbows and the third minute I had to drop to my knees. But the first minute was really awesome, I don't think I've had as much "success" with a plank before so that was exciting.
        Also, cannot believe that I'm already on Day 27! This one has been going so fast, even with with extra spin and run days. I should be able to finish this weekend if all goes according to plan


          I finished 30 Days of Gravity!!! And I hit 30 consecutive days of working out!!!

          Loved 30 Days of Gravity! I think possibly my favourite so far? I primarily did it on level 2...except for planks and abs days those were level 1 (on days there were different levels).

          In Summary....

          Day 1: 7/5/6 = 18
          Day 2: 11/5/4 = 20
          Day 3: 8/6/5 = 19
          Day 4: 10/4/3 = 17
          Day 5: 10(5)/6(6)/5(5) = 21(16) = 37
          Day 6: 10(8)/6(6)/6(5) = 22(19) = 41
          Day 7: 10(10)/8(5)/6(4) = 24(19) = 43
          Day 8: 11(10)/8(7)/7(2) = 26(19) = 45

          Wallsits (seconds):
          Day 1: 35/30/25 = 90
          Day 2: short
          Day 3: 43/35/27 = 105
          Day 4: 48/42/31 = 121
          Day 5: 38/36/36 = 110

          What's Next?
          Well its the end of November, I'll be going home for Christmas, I still want to run and Spin, plus this year I want to take part in fit-mas so I don't think starting a new program will be the best for me. I'll have to stop and then loose motivation and maybe not be able to do all of the fit-mas I will be restarting Gravity!!!
          Feels a bit silly when there are so many other programs that sound cool and that I want to do, but i loved this program, won't feel bad if things get busy and I don't finish or have to take a break, and I will go for level 3!!


            Happy double Badge


              I'm so glad you loved Gravity too! It's probably my favorite as well. That pushups progression is awesome.

              Happy Badge Day, and happy 30 days!!!


                Happy Badge Dayy


                  Thanks guys!! HellYeah80 Encourager and noname

                  I'm excited/curious to see what the pushup count will be with a much easier pre-workout compared to day 30!!!


                    Alright! Gravity Round 2

                    Monday - 20 minutes of 1 min run/walk.

                    Tuesday - Gravity Day 1 - Lower body on level 3. I don't have my wall sit numbers in front of me....but the first two were around 50 seconds and the third was about 30 seconds.

                    Wednesday - Spin! I don't know if my bike/seat wasn't set up properly or just that the workout was hard or that I've been doing something bad lately but my knee was sooo sore. To the point were I had to ice it when I got home. I don't want to take it easy but I also don't want to make anything worse. We have a physiotherapist who comes to our office every two weeks so I'll try to see him next time he is in, otherwise going to increase my stretching and take more care in setting up my bike in case that is part of the problem.


                      Thursday - Gravity Day not have my puhsup numbers in front of yeah I'll look those up and post them later, wasn't the huge jump I had hoped for, but in line with my last pushup day. Felt good.

                      Friday - went to the track to go for a run (NEED to start going at least twice a week!!!!) but it was closed for some event so I went home and did Gravity Day 3 instead. Abs and I did it on level 3! Barely level 3, but still, I did manage to do it! Super pleased about that!

                      Saturday - busy day and was at the neighbours for dinner until late, luckily Day 4 is flexibility so I managed to do that one before bed. I knew I wanted to shower before bed so I figured that got rid of any excuse to not do it. That was also on lvl 3.

                      Sunday - Day 5, Abs and Core. No levels for the circuit. And for the plank I did just over 1min full plank and then just under another minute for an elbow plank. So kind of level 1.5?


                        It's been a pretty low week for me this past week, which is probably why I haven't really posted anything. I'm feeling burn out from work and life and everything that is going on right now. I have so much happening before Christmas and none of it is a big deal individually - like a bunch of appointments (massage, optometrist, dentist) Christmas party, meetings, have to pack to go home. Like really nothing is a big deal!! I have enough time, I've made a nice to do list with the work side of things broken down nicely. Its just ugh. I don't even know. Last month or so have been super stressful work-wise and yes, it was hard and kind of miserable but that stress has lifted and now I just feel worse about everything else that is remaining. Anyways, trying to remain good about working out and eating healthy. I can control that and I'm sure that it is helping me cope. Whether or not I can feel it right now. I'm taking about a week off at Christmas and going home so that should be what I need to reset myself, just a matter of getting there!

                        Monday - I went to do a 20 min walk/run and within 5mins I had chin splints and was really sore. I tried to keep going and double the walk time then do the regular run. But that just wasn't helping. Someone who also goes to the track who I hadn't seen in awhile stopped and we talked for a bit and I didn't stop my timer so that got me to about 18minutes and I walked the last two. I went which is good, but thats the only thing to feel good about.

                        Tuesday - still really sore so just did some extra stretching

                        Wednesday - still sore so I didn't go to spin, I did Gravity Day 6, Upper Body. I was not feeling very strong or committed so mu pushups went way down - like 8, 5, 3 or something like that. Which is not helping my negative outlook that I am currently stuck in.

                        Thursday - Gravity Day 7 lower body. First wall site was really good - broke the 1minute mark...with 61 seconds lol but still counts! Had a solid decline after that with 30ish and 20ish. Then did some serious foam rolling on my calves.

                        Friday - I haven't done my workout today (which will be Day 8 - flexibility) and calves are so sore. In general I think this is a clear sign of having to spend a bit more time stretching. Which is fine. What is frustrating right now though is that I feel like I can't do anything until I get back to a pain-free place.


                          Hang in there-- even if you don't really see it yourself-- you're doing great
                          Think about how life would be if you didn't pushed yourself-- doing workouts and such. Again, you're doing awesome.


                            noname was faster as he said - hang in there, you are doing great I started yoga and meditation a few days ago - especially the latter helps me a lot - some kind of "me-time" which helps me to focus, to reflect and to fuel up my energy, perhaps it helps you too.




                                Sooo Happy New Year! 2019!

                                The rest of my December was not super productive. I kept things up until the 11th and then fell off, plus then went home for Christmas. I had a lovely break from work and 'real life' we played board games. Well a million versions of one board game - Settlers of Catan. We ate lots of snacks and hot chocolate with baileys and Santa visited us. Had a week and a half off for Christmas and was back at work yesterday (the 2nd).

                                Thanks for the words of encouragement noname and TheLibrarian, I shall have to look into some yoga or meditation or some such thing, it could be what I need to keep going. Also thanks for the tag in the snowfight BlackButler appreciate the thought even though I didn't check until long after it was over!! Maybe next year I'll have things together!

                                I will run a 10km race - my mom and I registered for a race in Canmore AB. So I need to start training for that. I was running last year, but when I went to get back into it before Christmas I started getting chin splints (which I've never had before). So I am back tracking now. I took a solid break, will increase the warm up that I do as well as pre and post stretching and am going to start back at 8 Weeks to 5km. I've slightly modified it to fit in spin class once a week. (basically replaced one run day with spin). The start of this will definitely feel easy for me so I am going to also do a program. Once my runs start to become harder the program should be about done and I can re-evaluate run+program.

                                Loose some weight - yes, this is vague. And I have it vague on purpose, I don't know how much exactly I need to loose to feel better - I've never been a person to monitor my weight which I don't think is a bad thing but it does make it hard to say! Plus the easiest way is to use a scale and that is weight not just fat that I loose but muscle that I will (hopefully) gain. I want to feel fit and not quite so soft and oozy. I wasn't feeling so great about where I was before Christmas and after sitting all day and eating lots well I feel a bit worse about where I'm at. Having said that - I still fit in all the clothes! Don't all look good, but can get in. And Christmas was great, I needed the break from everything so I have no guilt or regret about that and mentally I feel recharged and as long as I don't look at my little belly that I have going on I feel pretty positive about the new year and what I want to do. So loose weight - running will obviously help, as will spin. The new program, Full Circuit just happened to be a click away on the Darebee home page so I'm doing that one. It sounds about what I need/am looking for and shouldn't take away from running/spin progress. It also appeals to me as I don't have to count and it lasts 21 or 9 minutes. That sounds like enough after a short run. Of course the main factor here will be food (sadness) I have a pretty solid system of salads for dinner - make some sort of protein on the weekend or monday and have just a bunch of random healthy salad things i can mix up depending on my mood. I was making a big batch of soups for lunches before the holidays....but I'm not sure if I want to keep doing that. I do need to have some sort of snack in the afternoon (morning too, but afternoon is the important one otherwise I feel too hungry to do a good workout) and finding something good and healthy will be a challenge. I briefly looked at the new mealplan, Preset Six, and while I won't be doing the meal plan, I do like how each night is a theme and I wonder if I could adapt that into something that works for me. So that is my short term goal - this weekend I will find some stuff and make a meal plan for for the week. See how it goes and go from there.

                                Pushups and Pullups - I want to be able to do 50 pushups and 5 pullups in a row by the end of the year. I think I will wait until February before diving too seriously into this one. That way I'll have my running system down and either be done with the program or be confident that I can handle more. Realistically I can see not doing a second program but adding these challenges and maybe stand alone upper/full body workouts on the non running days.

                                Complete Triathlon - I was all ready to do this last summer, but it got cancelled. So this year it will happen! The smartest thing here is to not stop running after the race in May, keep going to spin and add in a bike ride in the summer and start swimming again. If I could start now, even just once a week I would get ahead...buuuut that may not happen yet.