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    This dragon has been going at it hard! Holy cow!


      Thank you Colin and aveoturbo .

      I always try to put in a good showing at the ZOINKS Games.


        January 13-19 roundup:

        Yoga - days 1246-1252:

        211/210 minutes yoga flows
        299/60 minutes skill & strength drills (includes some 48 for 48 and Winter Games work)
        94/70 minutes restorative yoga
        51/40 handstands
        longest handstand with stabilization assist: 5 seconds (goal = 10)
        longest handstand kick to freestanding: 4 seconds (goal = 10)
        13/12 forearm balances
        forearm balances with no stabilization assist: 2 (goal = all)
        77/70 minutes joint care work

        DAREBEE Programs & Challenges:

        nothing this week

        Daily Dares:

        Dares this week: none
        Dares total: 215, 212 with EC

        Hiking: 46/42 km

        Running: 20/25 km (although my current goal is only 15 km per week as I rebuild a training base)

        5 km in 34:28, splits: 7:05, 7:00, 6:59, 6:57, 6:27
        5 km in 33:54, splits: 6:40, 6:56, 6:44, 6:56, 6:38
        5 km in 35:36, splits: 6:52, 7:07, 6:50, 7:06, 7:41
        5 km in 34:14, splits: 6:47, 6:51, 6:50, 7:00, 6:47

        SUP: none this week ('tis not the season!)

        Personal Challenges:

        GBOT: day 0
        No Video Games: days 387-393

        Priorities Tracking:

        1. Sleep

        Came into this week pretty short on sleep. Stayed up late Sunday to complete my 48 for 48 workout. Stayed up late Monday too--probably also working out. Had some naps during the day this week, including a hard, almost 3 hour crash on Thursday. Had trouble falling asleep Thursday night as a result. I made it to bed last night for 11:00 and awoke this morning (Sunday) at 6:10. This is not enough sleep for me. But thanks to napping I do not have a sleep deficit on the week overall. And I'm not driving anywhere today or playing with any other power tools (excepting my toothbrush). So I'm going to try to stay awake today and get back on track tonight.

        2. Yoga

        I hit my new (a.k.a. old but newly re-instated) training standards for backbends (5 days @ minimum 5 minutes), standing balances (5 days @ minimum 5 minutes) and crow/crane work (3 days @ minimum 5 minutes). I counted all of my work in lolasana towards crow/crane this week as lolasana is technically an arm balance and is definitely strength-training work that will help me progress my crow/crane. (And because I truly could not have done much more strength training work this past week than what I did.) Additionally, I hit all of my time targets for training styles (yoga flows, restoratives, and joint care routines). This was tough to fit in on top of everything else I did this week, but I'm happy with the allotments here so am trying to keep them.

        3. Running

        I hit my goal for the week, which was to run 3 times and complete a total of 15 km. Plus I did an additional 5K run on my birthday. (This was scheduled to be only 4.8 km, but I decided to throw in the extra 200 metres.)

        Sunday's run felt pretty good.

        On Monday, I was exhausted--not so much in a muscle fatigue way as in a "my brain needs to be unconscious right now" way. I did my usual warm-up (walking one lap of Spicebush Trail), then got back inside the car to strip down for my run. I was sorely tempted to lie down on the back seat and have a nap right then and there. But I forced myself to get back out of the car and do the run and ended up with my fastest run time for the week. (Mostly because I told myself, "the faster you finish this, the sooner your head can hit a pillow.")

        On Wednesday, I was exhausted in a muscle-fatigue kind of way and I allowed myself to take some walking breaks on the last 2 km. This resulted in my slowest run of the week and the only one in which I did not keep my average pace below 7 minutes/km.

        On Friday I was halfway tired in an "I need more sleep" way and halfway tired in a muscle fatigue way, but I pushed through and completed my run in a decent (for where I'm at now) time.

        Next week I'm going to face some weather that it won't be possible to run in without significant risk of bodily harm. There will likely be some substituting of runs with indoor cardio workouts as a result. Indoor cardio is definitely not my favourite thing to do, but I'm hoping that fighting for the Light on the Battleground will help to keep me motivated.

        4. Everything Else

        4.1 Scheduling

        Summer scheduling does not work in the winter. I'm juggling too many variables right now which are outside of my control. I'm going to drop this section from my reports for the time being.

        4.2 DAREBEE

        No DAREBEE work this week due to my birthday workout and the:

        4.3 ZOINKS Winter Games

        In addition to the Obstacle Course event (which I reported on here), we have a Big 4 Widowmakers event, a "Snow Shovelling" event, and a Double Heptathlon in this year's Winter Games.

        The Double Heptathlon is one minute of one exercise per day for each of the 14 days of the Games. For the first 7 days of the Games I did:

        bodyweight squats: 34
        push-ups: 20
        walking lunges (left + right = 1): 11
        plank hold: 60 seconds
        jumping jacks: 76
        wall sit: 60 seconds
        sumo squats: 41

        For the Widowmakers this week I did:

        2 @ 22# for all exercises
        1 @ 29# for squats, deadlifts, and floor presses, and 16# for OHPs
        17 @ 16# for all exercises

        I do not have access to much in the way of free weights, so my poundage here is limited largely by my equipment. 16 lbs. = 2 x 8 lb. hand weights. 22 lbs. = 2 x 8 lb. hand weights + 2 x 3 lb. hand weights. 29 lbs. = a crate of 24 x 500 ml bottles of water. I've done most sets with only the 8 lb. hand weights because the other items are awkward to work with. Also, I do not have a workout bench, so for bench presses I have to substitute floor presses or stability ball presses. (I mix this up, depending on how tired my butt is from other work.)

        The Snow Shovelling event is designed to simulate snow shovelling via squatting, pushing (push-ups, bench/floor presses, OHPs), and weighted carries/pulls/pushes or stair climbing. There is a lot of overlap with the Widowmakers event, and the coordinators of these 2 events are allowing the same work to count towards both. Here is what I did on this event this week:

        926 squats
        916 push-ups/floor/bench/overhead presses
        48 flights of stairs
        305' weighted carries

        (The pushing work was just what I did for the widowmakers, double heptathlon, obstacle course, and my birthday workout. The squatting = squats I did for these other events, plus an additional 240 shrimp squats.)

        Not going to lie: I'm growing really tired of all the squats, deads, and presses. But the Games continue for one more week. I must remain strong.

        4.4 Hiking

        In town with the puppies, plus short nature hikes in Rondeau as warm-ups/cool-downs for my runs. Winter weather is making it difficult to keep up with my mileage targets, but I'm squeaking through so far.

        4.5 SUP

        No stand-up paddleboarding now until the spring.

        4.6 No Video Games: Days 387-393

        This one has become easy to maintain now, but I'm still logging it to remind myself that I do need to stick with this course of action.


          Stay strong! One more week!


            Thank you Hbomb3383 .


              Sunday night I did:

              on Level III with EC for the Light.


                Monday morning warm-up:

                done on Level III with EC for the Light.


                  I have to say, RB, that with all the yoga and tai qi I've tried, it might be that pretending to BEAT THE LIVING HA-HOOEY OUT OF SOMETHING might be the exercise experience that makes me feel the best!


                    I'd definitely rather be doing yoga, Colin . But I did not run today due to the frigid temperatures. So I thought I'd better squeeze in a little something extra on the cardio front. Plus, one must fight for the Light, of course. So:

                    done, but only on Level I with EC in the interest of GBOT.

                    (I did yoga today too, of course.)


                      The battle continues with:

                      modified to count reps instead of seconds. Seven rounds completed with no break between sets.


                        A ton of punches !!!!


                          Originally posted by Cabriel View Post
                          A ton of punches !!!!
                          Yup! My shoulders are getting a workout this week! (Even though I don't have any standard push-ups on the agenda.)


                            Still no running today.
                            The temperature here is actually above freezing. But it's been windy and raining all day. The dogs have not even wanted to go outside in the yard to do their business.

                            But I did my yoga plus a bunch of widowmakers for ZOINKS plus:

                            done on Level III with EC for the Light.


                              Finally we had some nice weather here last night by ~ 8:30 PM. Temperature above freezing with calm winds and no rain. It was too late to go for a run, but the puppies and I at least got out for short walks.

                              Today the temperature had dropped again, I did not have access to a car to get out to Rondeau, and it's too dangerous to run in town with our current conditions. (Actually, Rondeau is probably pretty dicey for running right now too due to yesterday's thaw and then quick refreeze.) So still no running. But the puppies and I braved the cold this afternoon for our full length walks, plus I did my yoga, widowmakers for ZOINKS and:

                              on Level I with EC for the Light.


                                The Rainbow Dragon dressed for braving the -21C wind chill

                                This was my outfit for walking my dogs today. Windchill was -21C. So no running again. (I can barely move wearing this much clothing, let alone run. Plus my field of vision is severely limited by the hat, headband, scarf, and two hoods.) I did the full 3K with each dog, however.

                                I did a long yoga practice this morning too. Other than this: just my one minute double heptathlon exercise for the ZOINKS Winter Games. I ran out of time to do anything else. (I am starting a new thing of trying to use the last hour of my day to wind down and not do any intense, sweaty workouts during this time.)