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    Originally posted by Rainbow Dragon View Post
    Workout with my mother: Day 197 - easy day, since my mother had surgery in the morning, but she did not want to lose her streak!
    Looks like your daily workouts have been good for her! I hope she recovers well.


      Reading your last couple logs. Everything looks great!
      I like your workout, your drawing, and the "other stuff" session like no video games, no seated TV, and daily drawing.

      Nice to encounter someone working on Inktober. I am not doing it primarily because I am just lazy. I kinda want to do it now but probably won't be the official prompt.


        Congrats on unlocking a new yoga pose! I love your Inktober drawings - I should have done some "warm up" drawings as well I think


          Thank you, Zastria . It was a minor diagnostic thing. Mostly my mother was only off her game on Friday due to needing to fast the day before. Already she did her full usual workout yesterday.


            Thank you kandy .

            You can jump in on the challenge at any time. If a drawing a day is not workable for you, you can always set a different goal. A drawing a week. Or two drawings per week. Any goal that is challenging but possible is good.

            I'm not using any prompt list myself. I'm just drawing whatever inspires me from what I see in nature.


              Thank you, sleep_twitch . It's never too late to jump in!


                Inktober Day 3:

                stipple drawing of a Green Frog

                Stippling is clearly not a good way to try to keep up with a challenge to complete a new drawing every day for 31 days. But I like the effect.


                  Saturday, October 3 - Rainbow's Consecutive Days of Fitness Day 164

                  running: 3K in 14:49 - in town. Garmin keeps awarding me PRs for these faster runs. They're not, of course. But "fastest time since I acquired this watch almost 5 years ago" is nothing to sneeze at. So I'll take it. For now.

                  push-ups: ​​ - classic

                  Workout with my mother: Day 198

                  Posture x 3
                  TEN - Day 24
                  Knee Saver (with dragon adds + mods)
                  Sore Feet x 2
                  Talk to the Hand
                  Hand Tendons x 2

                  Total time for w/o w. mother: 47:30

                  Total workout time: 62 minutes

                  Other stuff:

                  3 km hiking

                  Only Homemade Food - ​​ - Total Days: 275/275
                  No Video Games - ​ - Total Consecutive Days: 296
                  No Seated Television - - Total Consecutive Days: 215
                  Daily Drawing - - Total Consecutive Days: 23
                  GOBOT (6:30) - - 11/19


                    Congrats on faster runs


                      The birds were pretty good, but man that frog(toad?)... impressive detail work!


                        Thank you Gandhalfit and Trbrat75 .

                        My Day 3 Inktober sketch is a frog. A Green Frog (Lithobates clamitans), to be precise.

                        I do have photographs of a couple different species of toads: American Toads, and Fowler's Toads. Either would be a great challenge to draw--but also pretty time intensive to do a good job. And I'm already a full day behind on this challenge now. I need a couple of simpler subjects to catch up. But I'll keep the toads in mind for sometime down the road. (Maybe not this month. But we shall see.)


                          Inktober Day 4:

                          ink sketch of a Blanding's Turtle basking on a log

                          A much quicker sketch this day. This is a Blanding's Turtle (Emydoidea Blandingii) basking on a log.


                            Does Blanding get him back at the end of the day?


                              Originally posted by Colin View Post
                              Does Blanding get him back at the end of the day?
                              William Blanding, after whom this turtle was named, died in 1857. So I'm guessing no.


                                Congrats on your fastest runs since >5 years!
                                I also get rewarded by Garmin for my faster and longer runs, even though I have run a half marathon and had pretty fast 10k runs in the past (to me also pre-garmin). but to me it really is an accomplishment while recovering and building up my runs, so I'm really happy with the notifications.

                                Originally posted by Rainbow Dragon View Post
                                You can jump in on the challenge at any time.
                                I might try it in November. October is a crazy busy month, but I get really inspired by your inks.