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    Exactly, aveoturbo .

    When a client receives a product that does not function as advertised, that's already 2 errors made on the part of the seller (production created a faulty product, QA failed to catch the problem).
    Sometimes the issue is PEBCAK. I get that. (I worked for ISPs during the early years of home Internet access, and I currently provide technical support to a technophobic senior citizen who is bound and determined to believe that all technology is out to get her. I know all about PEBCAK.) But technical support departments need a streamlined procedure for ruling out PEBCAK. (Taking 3 or 4 days just to determine that you knew what you were doing and had already attempted all of the basic troubleshooting measures is absurd.) And once PEBCAK is ruled out, the seller needs to ship out a replacement product immediately. This ridiculous process of delaying shipment of a working product until the customer has returned the faulty one, the courier has completed the shipment, and the seller's warehouse has documented receipt of it is tantamount to accusing the client of lying. This is an appalling way to do business. But sadly it appears to be the way of the world these days.


      To be fair, I could have called the 1-800 number and probably have been done about 3 days prior, but I don't like sitting on hold and going through phone menus. I do enough of that here at work when I call insurance companies.


        Saturday, March 30:

        7 km hiking - in town with the puppies

        34 minutes yoga flow - backbends focussed class (not my jam, but I try to make myself work on them from time to time)

        10 minutes skill & strength - handstands + forearm balances

        33 minutes restorative - shoulders & arms

        20 minutes joint care - neck, wrists & hands, ankles & feet

        Sleep log: http://bit.ly/RDSleepsWell


          March 24-30 roundup:

          Yoga - days 1316-1322:

          218/210 minutes yoga flows
          71/60 minutes skill & strength drills
          88/70 minutes restorative yoga
          40/40 handstands
          longest handstand with stabilization assist: 6 seconds (goal = 10)
          longest handstand kick to freestanding: 6 seconds (goal = 10)
          12/12 forearm balances
          forearm balances with no stabilization assist: 3 (goal = all)
          100/100 one-legged squats
          70/70 minutes joint care work

          DAREBEE Programs & Challenges:

          Age of Pandora: none this week
          Back & Core: none this week

          DAREBEE work time: 0 minutes

          Hiking: 41/42 km

          Running: 10/15 km

          5 km in 35:03
          5 km in 31:58

          SUP: none this week ('tis not the season!)

          Personal Challenges:

          GBOT: getting a makeover
          No Video Games: days 457-463

          Priorities Tracking:

          1. Sleep

          For the 3rd week in a row I slept poorly on Thursday night. No idea why this is so. There's nothing special about my Thursdays or my Fridays to make Thursday night an especially bad night. This pattern may just be a fluke. (Three weeks isn't exactly a large sample size.) But it's an interesting data point for now. In any case, my sleep overall is much improved now, and I'll be starting back on a 10PM lights out time for the week ahead.

          Tracking details at: http://bit.ly/RDSleepsWell
          Numbers are still just my best guesses as I still don't have a sleep tracker. (There is some hope that one might arrive this week, now that the project for which I wanted it is just about completed.)

          2. Yoga

          Second time through week 2 of my 4 week schedule of yoga classes. I'm feeling that I may want to tweak a few things on the schedule, but I'm keeping it as is for now.

          3. Running

          Got out to Rondeau for 2 runs this past week. One was super slow. The other was the fastest I have done in a while.
          I'm still hopeful spring will arrive soon, but it didn't happen this weekend. We have snow again.

          4. Everything Else

          4.1 DAREBEE

          I was a slacker on this front this past week, and I've no excuse for that. I need to pull up my socks and work hard over the next couple of days now, as I've already written up my workout schedule for April on my wall calendar, and IronBorn and Power Cardio are both on there starting on April 2nd.

          4.2 Hiking

          A bit short this past week due to shorter walks with Shelby and less than stellar weekend weather. Spring is coming, right?

          4.3 SUP

          No stand-up paddleboarding now until the spring.

          4.4 No Video Games: Days 457-463

          I'm still logging this to remind myself that I do need to stick with this course of action.
          (And because there have been times at which I've been tempted, and wanting to keep up my streak helped me to keep myself in line.)


            Sunday, March 31:

            6 km hiking - with the puppies
            31 minutes restorative - dragon, swan, caterpillar
            15 minutes joint care - wrists & hands, ankles & feet

            Sleep log: http://bit.ly/RDSleepsWell


              Monday, April 1:

              8 km hiking - with the puppies

              5 minutes yoga flow - standing balance flow
              5 minutes skill & strength - handstands
              20 minutes joint care - neck, shoulders, hands, ankles & feet

              Sleep log: http://bit.ly/RDSleepsWell


                Tuesday, April 3:

                6 km hiking - with the puppies (Now one of Trudy’s friends is giving her homemade dog treats. I will never get my dog to walk past this lady’s house on days when she’s not home!)

                Ironborn - day 1 (30 second breaks, 5 minutes work) - I’m doing the program with 8lb dumbbells as that is all I have. (I have a 3lb. set as well, but holding both at the same time puts too much strain on my hands.) This means that some of the exercises—even on the upper body days (OHPs, floor presses) are too easy for me at the reps given. But others are challenging at this weight, even with low reps (lateral raises). I’m not in the market for any more fitness equipment at this time, so I’m just going to go with things as they are. (The program is an add-on for me, at any rate, not my main training focus.)

                Power Cardio - day 1 (Level 1 - 3 sets - 60 second breaks between sets - 8 minutes work time) - Short and sweaty. A nice little burn.

                19 minutes skill & strength - forearm balances (overshot on all kick-ups tonight, but enjoyed some good balance time once I was stabilized) + crow to straight leg (straightening was more of a dream of straightening today)

                3 minutes restorative

                Sleep log: http://bit.ly/RDSleepsWell


                  For the easy reps, slow them down aaaaaaallllllloooooottttttt. Get that time under tension.

                  Personally I dont like wasted effort.


                    Hmm... Thank you for the idea, aveoturbo .

                    For me to make 16lb floor presses feel challenging, I would need to slow them down to something like a minute/rep. Which would take way too long.
                    What if I did most of the motion at regular tempo, but then paused for 5-10 seconds at the hardest part?


                      You can do that, or slow the negative releases down too. Honestly, there is a lot you can do to make it harder. Shorter rest periods. Just go until failure. Superset the exercises that work similar muscle groups.



                        Yeah. But with only 8lb dumbbells, some of the exercises are just way too easy. I don't have time to do the # of reps I would need to reach fatigue.
                        I may just go off script for the too-easy exercises. Do some extra reps and take no breaks and call that good enough.
                        The program will at least help to strengthen my weak areas.

                        Thanks aveoturbo .


                          In other news:

                          My replacement FitBit finally arrived today.
                          It doesn't work either.

                          This piece of junk is being returned for a full refund.
                          (Hopefully I can still return it via Amazon. I do NOT want to have to deal with FitBit customer support again!)


                            I’m sorry! That’s so frustrating.


                              Well shoot! That sucks royally! Time to try a different device I'd say! Sorry for the troubles....geez...


                                Too bad you had to go through this replacement-hell-cycle just to get another faulty device....

                                But, more importantly: congrats on some positive development (despite lacking technical measurement support) regarding your sleep!